Queued Actions- Faster Combat

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Queued Actions- Faster Combat

Postby vrand » Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:18 am

I think being able to queue up actions might remove some repetitiveness that takes away from the gameplay a bit. I admit I get bored when I'm waiting for my spell to cast, for them to attack, then me to cast. I'd like a very tiny bit of automation.

A queuing system I think would work. Essentially you could tap on the multiple targets attack card on the bar, then once you have spells/attacks visible just tap the card again to add it to the queue. If the queue is empty it automatically uses that card as it's the next one in line. This is exactly identical to just tapping twice on the card to play it however you're attack bar would remain instead of being replaced by the timer bar. The timer bar could still be visible somewhere to let you know when what is happening but this way you could just add attacks to be executed.

I think a perfect illustration of this is when you place multiple DoTs on the enemies and they are nearly dead, but you have to select another attack to reinitiate the timer just for them to die in .3 seconds. But the timer wasn't moving as no action was being taken.

Of course you'd need to be able to cancel the actions, so perhaps have the same timer bar, but it could be transparent and have the actions lined up in that bar also slightly transparent. You could have an X on the corner or you could drag them out or tap once, then tap twice, there are multiple ways to do this.

Anyway I feel like this might speed up the gameplay a bit. I absolutely love the game though! Thanks for the hard work.
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