Raid Specific Class Skills

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Raid Specific Class Skills

Postby ABOH_O_Shinote » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:02 pm

I would like to see some class skills only available in raids. At the moment raids are just the same as killing the boss on your own. So I would like to propose the following.

Each raid must have a certain number of each class to qualify for their specific skill
Each skill has an activation period both as a 'trigger' and 'must be completed by'.

Justicar - Raid cleanse (remove one debuff)
War Mage - Raid shield (Absorb 500 damage)
Shadowalker - Expose weakness (extra damage for period_X)

Now these Raid only skills could also have levels e.g. SW Expose Weakness at Level 1 could 5% extra damage for 5 secs. Level 2 could be 10% etc. Justicar level 2 could purge 2 debuffs.

Leveling these skills could be done through earning XP by using them or through the current Challenge style approach.
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