Mirror Dungeons/ Raids or Practicing Builds

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Mirror Dungeons/ Raids or Practicing Builds

Postby Bj_Knows » Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:48 pm

Mirror Dungeons/ Raids or Practice Builds for Onslaught Raids in Matching Onslaught Dungeon

If a Raid is Onslaught, have a matching Onslaught Dungeon with same mechanics to practice.

Ex: Karnak's Dungeon could have both Raid Bosses. Both would have Onslaught Timers. If you defeated a Boss once before the Onslaught Timer ran out, you could advance in the Dungeon, if you defeated a Boss more than once before the Onslaught Timer rank out, you would get additional loot.

This is a Rant, feel free to skip.

I do not work for Venan.

One of the problems with the current Raid Minimum Might is the inconsistencies. When v1.3 came out, I spent all of the Silver Coin I got from 4 months of Farming to buy Max Health Gems. I sold all but 10% of them within in a week, losing 3.6 months of Farming. The same number of Haste/ Crit Gems would have dramatically boosted my characters combat effectiveness with the same Might Rating. V1.2 Max Health Rocked. V1.3 Max Health Sucked, Haste/ Crit Rocked (Note 1).

Enchants increase this inconsistency as they increase Might a huge amount for a small change in game mechanics.

Onslaught amplifies your Gem and Enchant choices. A bad build for Regular Raids just cost more Potions and Runes. A bad build for Onslaught cost more energy.

To increase the difficulties, the game currently has 2 Regular Raids for Captain Valor. If you like maximizing your character’s Valor per Time Pressing Buttons (Real World Speed), you can build Gem and Enchants for Regular Raids or Onslaught, not both.

It would be nice if Dungeons mirrored Raids. Thus Karnak’s Dungeon would also be Onslaught. Perhaps you had to defeat Karnak one time to finish the Dungeon, but each additional Karnak you defeated earned you a larger Reward. This would allow you to practice builds, Gems and Enchants vs Karnak.

Venan has been working on Guild/ Raid/ Onslaught problems for over 18 months now. Personally, I believe it will get better. It took months to program Raid Caps, I image it will take months to balance Onslaught Raid Caps.

Note 1)
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