Tragick's tragedy...

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Tragick's tragedy...

Postby Devilsmirk » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:28 am

After the greatness of the Holiday Goblin, I for one am immensely disappointed with Tragick. The dungeon format is fine, but the drops from him are worthless. I mean really? Small health potions?! 168 silver? I get a worthless health potion, a large/powerful health potion a few t3 red shards and a few t4 red shards, and a buff potion. The enemies you fight on the way to him drop more silver. After 11 kills all I have to show for it is wasted GS in my opinion. Very big thumbs down on Tragick and his horrible loot drops.
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Re: Tragick's tragedy...

Postby Doctor_Love_Money_Shot » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:10 am

I fully agree with that assessment. Tragick has been a huge letdown for me, and there has been a ton of discussion to this very effect on global. The loot is completely worthless for all high might players. Shards don't do anything for many people. Baby health pots just take up inventory space until they can be sold. Energy pots are much more rare than with the Holigob, and you only get a single power potion each pass. SIlver drops has been a complete disappointment for ALL the new bosses (well, the raid bosses anyway) and I am quite surprised this has not been fixed yet.

The dungeon format is only nice in that it guarantees an encounter and is not luck based. But beyond that, 12e is a waste compared to the average encounter rates experienced with Holigob. I was actually looking forward to hunting around various places in the world to find Tragick amongst various baddies. The reason for this was strictly so I could have a way of farming crafting materials when I would never give them the time of day otherwise.

If Venan were to listen to the masses in global, they would hear everyone crying for the format used with the Holigob, as well as similar loot tables. The only complaints I heard with the Holigob were that he was too hard and he didn't spawn enough but I never found that a problem on the whole with long-term averages. But add the new elite encounter formula to Tragick and set him free out in the world and you are good to go. And feel free to make him a little harder like the Holigob was. Sure, let him scale to player might or level or whatever. I actually enjoyed strategizing through the toughest fight in the game thus far.
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Re: Tragick's tragedy...

Postby Grnm » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:03 am

Guys, chasing holygob was cool and very rewarding, but was getting kind of old at the end... He was a good elixirs & e pots dispenser and all (sleep tight, green prince), but... And the hat..not funny anymore.

Sooo, while I indeed expected something better from V in terms of regular drops (so what?), I might tend to be more or less fine with V. based on the new format - dungeon, new enemies - quite unexpected - and 100 kills achievement / prize alone (in addition to the traditional, uh, commemorative t13 piece)..

And what if he actually drops recipes?

BUT the "where's waldo" holygob format should not be dropped for good, definitely...
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Re: Tragick's tragedy...

Postby Bbbb » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:19 pm

I couldn't stand the holgob luck based format at all. 15 minutes of panicked fighting where you didn't know if you would find him once or 7 times. I hated, hated, hated that event. The dungeon concept is 1000 times better. So kudos on a much improved setup.

However, I agree with the drop issue and had created a thread earlier in Discussion analyzing this versus portal farming for high might players. Portal farming wins if you assume the T6 will be something that you will disenchant anyway (and I am going with probably on that).
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Re: Tragick's tragedy...

Postby Denrael » Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:42 pm

As a new, low level player, I will say that I find Tragic delightfully challenging. He is the first dungeon where I've really had to not just follow a rote attack pattern and think things through. What the high level players are saying are bad drops are mostly new to me. I do agree that the silver should be better than it is for dropping him, but it's a good dungeon for a noob to tackle.
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