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Syncing Energy, Currency, XP & Consumables

Postby Bj_Knows » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:19 am

ghost2 wrote:find it very inconvenient to switch between the two, needing to entirely quit BoH and restart the game again to get to my other character.

This allows your character's Energy, Currency, XP, and Consumables to be synced to the Server.

In a future update (date unknown), when you spend Gold Shields, or any Currency, in the game client, it will sync to the Server, instead of waiting until you do a complete resync (logging off and logging back into your character).

Little_Mike wrote:Also, if you use currency on one device, it will not sync on the other device until you do a complete resync (logging off and logging back into your character). This is a known issue and will be addressed in a future update.
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Character Change- Merged

Postby WarHammer1 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:39 pm


I know a lot of people who want this.

Can you make it easier to swap between toons. A lot of players have multiple toons and we have to log out and log in every time to switch. Can we have a select character selection option added please.

Many thanks

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Show "status" on character select screen

Postby Super_dude » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:30 pm

Hey guys,
I find it very annoying switching between my toons. I have to exit the game in order to move to my other toon. Too much clicking.
I suggest that you'll think of easier way to switch. Like in the exit menu.
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Navigating between toons

Postby FangêdDèésçênt » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:07 am

Any chance that movement between toons is gonna be updated? Add an icon or have em stay @ the Mucky Duck? :} Maybe add a barracks in town? Navigation between 5 toons could be faster than having to exit. Thanks. ~Dèé
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Re: Navigating between toons- Merged

Postby TastyTrades » Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:56 pm

+1! Also, a more streamlined way to move between accounts would be awesome.
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Re: switching between characters

Postby Falun » Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:10 pm

Hope to see energy level/remain at the characters page.
This helps during raiding with multiple toons
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