PvP, Dealing with Critical Hits, Knockback & +Defense rating

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PvP, Dealing with Critical Hits, Knockback & +Defense rating

Postby Bj_Knows » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:04 pm

PvP, Dealing with Critical Hits, Knockback and increasing Defense rating

PvP bouts used to take much *much* longer. Venan nerfed Staff Mastery, Defense enchant, and Health to help speed up PvP (Note 1)

With shorter PvP bouts, abilities that depend on random chance (Crit, Dodge, Block, Status Resist, Spirit Strike, etc.) have an increased affect on who wins.

This has also substantially increased the complaints about huge critical hits and chaining together multiple knockback attacks.

Light shield, heavy shield and Elder Fury rank 3
It does not help with critical hits while you are stunned, but using a shield, or Elder Fury rank 3, helps a lot by preventing critical hits (similar to Crit Resist). Dodge and Block are added (see below if you care for details). This means for most practical purposes, a light shield gives you +12% Crit Resist, +12% Knockback Resist & +12% Status Resist versus Debuffs from Physical Attacks. This increases to +32% Crit Resist, +32% Knockback Resist & +32% Status Resist versus Debuffs from Physical Attacks while defending (% chance of block x 100% Crit Resist & 100% Knockback Resist & 100% Status Resist versus Debuffs from Physical Attacks for a successful block or dodge).

This can be further increased by Block (0.8% per rank) enchant or Inquisitor's Shield Focus rank 3 (+12%).

Light shield and heavy shield
Depending on it's tier, a light shield can be a big improvement even when your are stunned, since it adds to your defense rating reducing any damage you take. My Shadow Walker gets a +25% increase in defense rating with a Tier 18 light shield. A heavy shield increases your defense rating even more. Currently there are two Tier 19 light shields and one Tier 19 Heavy Shield in BoH.

Elder Fury rank 3 does not increase your defense rating.

Note 1)
Staff Mastery (was +15% percentage Health Bonus, percentage not rating increase, instead of Crit Resist),
Health (was +1 Health per +1 Health Rating with no soft cap),
Defense enchant (was 1.5% per rank).

Block Enchant
Idea: If character has Elder Fury or Heavy Shield, is Status Resist & Block Enchant ultimate combo for PvP
Subject: Deathwing Raiders(with Raid Schedule)

Why Garrote rank 3 is so powerful

BarbSpice with a Dodge 51.16% (3,669 Rating versus a Level 32 Opponent)+ Block 12% (Light Shield)+ Defend Block 20% +Defend Dodge 10%=
61.16% Change Dodge or Spell Dodge
32% Chance of Block
6.84% Chance Opponent Hits with chance of Critical Hit.
Subject: PvP Stub, Dodge, Block & Garrote 3

PvP with a shield

Update (Thank you Sigèé)
EricM wrote:They're additive lol. Don't be doubting my math ;) it's one of those little known boh pvp secrets. Confirmed with Dave a few weeks ago. I thought the same way you did until I realized seismic hits me a lot less often than 24% of the time through defends.
. . .
Think of it as a d100 roll. With 50% dodge and 30% block, the roll happens something like 1-50 = dodge, 51-80 = block, 81-100 = hit

Subject: Dodge & Block add (PvP Secret)

One reason they reduced Defense enchant from 1.5% to 1.0%

Conclusion, Block (0.8%) and Block Power (1.0%) Enchants are poor, and Defense (1.5%) Enchant is better. Once double Enchants are available, Block Power (1.0%) is still poor, Defense (1.5%) and Block (0.8%) Enchants are better.
Subject: Checking Math or Block, Block Power & Defense Enchants
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