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Auntie CJ's PvP Tips

Postby CJ_the_Girl » Tue May 27, 2014 9:34 am

Keeping in mind that this all goes out the window when the update hits, Here's how a shiny new justicar got to 250 wins:

1. No raids or quests once you hit lvl 10 (Higher level? Still ok!). The slower you level, the more absolutely new players you will face, and newer = less experience with PvP.

2. Training tomes - any feats or "get hero score" daily quests you get, put your hero tokens into haste until you get it to 70-80, then do the same for dodge.

3. Haste gems. Load up - crits do not matter if you can't hit first! 0.01 second shaved off your attack timer *can* make all the difference.

4. Pick a path - magic or melee, one or the other. I've noticed over the course of a couple of thousand matches on a bunch of toons that LOWER-LEVEL people who concentrate their skills in one area tend to be more successful. (At lvl 33, anything goes.) The new spirit justi has NO physical attacks other than basic (stunning blow is now a spirit attack). So, it has ALL magic gems... except...

5. Health. Whatever your might is, get enough health gems that your pvp health is 40-50% above your might. New Justi is currently 4.4k might and just over 6k pvp health. That extra bit has saved it on more than one occasion!

6. Armor & wardrobe. New Justi looks like it's wearing T2 & T6 gear. And it was... until it hit lvl 15 (and it was already was over 200 wins at that point). At lvl 15, it got the T11 Soulstrike bundle & sword, which doubled its defense! (Not an option for everyone, but it's a bargain if you can.) Get better armor as soon as you can, and lvl 15 means no more facing lvl 10s - so start raiding & questing again!

7. Watch your attack timers, defend timer, etc. If you can land an attack 0.01 second before the other guy, yay! Don't ever count on dodging or resisting, defend is your friend, but if you do, hooray! And watch what your opponent does - respond thoughtfully. Don't panic.

8. Don't just forfeit. You get nothing for doing so! Even a loss gets you silver, XP, hero score & tokens. My main, Galadriel, is something like 109 wins - 700+ losses - and has every single non-gem thing from the arena store!

9. You'll learn stuff; all my toons, all 3 classes, are more effective because of stuff I tried in PvP (whether it worked or not) - or because I learned something by having my tailfeathers handed to me in spectacular fashion.

10. Be polite and acknowledge skill. Almost no low-level players give a "gg" or "gf" after a match; if you lose a really close match, do so gracefully and throw a shout-out into PvP chat. Likewise if you *win* a close match; the other guy almost had you. (Don't whine either way, it's boring to read.)

Above all HAVE FUN. This is a game; if it's stressing you out or making you throw your phone across the room, it is perfectly ok to decide PvP is not for you and just stop. Check in after the update just to make sure, but if it's not fun for you, that's ok!!
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