Still Losing PvP w/ Spec 2 or Budgeting 100 GS- ARCHIVED

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Still Losing PvP w/ Spec 2 or Budgeting 100 GS- ARCHIVED

Postby Bj_Knows » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:17 am

Still Losing PvP w/ Spec 2 or Budgeting 100 GS: Cost-Benefits Analysis of Spec 2

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Q: I spent 100 Gold Shields on the Spec 2, why am I losing all the time in PvP?

A: Gems, Gear and Enchants are different for PvP than PvE.

Spec 2 does not just allow a second set of abilities, but a second set of Augment Gems, Gear and Enchants. Some Specs are very PvP friendly, such as the Melee Shadow Walker, since they are designed to take down Raid Bosses like Karnak. Other Specs can be very PvP unfriendly since they are designed to take down 3 Monster Mobs like Vile Gate with only one button press.

As a general rule of thumb, every 1k Might Rating for a PvE build will be twice as effective against 3 Monster Mobs as 1k Might Rating for a PvP Build and vice versa. A known exception is Shadow Walkers with Assassinate rank p3+ Off Hand Dagger. Does not apply to characters with all Tomes/ Hero Training at Stat +450 or higher due to diminishing returns (Stat Curve).

Q: So I need to spend Gold Shields on Spec 2, new Gear, new Gems and new Black Market Enchants? That is a lot of Gold Shields!

A: No.

If you want to immediately compete in PvP, you may be able to spend 100 Gold Shields on Spec 2 and win, especially if your PvE build has a heavy focus on Raid Bosses like Karnak. But if you are already Raid Boss focused, your Spec 2 may be only slightly more effective than your Spec 1.

Most of the highest Might Rating characters in the game spent months earning Gear, Gems and Enchants to be the best at PvE, it is unrealistic to expect 100 Gold Shields, to solve your PvP problems when it is not even the cost of a single Tier 5 Crit Gem in the Black Market. It takes many hours to earn Tier 14 Gear, Tier 5 Gems, Rank 6 Enchants and Max Hero Training.

A good test of your character is to spend 10 Gold Shields (2 Respec Tokens), change your Spec to a PvP Spec, then run Karnak's Final Stand Raid. You will struggle in Phase 1, but you have Health Potions. During Phase 2 & 3 you can get an idea of how much change your character will need to compete in PvP.

Write down your Hero Score per 10 energy. Compare this number to a PvP Spec character that is doing poorly at PvP at your maximum Might Rating and one that is doing good at PvP at your maximum Might Rating. This will give you a better idea on how you currently stand in PvP. This can change since PvP players are constantly changing their Gear, Gems, Enchants and abilities to better win.

Example using very fictional numbers:
Your character at maximum Might Rating 99,000 (full Gear & Gems) gets a score of 1,000 HS per 10 Energy.
You know a character doing poorly in PvP at Might Rating 99,000 gets a score of 750 HS per 10 Energy.
You know a character doing good in PvP at Might Rating 99,000 gets a score of 1,200 HS per 10 Energy.
You know a rare character dominating PvP at Might Rating 99,000 gets a score of 1,500 HS per 10 Energy.

Note: You can also try this with the Raid Boss in Phase 3 of Crypt of Corruption, but diminishing returns (Stat Curves) makes this tricky. Due to the Raid Boss’ Health, this may work for maximum Might Rating 2,300 to 4,000. (MY PERSONAL OPINION, I wish there were more Onslaught Dungeon Bosses/ Raid Bosses).

You can then change back to your PvE Spec, and start saving Valor, Flux and Essence before investing in a Spec 2.

Q: But character X spent 100 Gold Shields and is top ranked in PvP!?

A: Many high ranking characters stockpiled extra Valor while earning Hero Tokens. Until Tier 16 Valor comes out and they can up convert, they can spend that stockpiled Valor on a second set of Gear and Gems. When Spec 2 was added to the game, Inventory was increased by 50 items, enough for a full set of Gear and Gems to swap between PvE and PvP.

Q: So I wasted 100 Gold Shields on Spec 2 for my Mob Destroying, mid Might Rating character?

A: No.

By setting up Spec 1 for Elite Mobs/ Mobs and Spec 2 for Raid Bosses, 100 Gold Shields for Spec 2 may still be a good investment for Crypt of Corruption Raid (all Onslaught) since it will let you earn more Hero Tokens per 4 energy spent in Raid. For Karnak's Final Stand Raid (Phase 2 & 3 are Onslaught Bosses) it might also work, since it will let you earn more Valor and Hero Tokens per 10 energy spent in Raid. This increase in Valor and Hero Tokens can be used to improve your PvP performance.

Seasonal Events like HoliGob, TVal, and Were Chef often have the best rewards per Energy of any Monster in the Game (Energy Potions, Valor, Shards, Crafted Potions, etc.). A Spec 1 (Seasonal Elite Mobs/ Seasonal Mobs) and Spec 2 (Seasonal Boss) can often allow more kills, and faster kills, during a Seasonal Event with your PvE Gear, Gems and Enchants, repaying the 100 Gold Shield cost for Spec 2 before the event expires. You can then use these special Rewards to improve your Gear, Gems and Tomes for PvP.

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