PvP Suggestion Stub, Loser picks a Build

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PvP Suggestion Stub, Loser picks a Build

Postby Bj_Knows » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:45 pm

PvP Suggestion Stub, Loser picks a Build

Sell characters another 1- 2 PvP (Coliseum Only) Builds for 90 GS each. This would raise the maximum to seven, 1 free Coliseum Only, 2* 90 GS Coliseum Only, 1 free multipurpose, 3* 90 GS multipurpose.

If your character, fights the same character within 24 hours, the winner of the Last PvP bout has to stay with the build they started PvP matching with, but the loser of the last PvP bout between the two character can pick any of their builds for the current match. They have 60 seconds to pick a build.

Ex: Tess beats Brandy in the Coliseum. Two hours later they match again, Tess must stay with her selected build, but Brandy has the option of keeping her current Build, or selecting any of her other Builds. Brandy has 60 seconds to change to a different Builds.

Majerio's Box rank 2 Option
During a rematch both characters get a free Majerio's Box rank 1. If either character already has Majerio's Box rank 1, it is bumped up to rank 2.

Grudge Option
All three PvP (Coliseum Only) Builds are free, but if the loser in the previous bout wants to change builds for the rematch, they have to pay 5 GS. Basically the freemium version of the above suggestion.

Ex: In the above, Brandy can stay with her selected Build or has 60 seconds switch to another one for 5 GS.

I love PvP with my Inquisitor Tess Harvester, Flame Warden Brandy and Frost Knight Crystal. Not only do they feel more balanced between Melee & Magic, or Spirit & Nature, then the original three classes but I often fight the same opposing character in a row with Tess, Brandy and Crystal as the opposing player keeps fighting with the same character but I rotate through. It is especially fun when the same opposing character loses to Crystal, has a close bout with Brandy and beats Tess. You can really see the strength, and weaknesses, of the opposing character when fighting three totally different builds.

Especially with Prestige abilities, letting the loser of a rematch select a different build, having fought the winner before, would add interest to PvP bouts in addition to adding another income stream for Venan.
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