PvP, transferring 20 GS between Venan IDs

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PvP, transferring 20 GS between Venan IDs

Postby Bj_Knows » Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:16 pm

PvP, transferring 20 GS between Venan IDs

If you can afford it, don’t use this method, instead use an IAP to buy Cassidy 20, or more, Gold Shields (GS).

If you have 25 GS on character Bj_Knows (BarbSpice), you can transfer some of it to character Bj_DWR (Cassidy).

This is most useful when you need an emergency 20 GS, or less, on an alternate character.

BarbSpice needs to first enter the Coliseum and remove her Weapon (Punch attack only) and Armor (Defense 0).

BarbSpice has 25 GS, Cassidy has 25 GS, Pool has 0 GS, Venan has 0 GS.
Both characters place a 25 GS bet on a PvP Challenge.
BarbSpice has 0 GS, Cassidy has 0 GS, Pool has 0 GS, Venan has 50 GS.
Venan keeps 10% and puts 90% in the Pool.
BarbSpice has 0 GS, Cassidy has 0 GS, Pool has 45 GS, Venan has 5 GS.
Cassidy Wins.
BarbSpice has 0 GS, Cassidy has 45 GS, Pool has 0 GS, Venan has 5 GS.
BarbSpice lost 25 GS, but Cassidy only gained 20 GS in the transaction, Venan kept 20% of the GS BarbSpice was trying to give to Cassidy.

How did that work?
Venan actually took 10% from *both* players. So even though Cassidy did not lose her 25 GS Bet, Venan charged her 2.5 GS to *place* the bet. Cassidy did not really keep her 25 GS bet if she won. As soon as she made it, she immediately lost 2.5 GS, even if she wins. Since there are two players and Venan charges both of them 10% to *place* a bet, Venan charges 20% to transfer 25 GS from BarbSpice to Cassidy, by deliberately losing. If you want to transfer 760 GS from one character A to character B, by deliberately losing PvP Challenges, you will have to bet 950 GS with character A with Venan keeping 190 GS.

Note: GS won in PvP Challenges goes into the character’s Currency, not the Bank for the Venan ID. So using GS from the Bank for Bj_Knows (BarbSpice) to give to Bj_Knows (Zeetha) using this method is not recommended, since both BarbSpice & Zeetha can already access the shared Bank on Venan ID Bj_Knows.

This updates an older thread (Topic)
Bj_Knows wrote:If you are deleting an entire Venan ID, or a Device Character, and if the Gold Shields were bought with Real World Money and Free Shield Offers (Currency Bank Gold Shields) then send Venan an in-game customer support email by tapping on the contact customer support button in the options menu in-game.
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