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Re: Official PvP Beta Feedback Thread

Postby Ceka » Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:04 pm

Hmm. Personally i dont lag if i m home with my connection.

Lag only with 3G or in subway lol... Check your connection, pvp has no problem with lag.
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Re: Official PvP Beta Feedback Thread

Postby Tacita » Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:24 pm

Almost one year of PvP beta...

In the beginning it was really awesome. But soon it was more about who spends more gs/valor/essence/flux to win which created two kinds of PvP players: Those who had a PvP build (lots of hp) and those who didn't.

Then 2.0 came... WM got their hp boost and justis juggernaut. I don't know who started with this, I read about WM stacking hp to survive the knockback chain from justis. But if one class starts stacking hp the other two will do it as well because it's very hard to win against someone who does the same damage but has twice the health.

PvP came out in July 2013, 2.0 in December, 2.1 July 2014.
One year to realize that a PvP only spec is necessary.
In the first six months there was one balance change in the first week if I remember correctly. After 2.0 there were maybe two or three. So... does that mean we can except some more adjustments now? At least it looks like the waiting time between changes will be less than six months. (BTW... I don't understand how you could do the 2.0 WM...It was like they got everything they didn't have before while the other classes got nerfed)

And although there a quite a few reasons to complain I don't think I would have stayed with PvP this long if there wasn't something special... which are these kinds of fights where I had to think, not only press some buttons. Those experiences are what made PvP special IMO and I hope it'll stay special even though fights should be shorter now...

One more thing: The dev-player interaction in the last few weeks/months was great! Keep it going!
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