did not receive energy pots - RESOLVED

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did not receive energy pots - RESOLVED

Postby evert1 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:46 pm

Did not receive energy pots i bought from the black market
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Re: did not receive energy pots

Postby CheMClarc » Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:30 pm

I currently see 4 of the 7 Large Energy potions you received from the Black Market in your character's, evert's inventory. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
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Re: did not receive energy pots - PENDING

Postby Wølfÿ_Thè_Lïttlè_Føx » Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:42 am

Trying to con Venan -.-
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