random generator- Too Many Clumps - NOT A BUG

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random generator- Too Many Clumps - NOT A BUG

Postby Keis » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:31 am

I'm sure you will say this is OK but observation over a long period makes me wonder. There seems to be a lot of clumping. I know my maths well enough to know that some clumping is normal and only seems that way given a small sample size. However, time and again one comes across (for instance) the fact that one can play for some time without running into more than the occasional dodge, then suddenly mobs are dodging everywhere - even recently something like12 dodges in 15 attempted hits. This just doesn't seem right. Also stuff like trying to collect mats for final pre-vile quests. The required mob usually shows up reasonably quickly (cave serpent etc) in dailes, which I no longer do because of the useless rewards,
But atm collecting for these quests it is averaging over 60 energy per item. This may be'unlucky' but it is no fun and sometimes makes me want to pack it in. If the generator is OK - it's easy enough to adapt so that probability increases after a certain limit, thus reducing maddening and time-wasting grinds.
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