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PM all the time!

Postby Ferocee » Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:03 pm

2 1/2 years Kingdom has been running in the top 10. Never a merger was made. Recently, we decided to make a change due to Venan's lack interest in creating a compelling raid system for its high end gamers. Venan has seen fit to pump its' efforts into PvP (their prerogative) and left the PM as the clear front running raid...far exceeding payout on any other raid in terms of valor and essence. Guilds have long taken pride in power rankings (as we have) but with this growing disparity between raid payouts, guilds are ineffectively building their members toons in order to run some two bit raid with little to no value for the members all to eek out a few more power points. This creates disinterest, low participation, burnout. I problem venan needs to solve (might I suggest OS, the one reason a burner will continue to improve their toon).

So kingdom is finding another solution. We are running a PM schedule. Most guilds are limited to 3-4 within a given person's awake time because of cool down timers. But kingdom has the ability to run 5-6 a day (within one person's awake time). We are doing this by using our junior guild Little Kingdom. Mercing our members in with passwords and splitting multitoon players.

PM at Kingdom, (and little kingdom) all day all the time

It's members reap the benefit of the superior essence payout at every raid.

But the cost is the Power ranking. Some guilds can't take that ego hit! They're doing their members a disservice.

Venan has some figuring out it needs to do (See many post in forums about raid changes) and when it does we will be ready to once again raid a variety of raids. Until that time...Viva La PM!

You're more than welcome to join to quickly build your toons :)
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