RP Misfits!

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RP Misfits!

Postby Kïttÿ_Thê_RP_Wîngêd_ÅngëlïcFåîrÿ » Sun May 31, 2015 8:51 pm

RP Misfits is actively recruiting!
If you love to RP and Raid we are the perfect guild for you!
We are a friendly chatty bunch that love's to eat cookies and bacon!
Everyone and anyone can apply and will be accepted!
The might requirement is 1000 however, but don't let that stop you!! It's easy to get your might up!
If you are interested:
Go to boh!
Click guild button! (Bottom right)
Go to search!
Type in RP Misfits!
Click on our guild!
Read our guild description!

Then if you wish to be our new misfit apply! :mrgreen:
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