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PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:49 am
by Pimp_
Global Guild Inc. Is looking for a guild merger as well as new players! We are running Vile Gate - Hunter in the Mist, looking to increase raids, both numbers and raid level!

We are looking for a guild to join us, to improve the quality of raids and game experience.

Things we offer to joining guild;
Co-GM, reinstatement of previous guilds rank (based on joining GM).
We are willing to change or flex raid times to better fit everyone's needs, and add an extra raid to fill in any gap of time!! If merging guild is not looking to dissolve and has lower players, we could assist with lower might toons to create a training guild!

Things that have come up with other potential mergers:
We are willing to change or combine name for new guild as long as both GM's and officer agree on name.
We can make room for a good amount of players, more if a training guild was formed!
Rotation of alts may be needed based on numbers!

Please whisper, mail, or respond if interested!