Fizzapolooza 2013!

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Fizzapolooza 2013!

Postby EricM » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:12 pm

It's that time of year again folks! Fizzbears will be celebrating our 4 month birthday bash in Book of Heroes on June 26th, and as a result, will be holding a week long party in guild chat as a recruitment bonanza and celebration time, complete with contests, raffles, competitions, and prizes totaling upwards of $300 USD in gold shields!!

What: Fizzbear's 4th month anniversary celebration!
Where: Fizzbear's guild.
When: Monday, June 24th @ our 2300 GMT VG until Monday, July 1st @ our 2000 GMT KFS!
***Only members are eligible for prizes, but mercs more than welcome to join our raids to celebrate with us in style ;)
Schedule: 2300 GMT VG, 0230 GMT KFS, 0530 GMT VG, 1100 GMT VG, 1400 GMT GK, 1700 GMT VG, 2000 GMT KFS

Competition #1: Total Raid Participation
Details: We'll be running 7 CV raids a day starting with our 2300 GMT VG raid on Monday, June 24th and culminating with our 2000 GMT KFS raid on Monday, July 1st! This is a total of 49 CV Raids throughout the birthday bash, and at the end of the competition, the ten Fizzbears who've attended the most raids and used 50e or more (3475 rpp) win fabulous prizes!
First Prize - $50 worth of gold shields
Second Prize - $25 worth of gold shields
Third Prize - $25 worth of gold shields
4th-10th Prize - $10 worth of gold shields
*In case of a tie, winners up to officer discretion (Still under discussion).

Competition #2: 10k RPP Lottery
Details: The total RPP done by each member throughout the week will be tallied up starting with our 2300 GMT VG raid on Monday, June 24th and culminating with our 2000 GMT KFS raid on Monday, July 1st! For every 10k RPP done by a member, he or she will receive one entry into the lottery! As a special promotional bonus, all points earned in KFS and GK raids will be worth double points in the raffle throughout the week! Additionally, all raids on Wednesday, June 26th (our 4 month birthday) will be additional double points (2x VG, 4x GK and KFS)!
4 Lucky Winners will receive - $20 worth of gold shields.

As if all that is not enough, after every raid, there will be a mini-raffle for door prizes ($2/$5 in gs) for any members who do over 3475 RPP!

Whether you're a treasured merc, a close friend of ours, or a new player interested in a place at Fizzbears, this is the place to be next week! So come join us for a week of excitement, thrills, and fun!
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