We Love Chests - Merge/Absorb

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We Love Chests - Merge/Absorb

Postby Zambezi_Zinger » Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:25 pm

We Love Chests is a level 5 guild with approximately 45 active members. We have Vallus unlocked but not WoF. We also have 5 guild favors available. Currently our raid schedule is Kraken twice a day and Overseer once. Right now the only 2 solid raid times we have is 9:30am Kraken and 2:00pm Overseer (eastern times). Working on nailing down a permanent time for the second Kraken and hope to throw another Overseer in the mix.

We're looking for a guild of about 35 members to join us. I prefer to keep our guild intact but I'm up for changing the name to something else. Obviously the GM of the absorbed guild would become officer immediately and we would work together to come up with a formula that works. Another U.S. guild would be great but if there is guild that operates at our non-peak time (creating a 24 hour-type of guild) that would be great too.

Our guild chat is practically non-existent so the chattier the BETTER! You can contact me in-game via mail or whisper.

Thank you!

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