Active, Level 5 guild Recruiting

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Active, Level 5 guild Recruiting

Postby AoD_FervidusLupus » Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:54 pm

Name of guild: Angels 0f Death (with a zero)
Guild level: 5
Number of members: Currently 75.
Might requirement: 5300

Type of environment: Friendly. Adult. Chatting
and getting to know one another is encouraged. Humor is also encouraged. Swearing allowed.

Guild time zone: Central (US)

Raiding schedule: Soldier/Knight Valor raids every 3 hours in the evenings (12-1 pm CST, 3-4 pm CST, 7-8 pm CST.) Smaller raids are queued as requested during the mornings/afternoons and overnight.. kraken included.

We are looking for active, charismatic members willing to put effort into bettering the guild and to stay active in chat by interacting with other members.

Positions: Based upon guild loyalty.
Recruit: 0-1
Member: 2-3
Veteran: 3-4 (GM & Officers choice)
Officer: 4-5 (By GMs choice only).

Hope to see your application soon!
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