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The Flying Cow - Now Recruiting

PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:03 pm
by Sharlenwar
Are you looking for a new home? Looking for a place that has a friendly atmosphere? Looking for a place where there are daily scheduled raids? Well read on if you are interested...

I'm just going to be brutally honest, as I believe that we need to be honest to give you a good picture of what "The Flying Cow" is all about. We are a guild of members who enjoy raiding and as well as being social within the guild chat. We run raids daily and we run raids from the Squire, Soldier, and Knight valor tiers. Some of us in the guild have multiple characters that we work on and use to participate in the raids. We have members that span across a few timezones and yet we manage to make it for our scheduled raids. So what makes us special? Absolutely nothing in respect of all the other guilds that are on Book of Heroes. But again, being honest, we do have a great crew of people who seem to make this game that much more better. So to recap:

  • Daily raids at 3pm GMT (server time).
  • We run raids based on who is around, who needs to progress their characters, and/or for guild challenges.
  • Our guild is currently Level 6.
  • We have some great individuals who enjoy playing Book of Heroes.

Basically we are looking for active players of Book of Heroes. We are looking at running the Knight valor raids such as Cursed Keep and Vale of the Ice Dragon so that we can unlock the War of Fellmarsh raid. As well we are looking to grow further, but that will happen as we grow and develop as a friendly guild. Here are some future plans:

  • Continuing to level up our guild and complete the challenges as they get unlocked.
  • Having raids running at all times of the day due to the members being from different time zones.
  • Running more scheduled raids that fit with the RL schedules of the members.
  • Of course the ultimate goal is to unlock Karnak's Final Stand and run that at least daily.

If you are still reading, then thank you for doing so. I find that being honest seems to work the best and at least shows you that we do our best to have a guild that runs raids regularly to continue progression of all of our characters. Being a part of a guild requires commitment to the other members in the guild so that we all can grow our characters. If you can't make some of the raids, then no big deal, we will always run lower tiered raids to help you build your character(s). The key is being active and making an effort to show up.

Our guild is currently set to Auto-Accept at 3900 might. If your character doesn't quite meet the might requirement but you are an active player, then definitely whisper one of the following in BoH:
  • Sharlenwar
  • Aniara
  • Ejji

If there is anything I have missed, then please let myself know by whispering in BoH.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to read this, and we hope this has convinced you to join.

Your Humble Servant,