Kinky Wizards - You want to be us!

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Kinky Wizards - You want to be us!

Postby Denrael » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:15 pm

Kinky Wizards - Not your normal reciting ad. Looking for fastest growth? We aren't it. Want to commit to 24 raids/day to stay? We aren't it. Looking to have fun, mentor and grow with your guild mates? If so, it's time for you to get Kinky! Wizards Wanted.

Ok, so much for the marketing spiel. We are a low turnover group of people who are here for fun and stress relief. Competitive? Yes, but not tot he point that we are chasing the leader board. All of us have other lives and can't commit to being here 'x' times per day for multi-hour raids. That being said, we do work to raid as often as time permits and give all the members the opportunity to participate and grow with the guild.

So, who should join us?

If you are here to hit the top of the leader board, raid 4 times a day every day, and be a cog in a giant guild machine, frankly, you won't be happy with us. If on the other hand, you are here for the fun, can devote some time on a semi-regular basis, but realize that life does come first, then please come check us out. As they say in the commercials, Wizards Wanted.

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