Finding Answers & Reporting Bugs

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Finding Answers & Reporting Bugs

Postby Bj_Knows » Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:41 pm

Finding Answers and Reporting Bugs

The Mobile Version of Forums does not let you Search Posts. The Web Version lets you Search multiple ways.
The Web Version lets you find answers to your Bugs.

The Mobile Version is good for checking Post #1 of a Sticky Topics (Ex: Known Issues) The Mobile Version is poor at everything else.

The Web Version can be accessed from a Desktop Computer, a Laptop Computer and some Tablets.

If you go to the Bug Forum, there is a Search Box “search this forum…”. You can use this box to see if anyone reported a similar bug and if Venan has posted a response or a solution.

The Web Version lets you Search All Posts, A Forum (ex: Bugs), A Sub Forum (ex: Bug Reporting), All Posts by a Specific Member (ex: Little_Mike). Except for searching a Member’s Posts, you can Search even when not logged into the Forums.

Edit: When not logged in you can still search a Member's Posts:
You goto
You leave all the boxes blank except for "Search for Author".
You enter the Author's name (Ex: Little_Mike).
You hit Search.
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