Things Done Right in BoH

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Things Done Right in BoH

Postby Bbbb » Sun May 08, 2016 3:27 pm

It's no secret that I burned out on BoH back in the fall - a lot of it was the lack of content. I've been playing another F2P mobile MMORPG for the past 6-7 months. I'm burning out on that and looking forward to the new classes here. Interesting enough I'm not burning out on that due to lack of new content (there is plenty) but on the game flaws.

We have had plenty of threads outlining Venan's faults. However, now after spending so much time in another game I see the positives here much clearer. I am sending this as positive feedback to them so they don't lose sight of what makes us love this game.

1. Social - I never realize how much this game did this right till I played another one. I've been in one of the top guilds since day one of the guild system, super active on the forums, and have no friends there. They have no whispers, interplayer emails, you are lucky to see the last 5 chat messages when you log in, chat is constantly bugged, etc.

2. Cheap gameplay - sure, it has popped up in BoH from time to time, but it gets resolved. I do not think there is anything cheap in this game currently. The other game has so many cheap dungeons. In the end game dungeons even if you have the perfect strategy, you have to cross your fingers that you get lucky and not die due to a bad series of events you have no control over.

3. Naked money grab - I know there are a couple of people who complain Venan does this. I have never felt that way (though Venan hopefully has made a lot of money from me via free app downloads). This other game has character and upgrades that you can only get via the Slot Machine (Errrr I mean Portal). You feed the premium currency in there and hope you get what you need. Winning PvP is nothing more than buying extra battles and pumping up your score.

4. Bugs - yes they happen to all games but the bug rate here has been very very low.

5. Onslaught - without a similar mechanism in that other game, I'm like 90% maxed and everything left is just ultra-grindy or needing premium currency to play the slot machine.

6. Customer Service - this other game is okay, but I am thinking back to my Zygna days.
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Re: Things Done Right in BoH

Postby Ghost_of_Ames » Mon May 09, 2016 5:31 am

+1 B! I have been playing another game also and it really does highlight what I love about BoH.
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