Off-Topic: Guild Wars for iPhone or Describing BoH

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Off-Topic: Guild Wars for iPhone or Describing BoH

Postby Bj_Knows » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:10 pm

Off-Topic: Guild Wars for iPhone or Elevator Pitch for Describing Book of Heroes.

Since it came out, I have called Book of Heroes "World of Warcraft for iPhone". After reading the below article, which reminds me strongly of my experience with Book of Heroes, I now call Book of Heroes "Guild Wars for iPhone".

Thank you to all the Guilds that have helped test my class builds (by allowing me to Merc or giving me feedback), all the Mercs who have helped Deathwing Raiders and TheFarmTeam complete Raids, all the high Might Rating players who have given me information about maximum Stats & Tomes.

Thank you Venan for the humorous quest names, nods to games and real world events, and putting out a superior game experience.

Thank you.

( ... aku-review )
Over the past few years, there has been a trend in massively multiplayer online games that has seen them become ever more single-player experiences that take place in a shared world. Guild Wars 2 reverses the trend handily, without ever once prescribing particular "social" actions for its players. No player must participate in a group event, and swooping by to rez a fallen player or lending a hand in any fight you run by are entirely optional acts. And yet, the way the game is arranged, players do tend to stop to help each other out.
The end result is a game that feels a bit like Cheers. Everyone may not exactly know your name, or be glad that you personally came, but it's still a world that welcomes your presence. Tyria can be difficult to navigate at times, but in a way that feels playful and mischievous rather than hostile. Above all, Guild Wars 2 feels encouraging and fair. Death and failure are not particularly difficult to overcome, and become challenges rather than punishments.
is not structured as a deeply competitive game, and players who strive only for the best gear, the fastest leveling, and the sharpest end-game technique will likely miss most of what it has to offer. Rather than seeing the absence of an end-game focused quest and gear ladder as a lack, though, I see it as a blessing. It is a journey that gives me great pleasure to explore.
As for the destination? I really have no idea where it all will end. But I will enjoy taking my time—and discovering every single point on every map—on the way there.
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