An open letter to Lord Venan

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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby Illy_the_Red » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:48 am

Angel_Of_Silence wrote:This post was great to see.

I also gave up on hope of new content long ago, but it was @#$#%#$ me off that players were not saying something, be it positive or negitive. How can people put so much time and possibly real cash in to something they love for years only to let it slowly die right before their eyes and do or say absolutely nothing? It's kinda getting to the point where I just wish Venan would start acting like they cared again or just take Boh out behind the barn and just put it out of it's misery. It would be sad, but which is worse? Venan pulling the plug or watching our fellow players and guilds drop like flies slowly as the days pass by?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and mabey if we squeak loud enough, we'll wake up LV and Venan. We all love Boh LV and when things get tough (like right now) we the players got your back. We'll ride it out, but you gotta start acting like you care again. We the players can only do so much before it falls on you to make Boh one of the greatest rpgs out there once again.

People have been saying things for years and years. Recently we've all fallen silent as some leave and the others simply accept that Venan don't care very much about communication or engagement. Along with certain other areas it's always been what they've been worst at.

How difficult is it to write a forum post...about as easy as pinging off an email. Yet the devs, even when there were wasn't so few of them they would comfortably fit in an ice cream van, rarely engaged much. It was amazing for many when they asked for feedback prior to the new classes coming out...people thought this was an exciting thing and not just what all other successful companies do regularly.
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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby Bbbb » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:20 am

vlad_the_impaler wrote:
Shekka wrote:+1

Some sort of feed back from a Dev in general would be great. Doesn't have to be LV..

Not sure there are any others at this point lol.

Amy confirmed a few months ago that Dave was still around then. Now who knows.

I personally have given up on them ever communicating well. I am not sure what Venan does any more because announcing the weekend event. Reviews indicate that iOS 10 broke Space Miner Wars. The forum for that game has been down for months and yet the link to it is up on

It's so bad now that we don't know if Werechef is still happening or not. And if it is, is the same as last year or is there new stuff? I am okay if it is a repeat as my newer toons still need bacon recipe.
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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby Zero300 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:07 pm

As long as the game is still available to play, then I'm okay with it. This game is such an inspiration for my fanfic and other novels to come.
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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby 2ndAmSAVAGE1776 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:26 am

Oddly, I'm still holding out hope for more content, also. Not willing to let the game go. I still would like to see other lands like RavenSpire and StoneHelm. I want to kick Alador's ass, cuz loose ends make my ass itch. Would be a good premise for another raid.
How about this for an idea? Since the t21 amulet & ring are out make the t19s necessary for "destroying the evil under Glenfort". Yeah!, an underground/underworld type adventure! You have to use the ring of eternity as a key to activate a portal to gain entrance. The amulet of creation would be necessary to destroy the "evil". That way our efforts to achieve those items weren't wasted with the t21 items arriving.
C'mon Lord Venan, give us another chapter, PLEASE!
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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby Famous_Fella_O_Nutella » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:57 am

I'm still holding out for Pokemon. We can search all over the lands to catch them all and then you summon them during raids! If they can't do that cuz of copyright issues then make it a dragon egg u find and hatch it. Equip it as a shield and the drag has four gems and u can make it an attack dragon or defense dragon.
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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby vlad_the_impaler » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:05 pm

Day before event supposedly starts and no details. We don't even know what time it starts. Well done devs, well done.
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Re: An open letter to Lord Venan

Postby Errör_Phåse404 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:02 pm

vlad_the_impaler wrote:Day before event supposedly starts and no details. We don't even know what time it starts. Well done devs, well done.

They are known wait until just before or during maintenance to post details of events.
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