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Chapter 9 - Rath'een Invasion III Part 1

At Majerio's Shop....


"You've arrived just in time, my friend. Daedalus wanted you to head right back to the Training Hall as soon as you returned." Majerio exclaimed when he saw John enter his shop. "Oh, you have the spider silk? Give it to me, I'll get right to mixing that explosive powder for you. As soon as it's done, I'll have it delivered to the Training Hall."

"Okay. You said Daedalus was looking for me? Do you know what about?" John asked as he handed the sac of spider silk to Majerio.

"I don't know much but he did say it was an emergency."

"I see, thank you for the heads up."

John bid Majerio farewell and headed to the Training Hall. Once he arrived at the Training Hall, he noticed a group of people standing outside and talking amongst themselves. They casually threw him a curious glance before continuing their conversations. Unsure of what was going on, John reached for the door and pushed it open. Daedalus, upon seeing John, rushed forward with arms raised and clasped his hands on John's shoulders, a grin on his face.

"Thank the Realms you've returned, John!" The old head trainer laughed heartily. "I need your help. The Rath'een army is leading another attack on our village and this time, they've doubled their forces! While I lead the charge against their main forces, I need you to check on the villagers once again to make sure that they are all right and to kill any Rath'een bastards that managed to dig their way into the village. You must protect our people, no matter the cost!"

"No worries Daedalus. You can count on me! It's just another patrol." John replied as he puffed his chest with confidence.

"Don't be overconfident!" Daedalus frowned when he heard John's boast. "Carelessness feeds on overconfidence."

"S-Sorry, it won't happen again."

"Good...that's good. You should go to the Temple and buy some healing potions first. It's always better safe than sorry."

"That's what I had intended."

John bid Daedalus farewell and good luck as he trekked towards the temple. As soon as he arrived, Allegra rushed out to greet him. When John held up the four small boxes, the priestess thanked him profusely.

"You have helped the Temple, and we do not allow a good deed go unrewarded. Here are some silver and some healing potions." Allegra smiled as she gave John a small bag. "If we require your services once more, we hope you are able to assist."

"As long as it's within my power, then I will be able to help." John promised.

"Thank you so m-!"

"Help! Help us!" A couple of voices shouted outside.

"What happened?" Allegra and John looked at each other in bafflement.

The two hurried out of the Temple and saw a group of people both elderly and young. They were rambling something about rat monsters attacking their homes. Allegra rushed to the group and tried to calm them down. After a few attempts, she was able to bring about some order. John walked up to one of the older men and asked what was going on.

"Old man Godwin! What's wrong?"

"Ah, John! I heard you became an adventurer. P-Please help us out!" The old man of the Godwin household grabbed John's hands and pleaded.

"Take it easy, tell me what happened?"

"W-We were just minding our own business w-when a hole appeared from our backyard and four giant rat-like m-monsters climbed out. They were so frightening. They wouldn't stop s-smashing at the doors. We...managed to escape through the front door...but our house...."

"Rat-like monsters? Could they be Rath'een?"

"I don't know about this Rath'een you speak of but those monsters have occupied our home. Please help us." A middle-aged man asked as he hugged a pale, elderly woman. This was old man Godwin's eldest son and the elderly woman was most likely old man Godwin's wife.

"Don't worry. I'll do what I can. However...if they are in the house, things may get messy."

"No worries. We don't have anything in value."

"No!" The elderly woman suddenly exclaimed. "Grandma's vase!"

"Ah yes, I nearly forgot." The son smacked his head as he proceeded to describe the vase.

After John memorized the details, he hurried towards the family's home. The Godwins lived in a house to the west of the Temple, next to a couple of trees and just across the road. It only took John a few minutes to get there. Upon arriving, he could hear a couple of crashes and shuffling noises in the house. He rushed towards the house and hid below a broken window. Slowly, the young man raised his head and peered through the window. He immediately ducked his head as soon as he saw a Rath'een ambling about in the room. Did he get caught? Seconds passed until John stuck his head out once more. Good! It seemed the Rath'een didn't see him. He saw the Rath'een walk out of the room and entered the room on the opposite side of the hallway. After brushing away some broken glass, John vaulted over the window and quietly entered the room. He scanned around before tiptoeing towards the doorway. John unsheathed his dagger and held it in front of him, using the blade as a mirror.

"Hmm, the Rath'een is still in the room across from here. There doesn't seem to be anyone else on this floor. Didn't old man Godwin say there were four? Maybe the other three are upstairs."

Since there doesn't seem to be anyone else on the first floor besides the Rath'een in the adjacent room, John decided to take it out first. He withdrew his steel sword and rose to a standing position. Step by step he inched his way towards the room. Suddenly, the Rath'een appeared before him. The shock of seeing someone caused both John and the Rath'een to froze. But John had expected the monster while it had not expected him, allowing the young Shadow Walker to recover from shock earlier. John kicked the Rath'een back and struck with a Piercing Strike. The Rath'een grunted and staggered back until it fell to the ground. John rushed into the room and stomped hard on the Rath'een's wound causing it to squeal. Unexpectedly, John saw from the corner of his eye...another Rath'een! Shit! There was another Rath'een in the room! And a Rath'een Brawler at that! The Rath'een Brawler lunged towards him with its fists raised. It let out a powerful straight, aiming at John's head. John crouched down and avoided the attack. He brought his dagger in a sweeping motion and slit the Rath'een's throat.

In one continuous movement, John rolled towards the Rath'een Brawler and drove his sword at the enemy. The rat monster punched the sword's spine, deflecting its path. He opened its left fist and tried to scratch John with its claws. However, John leaned back just barely avoiding the attack. As if expecting it, the Rath'een Brawler whipped its tail into John, dealing a whopping forty-two damage. John coughed out some blood as his chest began to bruise and swell. He must have suffered some internal damage from that attack! As the tail shot at him once again, John thrust out his sword and pierced the tail, nailing it into the ground. The Rath'een Brawler roared as it tried to pull its tail out. Seeing that its actions were futile, it focused its attention on John. With a few random swipes, it was able to land a lucky hit on John. The young Shadow Walker roared in anger and fiercely kicked the Rath'een Brawler, causing its tail to split into two due to the force. Not giving the rat any time to recover, John threw his dagger, which embedded itself into the Rath'een Brawler's chest. Then, John whirled around and swung his sword with all his might.

After beheading the Rath'een Brawler, John quickly looted the bodies and hid behind the door. The fighting and the screams had most definitely drawn attention from the other Rath'een bastards. Sure enough, loud stomps could be heard coming from the second floor as they rushed down the stairs and approached the room. John used his dagger once more as a mirror in order to confirm what the enemies were. Turns out there was a Rath'een Brawler followed by a Rath'een Warlock. John held his sword and prepared himself. As soon as the Rath'een Brawler enters the room, John will activate his strongest skill - the Piercing Strike.


John could see the shadow approaching nearer and nearer. His adrenaline increasing with each stomp. The Rath'een Brawler roared out as it entered the room. It scanned the room for the enemy only to see John at the corner of its eye. It was too late to dodge! The Rath'een Brawler could only raise its arms up as John's Piercing Strike drove itself deeply, penetrating flesh and organs. It was a critical hit! The Rath'een Brawler's health points decreased by more than two thirds. As John pulled out the sword and prepared for another attack, a cold blast enveloped him, causing slowness and freezing. The Rath'een Warlock had just unleashed Frostbite on him. However, luckily, part of the ice attack had also landed on the Rath'een Brawler. The rat monster had just punched out but, due to the slow debuff, it missed. This allowed John to kick the Rath'een Brawler back and sliced its head off with his sword.

Suddenly, John heard some mumbling and the air surrounding him began to fluctuate. That warlock was about to cast another spell! John spun around and rolled to the side. While in mid-roll, he accurately threw his dagger towards the Rath'een Warlock, wounding it and managing to stop its chant. The warlock wrenched the dagger from its arm and tossed it down the hall. It glared at John and reached out with its hand, grabbing a hold of the nearest item...a vase. Vase! That was the vase that the Godwins had described! John stared in horror as the Rath'een Warlock picked up the vase and fiercely threw it at him. John reached over and grabbed vase, letting the momentum of the vase carry him backwards. The young warrior skidded to the ground as he hugged the vase, careful not to break it. John looked up and saw that the Rath'een Warlock had continued its chant. This surprised John. To think interrupting a magic chant won't cause the caster to restart the chant. John quickly stood up and placed the vase on a nearby pedestal. He raised his sword and rushed towards the warlock. However, he was too late.

The Rath'een Warlock finished its chant and unleashed a Cold Blast at John, knocking him back. Not only that, but the continuous ice damage received from the Frostbite earlier activated and John suffered another loss of health. The young Shadow Walker gritted his teeth and shook himself. After regaining some senses, he hoisted his sword and launched it. The steel sword flew through the air like a lightning bolt and pierced the Rath'een monster. John hopped forward and rushed towards the warlock. He was just about to grab the embedded sword when another wave of ice damage erupted and spread throughout his body, causing him to wince and falter. But, John was tough. He had only faltered for a second before reaching over and grabbing a hold of the sword. He feverishly glared at the Rath'een Warlock and saw fear in its eyes. John ripped out the sword and, with a spin, appeared behind the enemy. He reached over with his sword and sliced the bastard's throat nearly in half. As the body teetered about and seemed to be falling towards him, John harshly kicked it away. However, that's when he saw it...the vase! The Rath'een corpse tumbled into the pedestal where the vase was placed on, causing the Godwin family's treasure to tip over the edge of the podium. Oh no! John rushed forward as fast as he could and dove....


"The house has been cleared, old man Godwin, you can go home now." John replied as he arrived at the Temple.

"Really? Thank you so much!" The old man expressed his gratitude.

"Yes. Though the only problem is the mess...."

"No problem, we'll take care of it. Thank you again, John."

The other Godwins also thanked and praised John's abilities. The old woman grabbed his hand and asked about the vase. John seriously looked at her, causing her to have different thoughts. But then, John flashed a rare smile and brought out the vase from his bag. He was able to save it from falling to pieces. It was close...but he was lucky. The old woman hugged the vase and thanked John once more. Soon afterward, John escorted the Godwin family home. Once they reached their house, John bid them farewell and continued his search for any more Rath'een intrusions.
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Re: Shadow Walker: a fanfic

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Chapter 10 - Rath'een Invasion III Part 2

After combing through most of the other houses, John heard a loud crash from the house next to the inn. It was the house of the Bower family. As the young warrior neared the house, he was able to hear screams of both human and Rath'een. From what he could make of the words, it seemed that the Bower family has been trapped in their home by a group of Rath'een monsters! John knew that he needed to stop those bastards before it was too late! John ran towards the front of the house and found out that the door was open. He peeked inside and saw that the interior of the Bower's home had been completely torn apart - valuables strewn on the floor, tables and furniture overturned, and a layer of ice along the far wall suggesting that a Rath'een Warlock was behind the attack. John entered the house cautiously, his weapons drawn and held at the ready. Further inside, John could hear the Rath'een attackers threatening the Bower family. John stepped forward and challenged the cowardly beasts, giving the Bower family just enough time to escape from their home. The Rath'een advanced on the young Shadow Walker, and the battle began!

John thrust forth with his sword but the Rath'een in front of him rolled forward, dodging his attack and taking a bite out of his leg. He grunted in pain and raised his other leg. With a fierce stomp, he pounded the Rath'een and knocked the wind out of it. The Rath'een spat out, just enough time for John to withdraw his wounded leg. He raised up his sword in order strike but suddenly see another Rath'een lunge towards him from the side. John raised his other hand and tried to block any incoming attack. He winced as the Rath'een bit into his arm. John viciously shook his arm and kicked the Rath'een off of him. The first Rath'een pounced towards him once it caught its breath, almost catching John by surprise but luckily John was expecting it. Those cowardly beasts were renown for their sneak attacks and backstabs. After all, it was in their nature. John punched out and broke a couple of the Rath'een's teeth. As the rat monster staggered back from the force of the attack, John held his sword and ran the beast through. However, the Rath'een grabbed a hold of John and took a bite at his shoulder. One bite he could deal with, but when the other Rath'een jumped on his back and bit his other shoulder, John roared with pain.

He sprung back and crashed the Rath'een on his back into a wall, driving the bastard off of him. Then, he twisted the sword and sent another round of pain into the Rath'een in front of him. The monster yelped in pain and let go of his shoulder. Using all his strength, John forced the sword up. Coupled with the weight of the Rath'een pressing down on the sword, he was able to lengthen the wound. After a few seconds or so, as if some limit was broken, John slashed the sword out from the Rath'een's shoulder. The nearly halved monster collapsed to the ground, dead upon landing. John glanced at the monster, pieces of bone and organs strewn near and around the wound. Whew, that was tough! John almost dropped his guard when he remembered that there was still another enemy. He quickly turned around and saw the remaining Rath'een lunge at him. He threw his dagger towards the charging Rath'een in an attempt to slow it down, however, even with the dagger hilt deep in its shoulder, the Rath'een did not stop its charge. It pounced on John and gnawed on his arm dealing thirty-two points of damage.

The young Shadow Walker grimaced at the pain and threw the Rath'een off of his arm. As the rat monster scrambled to its feet, John held up his sword and ran the bastard through. He continued his charge, carrying the bastard along, and pinned it to a wall. The Rath'een raised its hand in an attempt to claw at John's face, but John grabbed a hold of the arm, ripped the dagger out from the Rath'een's shoulder, and nailed the hand into the wall. It was time to deal the finishing move. John pulled out the sword and unleashed a spinning attack. With such a sharp slash, both the raised arm and the head of the Rath'een separated from the body. After killing both enemies, John sighed in relief and slumped against the wall. He winced in pain as he fumbled for a healing potion in his bag. With a flick of his head, he downed the sour liquid. Seconds later, his wounds were healed and his stamina renewed. John knew that his fight had most likely reached the ears of the other Rath'een monsters upstairs. With no time to waste, John rushed up the stairs and searched the rooms. When he reached the master room, he saw two Rath'een bastards. One was the warlock and the other was a Rath'een Brawler. The warlock seemed to be edging closer to the window. Suddenly, the Rath'een Warlock screeched some commands and crashed through the window. That bastard was trying to escape! John took a few steps towards the window but was stopped by the Rath'een Brawler. It seemed the enemy before him was bent on buying the warlock time to escape. In a fit of bloodlust, John rushed towards the Rath'een Brawler and thrust out his sword with a powerful Piercing Strike. He smashed into the rat monster and the two crashed into the broken window.

The two warriors landed on the ground with John on top and his sword still in the Rath'een Brawler. The Rath'een Brawler spat out a mouthful of blood and swiped its claws at John, knocking him back. The tough bastard scrambled to its feet and pulled the sword out of its body. It tossed the sword away and glared at John. As expected of a level four Rath'een Brawler...even with one lung destroyed, its toughness was on a whole new level. John rushed towards the monster and unleashed a fierce flying drop kick. The Rath'een Brawler stepped to the side and dodged the kick. John flipped over and landed on all fours. He craned his neck and glanced up at the monster. John lifted his dagger and pounced at the Rath'een Brawler. The rat monster's tail shot forth and whipped John to the side. Luckily, at that instance, the young man was able to leave a small wound on the Rath'een Brawler's tail. John tumbled into the ground and rolled a couple of times. He climbed up on one knee and noticed his sword lying within hand's reach. As the Rath'een Brawler rubbed its wound, John picked up his sword and sprinted forth. He launched a Piercing Strike once more and punctured the monster's other lung. With both lungs damaged, the Rath'een Brawler began to have trouble breathing. It gasped for breath as it grabbed its throat. John clenched his right fist and jabbed the monster in the face. The Rath'een Brawler collapsed onto the ground as it gasped for air. After struggling a couple of times, its eyes rolled over and it died from asphyxiation.

John looked up from his victory and saw that the Rath'een Warlock had already escaped into the hole it emerged from. The young Shadow Walker rushed towards the tunnel but the coward had closed off the tunnel. John showed a face of displeasure but quickly forgotten the escapee as he completely covered the hole with dirt. Then, he looted the bodies and removed them from the house. He lit the corpses on fire and burned them to ashes. As John healed his wounds, he realized that he had leveled up once again. Now, as a level four, his health points had increased to 630. John smiled at his achievement. Afterwards, he searched for the Bower family and told them that their house was in the clear. Then, he escorted the family back to their house. Once they thanked him for his help, John headed towards Gibbons's House. No one was there, not even a Rath'een. Seemed like Ellen was still with Miss Colette and had not come back recently. Maybe it's all for the better. After all, Ellen lost someone important to her here and it would be best if she was to distance herself from this place in order to cope with any trauma she may have gotten over the incident. After he finished checking the other houses around Gibbons's House, he headed towards the Coliseum.

That's when he noticed a small house next to the Coliseum. Loud noises were coming from that house and last he knew, that house was owned by Aylwin - an old scholar and good friend of Daedalus's. John rushed towards that house and saw that the front door was open. There was a pungent rusty smell permeating from within the house. John had a bad premonition. He crept inside and looked around. He peeked into some rooms and saw that each room was ransacked, stuff lying on the ground in a mess and a filthy smell lingered in the air. John knew the smell all too well...Rath'een!


The sound came from down the hall! John hurried towards the source of the sound. It was coming from behind the door at the end of the hallway. The door was partly open and John was able to peek inside. John noticed Aylwin lying very still on the dusty wooden floor. Scattered around him were shredded books, a smashed crystal ball, and the four Rath'een that had slain him.

Furious, the young Shadow Walker flung open the door and stepped forward to challenge the Rath'een bastards. "You killed Aylwin!?"

The Rath'een hissed in surprise at the intrusion. One of them shouted as they began to advance on the young hero, teeth and claws bared for battle. "Kill the meddler!"

John dashed towards the nearest Rath'een enemy, a level four warlock, and attacked with a Piercing Strike. Without stopping his charge, the young Shadow Walker used the Rath'een Warlock as a meat shield and barreled his way past the other three Rath'een warriors. Suddenly, John felt his body freeze over. This bastard had hit him with a point-blank Cold Blast! Luckily, it was a feeble one. If it had been a full-powered Cold Blast, he would have suffered a fatal injury. John grabbed a hold of his sword with both hands and glanced over his shoulders towards the other three Rath'een monsters. The three monsters laid on the ground dazed from being tackled. Swiftly, John pulled out the sword and immediately spun around with a diagonal slash at the Rath'een Warlock. Then, with a kick, John booted the warlock to a wall. The young Shadow Walker ended the Rath'een's life with a fierce Piercing Strike to the heart. All this had happened in a matter of seconds and none of the other Rath'een warriors had the time to react. Comparing all three of their levels to that of the dead warlock, John could guess how inexperienced the three Rath'een warriors were.

As the Rath'een warriors slowly reacted, John rushed towards the Rath'een on the left and unleashed his most used skill - Piercing Strike. However, the Rath'een was trembling with fear and stumbled back, luckily dodging the attack. Lucky for it but not for John. The Rath'een in the middle pounced on him and bit into his shoulder, while the Rath'een Brawler on the right reached out and punched John in the head. A ringing, buzzing sound erupted in John's head as his eyes began to blur. The Rath'een on the left scrambled back on its feet and leaped forward to bite but fortunately, it miscalculated the distance as John stepped back and shook his head to clear away his senses. With a fiery glint in his eyes, he shrugged the Rath'een on top of him off and kicked the Rath'een in front of him back. Then, he threw his dagger into the Rath'een's throat, the force sending the monster back and embedding itself in a wall. As the Rath'een struggled to set itself free, John thrust out his sword and killed it.

He pulled out his sword and turned to the others. Seeing the Rath'een Brawler charge towards him, he raised his weapons up and readied himself to meet the charge; however, pain suddenly shot up in his leg. The Rath'een that he shrugged off of him had clamped onto his leg and refused to let go. That momentary distraction cost him a swipe to the head. Once again, his head began to buzz and his eyes blurred. John stomped at the Rath'een below him but the stubborn bastard held on...even when John kicked it in the gut. If not for the situation at hand, John could have commented the admirable willpower of the Rath'een. Suddenly, a long thick tail smashed forth, knocking John onto the ground. The Rath'een Brawler's tail swayed around a bit before shooting towards him once more. John stabbed into the Rath'een on his leg, finally forcing its mouth open. Then, the young Shadow Walker rolled backwards and dodged the fierce Tail Whip.

John took out his dagger and quickly applied a layer of neurotoxin. He glared at the Rath'een Brawler and sneered. The young Shadow Walker leaped forth and charged, his sword raised and aimed for the Rath'een Brawler's heart. The monster had seen John start off with a Piercing Strike three times in a row and had assumed that the young man would use Piercing Strike against it as well. So when it saw John charge at it with his sword raised, the Rath'een Brawler flipped back a couple of times. At a distance away, it smirked at John. But then, its body shook. Pain surged through its body. It looked down at the source of the pain and saw...a dagger...John's dagger! John had feinted with the sword and threw his dagger instead. The dagger punctured through the Rath'een Brawler and the neurotoxin quickly spread. The Rath'een Brawler's legs began to weaken and it took a few steps to stabilize itself. It looked up in shock at the human who did the attack...and saw that John was gone! John had taken advantage of the Rath'een Brawler's distraction and snuck up behind it. With a large swing, he beheaded the Rath'een Brawler.

John reached into his bag and pulled out a healing potion. While he drank the potion, he searched the Rath'een invaders for silver. He was already used to looting so he didn't think much about it as he rummaged through the corpses. Even though looting was an unfavorable behavior, he needed the silver to pay for better equipment and more potions. After all, nothing was free. Once he healed up, he dragged the Rath'een corpses out of the house and burned them. Then, he buried old man Aylwin in the backyard and erected a wooden tablet to identify the dead. Afterwards, he finished his patrol around the village and headed back to the Training Hall. Along the way, he met Daedalus who just got back from the war outside of the village.
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Re: Shadow Walker: a fanfic

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Chapter 11 - Goblin Bounty

"Aylwin is dead?" Daedalus exclaimed when John told him about the situation in the village. "Nobody deserves such a fate...the poor soul. Sadly, this is but a taste of things to come in these lands should the Rath'een be allowed to survive. Between the Rath'een attacks and further reports of the goblins mobilizing to the southeast, our troubles are only beginning."

Daedalus sighed and looked at the Training Hall in the distance. He glanced at John and continued, "It seemed you have leveled up once more. That's good to know. Come, let me teach you a few more things while we still have the time."

"Okay. I need all the skills I can get."

And so, John trained under Daedalus for a couple of days. During that training session, Daedalus described the importance of speed for Shadow Walkers and helped John increase his swiftness. With an increase in quickness, John's movement speed, attack speed, and reflexes have all increased as well. In addition, Daedalus helped John increase his mastery over the basic attacks so that the young Shadow Walker would make less inexperienced mistakes like he had in his previous battles. After spending a few days on training, Daedalus presented John with a barbed net. The barbed net was dipped with a type of weak poison that would whet away the vitality of its prisoner. The skill needed to use this equipment was known as Ensnare, which was a valuable asset to a Shadow Walker's repertoire. After John learned Ensnare, news of the Rath'een resurfaced and Daedalus had to leave for the frontlines once again, leaving John with a new skill but no mastery over it.

Before he left, Daedalus told John to go visit Colette and see if she had a task or two for him to do. John agreed and headed towards the inn. It had been days since he last saw Miss Colette. He wondered how she was doing these days. As he arrived at the inn, he noticed that there was a board posted outside by the door. There were a number of papers pinned onto the board. As John curiously scanned over the papers, he realized that they were all bounties...tasks commissioned by the villagers and other adventurers. A bounty caught his eye. It was offered by Daedalus.

The task was to defeat five goblins and bring back their ears as proof of kill. There have been reports of goblin sightings in the Glenfort Plains to the southwest of the village. Apparently, with Daedalus and his forces fighting off the Rath'een army in the outskirts of the village, he was worried about how the goblins in the Glenfort Plains have been getting a bit too close to the village. Daedalus wanted anyone, who was available, to go and slay five goblins in order to remind those dirty bastards to keep their distance away from the village. The task seemed relatively easy. John ripped off the bounty from the board and walked into the inn.

"Welcome! Oh, it's you!" A sweet voice chirped.

John looked up from the bounty and saw Ellen. "Oh, Ellen, how are you?"

"Good! Thanks to Colette, I was able to find some part-time work here." Ellen smiled.

"Who's at the door, Ellen?" Colette called out from behind the counter as she stared at some papers.

"Miss Colette! It's me, John! I've come to visit." John strode towards the counter with a chuckle.

"Ah, John! It's been a while. How you been? How's your training?" Colette grinned as she walked out from behind the counter to greet John.

"Good, training's good. I've learned a lot. What about you? How've you been? How's the chef? Is cooking without me too much of a burden for him?"

"Nah, the cooking thing wasn't nearly so tough on the head chef as I thought it would be!" Colette shook her head as she pointed towards the kitchen, "He's doing fine by himself."

"That's good."

"Besides, even when the nights get busy and the head chef needed help with the kitchen, I would roll up my sleeves and help around."

"With your cooking? Really?"

"What about my cooking?"

"N-Nothing...nothing. So anything going on around here?"

"Ah, yes...now that you mention it, I do have a problem I could use some help with."

"What is it?"

"For some reason, this nearby goblin tribe had taken such a liking to this stew I made that they kept sacking my basement looking for leftovers. I hired some locals to fend them off but they needed all the help they can get."

"Goblins eh? So, you need my help too?"

"Yea, these Gobblin' Goblins - as I nicknamed them - needed to be taught a lesson! They're located outside to the east of the village. The locals are grouping up outside right this moment. Head over there and join a group of adventurers and fight those goblins off!"

"Alright! You can count on me."

"That's good. Thank you, John, for your help."

"No problem. You've helped me plenty in the past. It's natural for me to repay your kindness."

After accepting Colette's task, John headed out the door. Before he took on the innkeeper's task, John wanted to first familiarize himself with his new skills in battle. Thus, he decided to leave the village and look for some enemies to fight. As he headed towards the Glenfort Plains, John decided to go to Glenfort River and kill off a few goblins in order to get used to using the Ensnare skill as well as to complete the bounty he had just taken. Upon arrival, he scoured the surrounding area and strangely enough...couldn't find a single goblin. Glenfort River was known to have quite a few goblins, but why was empty now? Where have all the goblins gone to? John decided to walk south along the river in order to see if he could encounter some goblins. After walking for half an hour, he finally spotted an encampment. The camp was fortified with a large wooden fence along with two lookout towers by the entranceway. Whose campgrounds was this? The size of this camp...it could house a small army! John stealthily approached the camp's entrance and noticed that the lookout towers were empty. The young Shadow Walker peeked past the entrance and was struck in the nose with a sharp stench, causing him to reel back in disgust. This smell! It was familiar but different from that of a Rath'een. It...it's goblin! This encampment was a goblin camp!

John observed the goblin camp and saw that there weren't any guards patrolling around. In fact, there wasn't a lot of noise bustling within the camp. That's strange. Goblins were a noisy bunch. So, where have all the goblins gone too? John silently crept inside and peered inside each tent. After finding three empty tents, John thought that the place was truly void of goblins...that was until he saw an open tent. Inside, there were two Goblin Thieves rummaging through a couple of large crates. John scurried over and hid behind the flaps of the tent. The goblins were talking...something about how the goblin army had headed over to the Fallow Fields and were currently fighting the bandits there. And then the conversation switched over to how they should hurry up and take as much as they can hold and then meet up with the others.

Well...it seemed these Goblin Thieves had deserted from the army and were trying to run off with some valuables. Wait! Others? Shit, there was more than just these two? John quickly looked around him and saw no one. Luckily for him, the other thieves must have been busy stealing things from other tents. John decided he should take care of these two Goblin Thieves first before looking for the others. Carefully, so to not make any noise, he unraveled his barbed net and aimed at one of the goblins. With a swing of his arm, John tossed the net towards the goblin. However, he had misjudged the distance and the net fell heavily on the ground. The thud startled the goblins as they sheepishly spun around and fumbled for their weapons. John lunged forward with his sword and unleashed a Piercing Strike onto the closest Goblin Thief. The goblin staggered backwards as it grasped its bloody chest. Both Goblin Thieves quickly threw down a smoke bomb each and vanished from sight. Or at least one of them succeeded in disappearing. The wounded goblin's blood gave away its position. John swung his sword towards the spot with the largest pool of blood and felt his attack connect. Blood sprayed out as the sword attack revealed a cleaved Goblin Thief, its eyes faded in hopelessness.

As the corpse plopped onto the ground, John turned around and inspected his surroundings. Where could that other goblin be? He knew that he could not trust his eyes when dealing with vanished opponents, so he could only rely on his other senses. John sniffed the air. Since goblins were filthy creatures that emit a rather distinct smell. By sniffing the air around him, John was able to quickly determine that the Goblin Thief was not in front of him but rather somewhere behind him. However, he could not just swing around and wave his sword randomly. He did not know exactly how far the goblin was away from him and if he was to swing blindly and miss, then he would be wide open for a counterattack. John steeled his nerves and pretended to look around in front of him. As he faced the front, he strained his ears to listen to any movements from the back.

Without warning, a whooshing sound approached John at a fast speed. John dropped on one knee and felt the air slice apart above him. Having dodged the attack, John was able to discern, with some certainty, the distance between him and the Goblin Thief. He turned around and slashed his sword forward, tearing flesh and drawing blood. The Goblin Thief revealed itself as it screamed in pain. Fearing that the shout had alerted the other goblins, John rushed forward and clamped its mouth shut. With one fell swoop, he beheaded the Goblin Thief. Ignoring the bodies, he rushed out and hid to the side of the tent. Seconds later, two more Goblin Thieves made their way to the tent. So close! Any second later and he would have been caught. As the goblins entered the tent, they saw the bodies of their dead comrades. The Goblin Thieves roared in anger as they vengefully searched around for the murderer. All of a sudden, John rushed out from his hiding spot and attacked the nearest Goblin Thief.

He launched his barbed net once more and was able to successfully ensnare the little green monster. John crashed into the ensnared goblin and punctured one of its lungs. The Goblin Thief gasped for air as it tried to free itself from the net. However, it did not have the chance. John swung his sword down and halved the goblin from shoulder to waist. Quickly, he glanced towards the other Goblin Thief and stabbed with his dagger. The goblin countered with an attack of its own. Both attacks landed and the force of each attack knocked the respective warrior back a couple of steps. John checked his wound and sighed with relief. Shallow. However, when he eyed the wound on the Goblin Thief, he gnashed his teeth. Shallow! John grimaced. He could just imagine that the Goblin Thief was thinking of the same thing.

Both warriors lunged at each other once more. John with his Piercing Strike while the Goblin Thief with another cut from its dagger. Once again, both attacks landed simultaneously. But this time, while the Goblin Thief dealt another shallow hit, John's Piercing Strike was able to do a critical against the goblin's defenses. Ignoring the superficial wounds, the young Shadow Walker rushed forward once again and launched a mighty knee attack. His knee smashed firmly into the Goblin Thief and broke a couple of its ribs. As the Goblin Thief collapsed onto the ground, John reached forward and slit the goblin's throat. Having killed both Goblin Thieves, the young Shadow Walker paused as he panted heavily and listened for any more goblins. Doesn't seem like it.

John rummaged around the tent and looted the corpses, obtaining 500 pieces of silver. He reached over with his dagger and cut off the goblins' ears. Then, he took out a piece of cloth and wrapped up the bloody ears. As he was busy with the process, he suddenly heard some footsteps. John scampered up and hid behind one of the crates. He peeked out just in time to see a Goblin Thief walk in. The Goblin Thief froze in mid-sentence and quickly threw down a smoke bomb. However, the goblin was too hasty. Before the smoke stabilized, the Goblin Thief had begun to move. John could see the fluctuations of the smoke as the goblin walked through it. The young Shadow Walker leaped out and thrust his sword towards the goblin. However, little did he know, there was another enemy in the midst. It was a Plains Spider...a tamed pet of the Goblin Thief. The spider monster unleashed a Web Trap, which covered John's arm and caused his attack speed to decrease. Seeing that his Piercing Strike had failed because of the webbing, he lashed out with his other hand and punched the handle of the sword. The sword flew over and pierced the Goblin Thief, revealing its location to John. The goblin staggered a couple of steps and threw its dagger at the young Shadow Walker. John was just about to dodge the dagger when a excruciating pain erupted on his leg. The goddamn spider had bit him! Because of this little distraction, the flying dagger was able to find its mark. As John spat out a mouth full of blood, he reached over and kicked the spider away. Then, he grabbed a hold of the dagger protruding from his gut and pulled it out.

John rushed towards the goblin and executed a flying kick. His foot landing on the sword handle and the overwhelming force of his kick smashed the embedded sword completely through the Goblin Thief. The goblin spewed out some blood as it slowly gaped at the hole in its chest. It looked up at John for a few seconds before collapsing, lifeless and empty. John quickly threw the dagger in his hand at the Plains Spider who was about to pounce on him once more and rolled towards his sword. He pulled out the rusty steel sword and unleashed a Piercing Strike at the Plains Spider. The spider suffered a critical blow and lost over three-fourths of its health. As John withdrew his sword for a second attack, the Plains Spider countered with an all out bite. The young Shadow Walker grunted in pain as his arm swelled up in size. A wave of dizziness rushed through his head as he stumbled and held onto a crate. Damn! He had been poisoned. John feverishly glared at the dying spider and ended its suffering with a stomp to the head. After killing the spider, John immediately reached into his bag and pulled out two potions. One was a small healing potion while the other potion was light-blue in color and had a glistening sparkle about it. This potion was known as the cleansing potion and it could remove up to three negative status effects including poison.

John uncorked the glass bottle and brought the container to his lips. He tilted his head back and downed the cleansing potion in one quick motion. John's eyes bulged as he nearly spat out the drink. Unlike the tangy taste of the small health potion, the cleansing potion tasted unlike anything he has every experienced. It was bitter, salty, and...dry. It took all of his willpower to stomach the disgusting liquid. After the poisonous status effect was removed, John quickly drank the small healing potion. As he healed up, John sliced off the last Goblin Thief's ears and wrapped them up with the others. Then, he looted the body and found a couple of silver as well as a small healing potion. After checking the tent once more, he left and entered another tent. Since he was here, he might as well rob the goblin camp of its valuables.

Half an hour later, John left the goblin camp with a full bag. He had stolen...collected over a thousand silver coins and a number of potions. Before the goblin army returned, John hurried back to the village. Upon arriving, he immediately made his way to the inn. The bounty said that he could submit the completion to Colette and receive the offered rewards from her. When he handed over the proof of completion to Colette, the innkeeper congratulated him and handed him a bag of fifteen small wooden squares with an H symbol carved in the middle.

"What is this?" John took out one of the wooden squares and scrutinized it.

Colette smiled and explained that those wooden squares were known as Hero Tokens. Each token was worth ten Hero Points. Thus, the fifteen Hero Tokens totaled to 150 Hero Points. As for the uses...John could trade these Hero Tokens for Tomes from the Training Hall, which can permanently increase his capabilities. When John heard that he could raise his stats without training, he thanked Colette for the Hero Tokens and left the inn. At first, he thought about going to the Training Hall to buy some Tomes, but then he realized that Daedalus was still fighting in the outskirts of the village and won't be back for a while. Thus, John decided to head over to the goblin raid expedition and join a group. After searching for a while, he found a group of five who were still looking for members. As they introduced to one another, the leader of the group - a level 5 War Mage by the name of Robert - told John that they will wait for an hour more, to see if anyone else wanted to join, before beginning the raid.
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Chapter 12 - Raiding the Gobblin' Goblins

Soon, an hour went by and two more adventurers decided to join John's group. With two members short of a full party, the eight adventurers entered the tunnels that lead to the group of Gobblin' Goblins. According to the leader of the group, since the main tunnel splitted off into many smaller sub-tunnels, they should separate and follow their own paths. Each member should spend an hour in the tunnels and kill as many goblins as they can. Once the hour was up, they would meet back at the entrance. Everyone agreed to the idea after all, since goblins were easy to defeat, the members of the group thought that they should separate in order to maximize the number of kills against the Gobblin' Goblins. When John asked why it mattered to tally who killed the most, he was told that he could earn Squire's Valor depending on the number of kills which can then be used to obtain certain sigils in Majerio's shop.

Now that everyone was caught up to speed about the group's plans for the raid, they set out to each their own chosen paths. John decided to take the tunnel in the middle. The tunnel was rather wide, at least enough for the sword-wielding Shadow Walker to swing his sword around. The only problem was the height. Reaching up to just a head higher than John, jumping in the tunnel might prove to be a problem. After walking for a while, he heard a noise...something like a shuffling of feet in front of him. The path was dark and the torch could only illuminate a couple of meters. John knew that, although he could not see the enemy, the enemy could definitely see him...or at least his torch light. So, John decided to use that fact in order to cause a misdirection. Carefully, he walked next to one side of the tunnel and found a soft patch of earth on the wall. He stabbed the torch into the soft patch of the wall and retreated from the light. John waited and waited until a figure appeared next to the torch. It was a Goblin Thief! The goblin seemed to be confused as if it was wondering where John went. At this moment, John raised his sword and lunged towards the Goblin Thief. With a thrust of his sword, he punctured the goblin in the side, causing it to squeal in pain. It reeled back and threw down a smoke bomb. However, its blood gave away its position. John lifted up his leg and whipped out a roundhouse kick to the goblin's chin. The goblin collapsed in a daze and struggled to swing its dagger around. John viciously stabbed forth with his dagger and gauged out one of the goblin's eyes. However, a random dagger strike from the Goblin Thief slashed open a deep wound on his arm. John dropped his dagger as he winced in pain and discomfort. He hefted up his sword and stabbed once more, this time puncturing one of the goblin's lungs. Then, he stomped his foot on the goblin, crushing its throat. The Goblin Thief writhed for a few seconds as it tried to breathe, before dying from suffocation.

As blood flowed from the corpse, John searched through the goblin's possessions and looted a couple of silver. Once he cleaned his weapons and grabbed his torch, John continued onwards. During his journey through the tunnel, he met some more goblins. However, these goblins were different from the goblin he had killed earlier or the goblins he had encountered in the Glenfort River. These goblins had a more...greedier glint in their eyes. Like they saw John as a treasure and not as an enemy. John knew those looks as he too had shown similar gazes towards his enemies. The young Shadow Walker decided to nickname them Greedy Goblins and Greedy Goblin Thieves. So far, he had encountered the Greedy Goblins three times and the Greedy Goblin Thieves one time. With each successful victory, John was able to raise his Squire's Valor and rack up a good amount of silver and experience. After half an hour, the young Shadow Walker had defeated one Goblin Thief, three Greedy Goblins, and one Greedy Goblin Thief which gave a grand total of five goblins killed. Through these battles, John had increased his mastery over the sword. In addition, in this dark tunnel with only a torch for illumination, the young Shadow Walker was able to sharpen his other senses. Overall, this raid was considered good training for John.

Anyways, after looting his recent kill and lighting the corpse on fire, the young Shadow Walker decided to stop and take a small break. He tried to sit by the fire for better illumination and some warmth from the cold tunnel, but the stench of burning goblin nearly knocked him out. With a handkerchief tied around his mouth and nose, John scooted some distance away from the fire and began repairing his weapons. After cutting through bone and staining with blood, the weapons have chipped and rusted even more than what they were originally when he first bought them. If John didn't learn the essential field maintenance skills from Daedalus, his weapons would have long become unusable.

And so, as John sharpened his weapons with a sharpening stone, he suddenly heard a muffled sound. John lifted his head up in alertness. Was that shouting? There it goes again! At first John thought that the sound was nothing significant, however, having heard it once more, he was convinced that the sound was shouting. There were people nearby! John quickly packed up his belongings and scurried towards the sound. In a matter of minutes, John was able to see light at the end of the tunnel. As he drew nearer, the shouts became louder and he was able to make out some familiar voices. His party must be just ahead. John unsheathed his weapons and rushed into the light...and into a cavern! It seemed that the tunnels he and his party chose had led them to this large room. John scanned his surroundings and saw that the rest of his party were already engaged in combat with a large number of goblins. The green enemies outnumbered them 20 to 1.

Without a moment of hesitation, the young Shadow Walker joined in the fight. He pounced on an unsuspecting Greedy Goblin and beheaded the monster before it could even register what had happened. After killing the goblin, John continued as he lunged at another Greedy Goblin with a fierce Piercing Strike. However, this goblin had noticed him and was somewhat prepared for his attack. Nevertheless, the steel sword shot forth and pierced into the goblin's shoulder, dealing more than a third of its health. The angry Greedy Goblin roared in pain and swung his club. The blunt weapon landed on John's shoulder and caused him to wince in pain. In retaliation, John lashed out his leg and smashed the goblin square in the jaw. The Greedy Goblin flew backwards a good meter or so before crashing into another goblin. With a flick of his wrist, John threw his dagger at the collapsed goblin which embedded itself deep into the Greedy Goblin's head. The goblin opened its mouth to screech in pain, however, before any sound escaped, John had rushed over and beheaded the goblin.


When the young Shadow Walker detected the sound of slicing air, he immediately jerked his head back. Luckily, he was able to avoid a fatal knife attack from the goblin that he knocked the Greedy Goblin into. John wasn't able to get a clear view of the goblin as it immediately threw down a smoke bomb and vanished from sight. Nevertheless, judging from the weapon used and the smoke bomb, he was able to deduce that his next opponent was a Greedy Goblin Thief. John carefully scanned his surroundings for the goblin and saw a drop of blood appear in the middle of the air before falling onto the ground. This allowed him to find out where the Greedy Goblin Thief was. Tracking the movement of the blood and the position from which the drops land on the ground, John was able to quickly determine the position of the vanished enemy. With a powerful slash, he cut down towards the air in front of him. A scream of pain could be heard as the enemy reappeared. While the Greedy Goblin Thief grabbed its bloody chest with one hand, it started to recklessly swing its sword around with its other hand. Unfortunately for it, John was not as inexperienced as he once was. Seeing the Greedy Goblin Thief flail its weapon around, the young Shadow Walker hopped back a couple of feet and threw his dagger towards the goblin. With a wet thud, the thrown dagger embedded itself into the goblin's neck.

The Greedy Goblin Thief backed away as blood welled up in its throat. In a last ditch attempt, it unexpectedly threw its weapon at John and ran away. The young Shadow Walker barely dodged the blade in time, taking only a small scratch to his face. As blood trickled down his cheek, John pursued the retreating goblin and launched his sword at it. The sword pierced into the goblin and pinned it into the ground. John reached over and grabbed for the sword but quickly rolled to the side as a fireball raged into where he was standing. John looked up towards the source of the magic attack and saw Robert.

"Hey! Watch where you're blasting that!"

The War Mage scratched his head and bowed slightly in apology. But it was that moment of distraction that caused Robert to suffer a deep slash wound. As the War Mage collapsed, his back revealing a deep wound, John grabbed his weapons and rushed to Robert's aid. The Greedy Goblin Thief that wounded the War Mage raised its blade up for the kill. However, it was not successful as John tackled the goblin, knocking it away from the wounded man. A loud crack could be heard as both man and monster crashed into the ground. Luckily, it was the goblin who had broken its bone and not the young Shadow Walker. Seeing the goblin writhe in pain, John glanced behind him to check up on Robert. It seemed that the wounded War Mage had drank a healing potion as he was back on his feet in a matter of seconds.

John turned towards the injured goblin and ended its miserable life with a swift slash to the neck. Then, he surveyed the ongoing battle and attempted to determine whether he and his party could win against the numbers. Currently, while the goblins had lost over 40 of their numbers, there were no casualties within his group. Naturally, the members of the raiding group were of higher level than John and they could each take on three to four goblins at a time with no problem, making them feel dependable. John smiled with confidence knowing that he can freely attack the goblins without worry about whether or not an enemy would attack him from behind. The young Shadow Walker sneered towards a Greedy Goblin Thief in front of him and charged. The startled goblin reached into its pocket and pulled out a smoke bomb. However, before the goblin could throw the smoke bomb, John had already thrust out his sword. With a ripping slash, he hacked off the goblin's arm.

The Greedy Goblin Thief roared and swung its blade towards its enemy; however, John wasn't there. Having guessed what the goblin would do next, the young Shadow Walker decisively rolled to the side of the goblin. Upon rising from his tumble, John slashed up and nearly split the green monster in half. After killing the Greedy Goblin Thief, he set his eyes on another enemy. It was another Greedy Goblin Thief. John dashed towards it with his blade raised when...pain...searing pain. A stray ice spell accidentally smashed into him, rapidly freezing his side and causing severe frostbite. This attack was Icy Grasp - one of the War Mage's Tier One skills! Luckily, the attack skimmed him...if it had hit him directly, he would be encased in ice. John winced in pain as he looked sorrowfully towards the caster. It was a female War Mage who went by the name of Karen. She had seen her ice attack hit John and was looking very sorry about it. She kept bowing her head in apology and didn't pay attention to the battles around her. John suddenly caught sight of a Greedy Goblin sneaking up on her. With its club raised, the goblin swung at the unsuspecting girl. John winced in pain as he threw his dagger towards the goblin. Karen, thinking that John was angry at her and threw the dagger at her as payback, screamed in fright and squatted down with her eyes closed. Only when she had heard a thud following by a screech did she opened her eyes. She saw a goblin behind her, John's dagger sticking out of its head. She had mistaken John. The female War Mage glanced towards the young Shadow Walker appreciatively and reached over to retrieve the dagger.

As soon as John threw the dagger, he could feel his side split open from the excessive movement and blood began to leak out. He reached into his bag and quickly drank an small health potion. Immediately after he finished the potion, the Greedy Goblin Thief in front of him had scrambled to its feet and cowardly ran away. John grunted in disgust and hurled the empty potion bottle at the goblin. The glass bottle shattered upon impact and the pieces embedded themselves into the goblin. The projectile had slowed down the goblin slightly, bringing John enough time to catch up. The young Shadow Walker appeared before the goblin and kicked it between its legs. Squelching sounds were heard as the goblin widened its eyes in pain before fainting from shock. The young Shadow Walker walked up to the unconscious goblin and pierced its heart.

While he was wiping his sword, he heard a scuffle behind him. John turned around and hacked with his sword only to see Karen. The young Shadow Walker nearly strained himself trying to stop his swing. He glanced at the young War Mage and asked her what she wanted. Karen timidly bowed her head and apologized for the earlier accident. Then, she handed John his dagger back and hurried off to rejoin the battle. John gazed at the retreating figure and shrugged with indifference. What he didn't realize was that Karen had already formed a certain type of emotion towards him that could later on evolve into something more intimate...that was if he played his cards right. But this type of future seemed grim for the clueless young Shadow Walker as he rushed off towards a Greedy Goblin.

The Greedy Goblin before him was currently prying away a dagger from the corpse of a Greedy Goblin Thief and did not realize until it was too late that John was aiming for it. With a fierce thrust, John unleashed his main attack - Piercing Strike - and punctured the goblin's heart. As the goblin shivered before becoming motionless, John kicked the Greedy Goblin off of his sword. While he wiped away the blood from his sword, the young Shadow Walker looked behind him at the raging battle and searched for the next opponent. Suddenly, an intense pain erupted from his thigh. He glanced down and gaped with shock. The Greedy Goblin...it wasn't dead? How can that be? John had penetrated the goblin's chest and punctured its heart. How can it still move? Was this some sort of magic? As the goblin slashed with its dagger, John realized that it wasn't the time to ponder on such things and raised his dagger up to parry the attack. The young Shadow Walker did not want to waste any more time and decided to end it. He swiftly brought up his sword and, with a mighty stroke, beheaded the goblin.

Once he killed the monster, curiosity overtook him and he approached the green corpse for a closer look. After analyzing and dissecting the goblin, he realized that its heart was on the opposite side. This was a rare case of Dextrocardia - something that would happen to one person for every million. To think that even a goblin could suffer such a heart condition. With his curiosity satisfied, John did not dwell on the matter any longer and headed towards the frontlines of the battle. The young Shadow Walker pounced straight forward with his sword held like a lance and speared an unsuspecting Greedy Goblin. The sword pierced into the goblin's chest and dealt a critical of 97 damage. Not wanting to make the same mistake even though the chances of another Dextrocardia were slim, John withdrew the sword and spun around. The momentum of his spin doubled the power behind his swing as he cleanly beheaded the goblin, cutting through bone and all.

The young Shadow Walker continued to fight and the enemies continued to diminish. After roughly ten to fifteen minutes later, the goblins have been nearly wiped out. There were still about 12 goblins left including a powerful level 6 Greedy Goblin Warlock. As for his party, three members - a Justicar and two Frost Knights - had retreated due to severe wounds and lack of small healing potions. Robert had retreated as well in order to check up on the three wounded adventurers. The rest of the group - John, Karen, Newman the Inquisitor, and Granger the Flame Warden - remained to take care of the remaining enemies. Karen and Newman decided to handle the warlock and three of the Greedy Goblins. The rest were split between John and Granger. The young Shadow Walker nodded in agreement with the decision and rushed towards one of the goblins - a Greedy Goblin Thief. Unfortunately, the goblin saw through his ambush and screeched for help. Soon, another two Greedy Goblin Thieves ran to its aid. John looked to Granger for help but luck was not on his side. The Flame Warden was surrounded by five Greedy Goblins and thus couldn't spare any energy to aid John.

The young Shadow Walker grimaced slightly as he circled towards the nearest Greedy Goblin Thief. He swiftly slashed out his sword but was parried. It seemed that this level 5 Greedy Goblin Thief was battle-hardened. It won't be simple to defeat this type of enemy. Suddenly, two puffs sounded out as a thick smoke surrounded John. He rubbed his teary eyes and coughed a couple of times. In the moment of distraction, the disappeared goblins took this chance to launch a counterattack. Although John could not see the incoming attacks, the months of training he had accumulated with Daedalus coupled with the experience he obtained through battling allowed him to roughly sensed that something dangerous was coming towards his way. John reacted on his hunch and rolled forward, dodging both knife attacks. As soon as he completed his roll, instinct took over once again and he quickly reacted against another knife attack. This time the attack came from the level 5 Greedy Goblin Thief in front of him. John rolled to the right and scrambled to his feet. The young Shadow Walker lunged forward without giving the Greedy Goblin Thief any time to pull back.


The sword attack would have been fierce if not for the fact that John swung from an unstable position. Nevertheless, he was able to hack off the Greedy Goblin Thief's extended arm. John raised his sword up once more for another slash when he saw two glints of light flashing at the corner of his eye. The young Shadow Walker rolled behind the wounded Greedy Goblin Thief and grabbed it by the neck. With a grunt, John lifted up the goblin and hurled it towards the two flickers. The goblin crashed into the owners of the two glimmers of light and knocked both of them out. The wounded goblin shrieked with pain and revealed two knives embedded into its body. Using this instant of diversion, John lunged forward and thrust out his sword.

"Piercing Strike!" John roared as he saw his sword slid into the goblin.

The goblin struggled for a few seconds before limping on the sword. The weight of the corpse forced John to lower his sword. As the goblin slid off the blade, John glanced at the two dazed Greedy Goblin Thieves. They seemed to still be in a dazed state but there were signs of movement from the goblins as if they were struggling to regain their senses. Not wanting to give them the chance to recover, John lunged at the two Greedy Goblin Thieves and beheaded them. After making short work of the two Greedy Goblin Thieves, John looked over to where the others were. Karen and Newman have already killed off the small fries and were currently barbecuing the Greedy Goblin Warlock. The young Shadow Walker turned his gaze to Granger who seemed to be holding up well against the Greedy Goblins. All of a sudden, John furrowed his eyebrows. While Granger was distracted with the four Greedy Goblins in front of her, she did not notice the Greedy Goblin sneaking up from behind.

John reached into his knapsack and pulled out a barbed net. With an accurate throw, he ensnared the goblin, knocking it to the ground and trapping it in place. Granger heard the thudding noise behind her and quickly turned her head for a glance. When she saw the entrapped goblin, she nodded in appreciation before refocusing on her opponents. As she forcefully pushed the Greedy Goblins away from the netted goblin, John rushed towards the goblin and unleashed a Piercing Strike through one of the holes. Unfortunately, he was unable to deal a fatal attack. As John pulled out the sword from the screaming goblin, it suddenly thrust out its club and bonked the young Shadow Walker in the knee with an attack of its own. John winced in slight discomfort and pierced his sword once again. This time, he was able to puncture the enemy's throat. With a sharp wrench, John killed the Greedy Goblin. Afterwards, he unraveled the corpse and retrieved the barbed net. Carefully, he wrapped up the net and stored it into his bag.

John looked up and surveyed the situation at hand. The War Mage - Robert - had returned from healing the three wounded members of the group and was currently helping Granger finish off the four Greedy Goblins. Karen and Newman had just about finished with the Greedy Goblin Warlock as well. Once all of the goblins in the area were killed, the party began looting the corpses and searching the area for any treasure. A total of roughly 10,000 silver coins were either found or looted. As per agreement with the dividing of loot, if the team were to encounter a situation that required all members to participate, each adventurer would get an equal share of the accumulated treasure. Thus, from the 10,000 silver coins, John received a little more than 1,300 coins. Once they finished dividing the loot, they headed towards the entrance of the tunnels. It was time to leave. The party headed to the inn to report back to Colette of their successes. Upon arrival, Colette greeted the tired adventurers with a bright smile and a tray of cold ale.

"Great work, you guys! Thanks for the help. Hopefully those goblins will stop raiding my larder and cutting into my profits! With those bastards gone, the customers will start coming back in no time."

John and the others each received a tankard of ale and drank the contents deeply. With a loud "puuaahh," Robert saluted, "You're welcome Colette. It's the least we can do in return for the great food you provided us these past few days. If you have any other grievances, just say the word and we'll come to your aid."

"Haha, that's good to hear. I do have some information to tell you. Be on the lookout for blue banners flying in the skies in different locations of the continent. They are recruiting spots for raids nearby like the one you did for the Gobblin' Goblins raid. You can assist the other adventurers and earn Valor in order to purchase new and better equipment. Different levels of Valor will be earned with respect to different levels of difficulty."

"Really? That's great. Thanks for the information!" Karen cheerfully beamed with a frothy mustache on her lip. When she realized it, she wiped her mouth in embarrassment and shyly stole a glance towards John. However, she was a bit disappointed when she saw that the young Shadow Walker wasn't paying attention to her.

"Yea." Colette affirmed as she retrieve the empty tankards and handed out a bag to each of the adventurers, "Here's your payment - 5 gold coins, 600 silver coins, and 1 medium energy potion."

Once the group had drunk the ale and received the payment, they left the building. At the entrance of the inn, the group bid their farewells and walked their separate paths. Newman, Granger, and three others decided to head north as there were news of recruitment for a raid against a Rath'een base. Robert and Karen, as it turned out, were fraternal twins who took up adventuring to pay for their sick mother's medication bills. They quickly said their goodbyes to John as well and headed home. Once he bid the others goodbye, the young Shadow Walker decided to visit the Training Hall.
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Re: Shadow Walker: a fanfic

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Chapter 13 - Preparations

"Oh? John, it seems you have leveled up once more! Congratulations! From now on, you can be considered a true adventurer - a Journeyman of the Realm!" Daedalus praised upon seeing John.

The young man looked up in surprise and quickly checked his status. Indeed, it was as his old mentor had said. He had leveled up to level 5. However, what caught his eye was not the fact that he had leveled up, but rather that there was a new slot under his name. It read: Title(s) - Goblin Killer, Journeyman of the Realm. John scratched his head as he viewed the new text in wonder.

"Daedalus, what is this 'Title' below my name mean?"

"Oh, 'Title' is a form of identification that displays the achievement or achievements you have accomplished. For instance, the Journeyman of the Realm title can only be granted to those who have reached level 5."

"I see. Then, what does this Goblin Killer Title mean?"

"What?! You have another Title already?"


"Amazing. Oh, yes...Goblin Killer...this Title is usually granted to someone who has killed over twenty-five goblins. I heard from Colette that you went on a raid against some goblins. I bet that's where you earned your Title."

"I see. Are there any benefits for receiving these Titles?"

"Other than recognition...not much. Oh, you do receive some silver and Hero Tokens, but the amount isn't significant. By the way, for the two Titles you earned, here are 350 silver coins and 35 Hero Tokens."

"Ah, thanks."

"Well, don't feel bad. Fame is also an important aspect of an adventurer's life."

John nodded his head before asking Daedalus if there were any new skills he could learn since he had leveled up. The old trainer patted the young man's back and told him that although there were no new skills to be learned, he could spare a few days to train John and help him sharpen his skills and senses. Though John's mastery over his skills had somewhat saturated over the course of his battles, any increase no matter how small was still considered a valuable increase. And so, the young Shadow Walker agreed to his old mentor's proposal and followed him to the sparring yard. Like always, they would first spar with each other in order for Daedalus to get a good impression of John's strengths and weaknesses as those were subject to change after each battle John had gone through.

"Good! Good!" The old trainer praised once he saw John's attentiveness during battle as well as his heightened reflexes and usage of the Ensnare skill. "Your senses are impressive! If I did not know that you were only a level 5, I would have thought that you were around level 7!"

"Thank you for the compliment."

"Your reflexes and your attentiveness during the fight were well honed...different from last time's spar. Was this the result of the raid?"

As soon as John heard this comment, he immediately thought back to the female War Mage who had accidentally wounded him with a stray Icy Grasp. He thought about the clumsy cuteness the young girl had displayed while she apologized to him. A smile danced along his lips.

"What are you grinning about?" Daedalus broke John's daze.

"Ah, yea, I had to avoid a couple of stray attacks."

"Really? Yea, you'll experience these kind of things during team or group battles. Anyhow, I think I know what to improve."

The old trainer pointed out John's shortcomings and where to develop. Then, he told the young man what he needed to do in order to advance his physical prowess and eliminate those shortcomings. Daedalus finished his lecture by handing over a list of exercises John should do in order to improve his fitness.

"Do these exercises for a few days and make sure you don't overexert yourself, okay?"

"Yes sir."

"Oh, by the way, can you visit Majerio and ask him if the explosives are completed?"

"Majerio? Explosives? No problem, I'll head over there now."

"Alright, thanks."


"Welcome to Majerio's Shop...oh it's you." the skinny shop owner beamed professionally when he heard the bell ring from the door.

"What? Am I not welcome?" John stopped abruptly, his brows shook slightly.

"No, that's not what I mean. What can I help you today?"

"How are the explosives? You finished making them yet?"

"Soon. I'll be finished in a day or two. Don't worry about it. I'll send them over to Daedalus the second they're done."


"Oh, I heard you went raiding. How did it go?"

"It went well, which reminds me...can I look at your sigils? I want to know if I have enough Squire's Valor." John pulled out an oval-shaped copper token engraved with a flowery pattern.

"Sure, follow me." Majerio strolled deeper into the shop and approached a small counter. He opened the lid of the counter and pulled out a box. "This here are all the sigils that require Squire's Valor. They are known as Squire's Sigils and can permanently increase your stamina by 2."

"Can I buy more than one?"

"No, once you buy one, that's it. There won't be anymore beneficial increases if you buy another. It would just be a waste of Valor."

"Okay." John peered into the box and gasped at the price. "300 Squire's Valor!? I only have 20. How many more raids must I complete in order to reach 300? You sure this is a good price?"

"Yea, remember you'll be permanently increasing your stamina by 2. This is a good deal in any one's opinion."

"Hmm...if you say so."

"Naturally. You looking to buy anything today?"

John paused for a bit before making up his mind. "Let me look at some new armor."

"Okay, follow me. Since you have leveled up to level 5, you are now able to purchase Tier Two equipment. These are the armor under the Acolyte set. You can check out the obvious increases in Defense with respect to the armor under the Glenfort set."

John reached over and picked up an Acolyte Mask. The hard, tough leather helmet seemed to provide better resistance against attacks compared to the flimsy Glenfort Helm he was currently wearing...an increase of 8 Defense points to be exact. Now 8 points of Defense doesn't seem to be much, but one should know that each point increase in Defense was equivalent to 5 points increase in Health. In other words, an increase in 8 Defense points was equal to an increase in 40 Health points! As the young Shadow Walker examined the equipment, he suddenly gasped at the price. 933 silver coins! That was more than eight times the price of the Tier One helmet! John checked the prices of the other Acolyte armor and couldn't help but sigh at the expensive prices. An Acolyte Cuirass costs 1866 silver, a pair of Acolyte Gloves costs 746 silver, a pair of Acolyte Leggings costs 1306 silver, a pair of Acolyte Shoes costs 746 silver, and an Acolyte Cape costs 1119 silver. Each of these Tier Two equipment were 8-10 times that of Tier One.

John glanced at the helmet in his hands once more and pondered about whether or not he should buy the helmet. He checked the amount of silver coins in his possession and confirmed that he had a little less than 6000 silver coins. Not enough to buy the whole Acolyte set, but enough to buy most of the armor. What should he buy? The leg armor and the chest armor were a given as John had suffered many attacks in those areas. But what about the others? Just with the leg armor and the chest armor would cost more than half of his savings. Should he give up on armor and buy Tier Two Weapons instead? After some careful consideration, he decided to keep using his Tier One Weapons and buy all of the Acolyte armor except for the cape. Currently, John considered the cape to be useless and feared that it would prove to be a hindrance in battle. And so, with around 400 silver coins left in his pocket, John headed to the Temple in his new outfit.


"Hello John, it's been a while. How have you been? How's the war?" Allegra asked while she healed a couple of wounded villagers.

"Good, good. Soon, we will deal a huge blow to the Rath'een army." The young Shadow Walker smiled as he held up his hand, indicating that he wanted 5 small healing potions.

The priestess smiled and motioned for him to wait outside while she entered the Temple to retrieve the potions. Quite a few minutes later, longer than what should be needed, Allegra walked out with a slight frown.

"Is something wrong? Did you run out of potions?" John asked worriedly. These five potions were vital for his upcoming ventures into the tunnels.

"No, sorry for my look. Here are your potions." Allegra shook her head and handed the five potions over to John. However, her frown continued to persist while she stared into the distance as if deeply thinking about a problem.


"Hmm? Huh? What?"

"How much for these?"

"Ah, sorry. Um, 375 silver."

"Okay, here." The young man reached into his bag and counted out three pouches of 100 silver and a pouch of 75 silver coins. As he looked at the priestess, he asked her if there were anything troubling her.

Allegra broke out of her daze and grabbed the money. "Oh, it's just that...it's just that.... Ah! Can you help me?"

"Sure! I mentioned this earlier but if you have some trouble and it's within my power, I will definitely help you."


"So, what's the trouble?"

"It's about the materials you brought over last time...."

"What? Was there something missing?"

"Eh? No! Heavens no! You did a splendid job bringing them back...it's just...it's just that even with those materials, we're still running short on some basic ingredients to create our elixirs."

"I see. Must be hard on you."

"Yea, keeping the Temple up and running can be a difficult endeavor. Thank you for helping us before."

"No problem. Speak. What do you need me to do?"

Allegra straightened her back and eloquently proclaimed. "Should you find yourself in The Pit within the Cursed Quarry, we - the Temple - would be most appreciative if you could find us five Savage Wolf fangs."

"Was it necessary to talk like that?" John chuckled when he saw Allegra's actions.

The priestess blushed, "What do you mean? Of course I should act more professionally when giving out quests."

"Haha, but yea.... Anyways, Savage Wolf...fangs? What do you need animal teeth for? What potion would these be used for?"

"That...trade secret." Allegra beamed secretively and stuck her tongue out at John.

"You...fine, I won't delve deeper. Is that all you need?"


"How pressing of an issue is this? I'm not sure if I'll be going to the Cursed Quarry anytime soon."

"Oh, not pressing at all. We do need it by the end of this year however. Don't worry about it. Take your time."

"Then, wait for me. I'll be sure to send some when I given the chance."

John bid the priestess farewell and headed back to the Training Hall. Once he arrived, the young man told his mentor that the explosives will be completed and delivered to the Training Hall in a couple of days. After reporting the situation, John headed home. It had been a few months since he last returned to his house. He tiredly changed into something comfortable and quickly whipped up a sumptuous dinner - three cheese and sausage sandwiches and a pot of warm chicken vegetable broth. It has been a while since he last indulged himself with a full meal. After eating, he collapsed onto his soft bed and fell asleep. As he drifted towards the dream world, an unsettling feeling ached at the back of his mind. But, John ignored that feeling as fatigue overwhelmed him and he finally fell asleep. Whatever that bad feeling was, John will never find out until he felt it once more, but he won't be sure when that will happen.
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Chapter 14 - Enemies in the Tunnels

After a few days of training and relaxing at home, John had almost reverted back to his normal life as a villager. However, that short period of peace was interrupted as he received a package and a message from his master. The young man held the letter in his hands and read the contents.

John, we cannot wait a moment longer. The Rath'een army will relentlessly continue their attacks unless we can cripple their path into the village, and the only way we'll be able to do that is by destroying their tunnels once and for all. Majerio had just finished creating the explosives. There are four of them in the package. It is time to act. I will take my warriors outside the village and create a diversion - it should give you just enough time to get into the tunnels, set the explosives, and escape. Be careful, John, and good luck!

- Daedalus

John trembled slightly when he finished. The explosives were finished. It was time to set off. Without a word, he quickly packed some necessities along with the packaged explosives into his bag and equipped his armor. He pulled out his weapons to check their conditions before nodding in satisfaction. With the sword sheathed at his side and the dagger hidden behind his back, John hurried towards the designated area - the Deep Rath'een Tunnels.



"What is that smell? Ugh!" John grimaced as he entered the main tunnel and was immediately assaulted by a horrendous stench.

A lingering putrid odor, caused by the mixture of sweat and excrement exuded by the number of Rath'een warriors that had passed through the tunnels, filled the place. Not to mention, the natural heat of the earth had accentuated the smell to whole new level. This stink was so terrible that even a Rath'een would grimace from a whiff. It had been only a few minutes since John had entered the Deep Rath'een Tunnels, yet he felt that he had suffocated to death a couple of times. After a few more minutes, he finally could not stand the reeking odor. Immediately, John turned tail and bolted out of the tunnel. As he collapsed in front of the entrance, he greedily gulped down some fresh air. When his senses recovered, John realized that he must reenter. Just thinking about that caused him to shudder. The young Shadow Walker did not want to enter once again, however, he knew that he had a mission to accomplish and everyone fighting outside the village was depending on the task completion.

John swallowed hard and steeled his mind. He reached into his bag and pulled out a handkerchief. After wetting it with some water, he tied the cloth around his face. He had heard that a wet cloth could be used to block out smoke from being inhaled. Could this method also be used for smells? Well, he'll find out soon enough. With a deep breath, he ventured into the tunnel once more. Not even a minute has passed before John dove out of the tunnel, his eyes bulged as he struggled to rip away the cloth. Once he successfully pulled the wet cloth down, he coughed fiercely and gasped for air. The wet cloth method did not help at all. After his breath stabilized, John collapsed on the ground and laid there with a sulking expression. What can he do now? The odor was too powerful to resist. Just a whiff of it could make his head spin in agony as if he was poisoned...wait...poisoned? That's it!

John reached into his bag and pulled out a potion. The potion contained a light blue liquid with a viscosity like water. This potion was known as a Cleansing Potion. He had bought one just in case as he heard that the potion could remove up to three negative buffs. Should he drench the cloth with the potion so that it would act as a filter? But what if it doesn't work? After all, this cost as much as a full heal from Allegra. Should he risk it...or....

"No...there's nothing else I can do. Daedalus and the rest are waiting for my success. I must do this. I must risk it!"

John crumbled up the handkerchief and emptied the potion onto the cloth. Once the liquid had evenly spread throughout the fabric, the young Shadow Walker tied it over his face. He glanced at the tunnel entrance once more and entered. John walked for a while and thought that there wasn't anything wrong. However, it was then that he realized that he was holding his breath. He clenched his jaws and inhaled. Oh! There was no smell! It worked! The potion had cleansed the smell. John laughed as his motivation increased. He unsheathed his sword, held up his torch, and confidently explored the tunnel.


A few days ago....

"So what do we have to do once Majerio completed the explosives?" John asked Daedalus one day while they were sparring.

"One of my scouts came back from the tunnels with information that the main tunnel connects to a large cavern which leads to three other smaller tunnels. Once Majerio finished making the bombs, we need to set them in each of the three tunnels and blow them up." The old trainer replied as he dodged a swing from John's wooden sword.

"I see."

"Oh, and make sure you save some explosives for the main tunnel as well. We don't want to leave that open."


"Don't forget. There may be some Rath'een guards patrolling in those tunnels. Do not let your guard down...like here!"

Daedalus swept his training sword at John's legs, intending on tripping him. However, John deftly reacted to the attack with a kick. As he kicked the sword away, he spun around and held his sword at his master's neck.

"I know. I won't do something inexperienced like that."

"Good. Good! Well done."



John was standing at the end of the main tunnel. The information Daedalus received from his scouts were correct. At the end of the tunnel, a relatively large cavern with stalactites at random points on the ceiling displayed before him. At the opposite end of the cavern were three tunnels, each lit up with torches. All he had to do was simply walk to the tunnels and set up the explosives. Easy, right? Well, it would have been if not for the Rath'een warriors on guard. There were five Rath'een enemies resting near a tent - one Rath'een Warlock, one Rath'een Brawler, and three normal Rath'een warriors. Judging by their auras, it seemed that the Rath'een Warlock was the strongest of the bunch with a level of four while the rest are at level 3. In the past, John would recklessly charge at the five enemies but now he had more experience. Now, he knew that it would be foolish and dangerous of him to charge against these opponents. Thus, John decided to wait. Sooner or later, some of these enemies might leave and the remaining warriors would be just enough for him to handle. And so, he put out his torch so to prevent the enemies from detecting him and waited. Around half an hour later, two of the normal Rath'een warriors deviated from the rest and headed towards the middle tunnel while the Rath'een Warlock entered the tent. Upon seeing this change, John raised his alertness and drew out his dagger.

He slowly crept towards the tent from behind and stabbed open a small hole. He peered inside and saw that the Rath'een Warlock had fell asleep. This was a good chance. With the Rath'een Warlock's guard lowered, John will be able to quickly kill it. He tiptoed to the side of the tent and peered at the remaining two enemies. They had their backs turned towards the tent. As for the other two normal Rath'een warriors, it seemed that they had already entered the middle tunnel. With such luck on his side, John did not waste this chance. He quickly sneaked to the entrance of the tent and slipped in. As he entered through the flaps of the tent, he glanced at the enemies outside once more before turning around.

"Good. It's still asleep. Hehe, this bastard won't know what hit him." John spun his sword around so that tip was pointed at the sleeping Rath'een Warlock.

He held onto the sword with both hands in order to steady himself. With a glint in his eye, the young warrior plunged his sword into the Rath'een Warlock, dealing a Piercing Strike worth almost half of its health. The enemy screamed as blood squirted out from its wound. The Rath'een Warlock, even though it was in pain, was still able to concentrate enough to fire a Frostbite at its attacker. Luckily, John saw the attack coming and back flipped out of the way. The ice magic attack blasted out of the tent. While the Rath'een Warlock struggled to its feet, John lunged forward with a sharp kick to the face. As the Rath'een jerked its head back and revealed its neck, the young Shadow Walker dashed in front of the enemy and pulled out his knife. With a swift slash, the Rath'een Warlock collapsed onto the ground, blood pouring out of a gaping wound. John did not waste any time as he pulled out his sword from the corpse and spun around, just in time to meet the charging tackle of the Rath'een Brawler. Having heard the screams of the Rath'een Warlock coupled with the Frostbite that came flying out from the top of the tent, both Rath'een guards understood what was happening. There was an intruder in their midst! The Rath'een Brawler dashed into the tent and saw John slice open the Rath'een Warlock. Anger flared in its eyes as it charged towards the young Shadow Walker with its hands raised, intending to tackle.

However, the Rath'een Brawler underestimated John's reaction speed as the young warrior spun around and leaped forward. The young Shadow Walker hopped onto the diving Rath'een Brawler and, using its face as a stepping stone, flipped over to the normal Rath'een warrior by the tent's entrance. The young man pierced his sword towards the surprised Rath'een, dealing 71 damage points. Before the Rath'een warrior could scream in pain, John whipped out his knife and tore away its throat. As the Rath'een warrior crumbled, a whooshing sound alerted the young man. He reflexively brought up his arms to block and was blown out of the tent by a powerful Tail Whip. As John flew in the air, he expertly twisted his body so that he would land on his feet. Using the momentum of the unstable landing, the young warrior lunged forward with a fierce Piercing Strike. The Rath'een Brawler held up one of its arms to guard and swung its other arm with a hook. Both warriors' attacks landed in a fierce display of cross counter. The brutal Swipe stunned John, causing him to lose his grip on his sword. The young Shadow Walker staggered back and shook himself awake. He looked up just in time to see the Rath'een Brawler pull out the embedded sword and threw it at him. The young warrior flung himself to the ground, barely dodging the flying blade. While on the ground, he launched himself forward and headbutted the Rath'een Brawler in the stomach. As the Rath'een keeled over, John kneed it in its face, blowing its head back with such force that a sharp crack could be heard. The Rath'een Brawler spewed out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, its neck clearly snapped into pieces.

John sighed with exhaustion after murdering the three enemies. The young man swiftly searched through the bodies and looted anything valuable and easy to carry. As he pocketed the valuables, he recalled about the two Rath'een warriors who left earlier and wondered if they were back or not. John peeked out through the tent and when he didn't see anyone, he pushed the flaps away and stepped out. Those two normal Rath'een soldiers must have went to get reinforcements. They will be back for sure. John decided that he should enter the middle tunnel and intercept them before they could call on any support. With his next course of action confirmed, John rushed into the middle tunnel. Luckily, the tunnel was well lit so he did not have to bring his own torch. It would be terrible if the Rath'een warriors turned around and saw the flickering movements of his torch. Anyways, as John sped through the tunnel, he noticed some faint noises. It was Ratspeak - the common language of the Rath'een Horde. He must be close! John quickly decelerated to a slow pace so that the enemies could not detect his footsteps. As he approached the sound, he caught sight of the two enemies before him. They were leisurely walking with their weapons sheathed and their heads facing forward. The Rath'een warriors would sometimes face each other when speaking but they never bothered to turn around. When John noticed this behavior, he began to gradually creep up on the two unsuspecting enemies.

"Chiezit Sef, wii (1)? One of the Rath'een complained as it spat out a blob of mucus.

"Sswu kii. Zhe ki-ang (2)." The other Rath'een warned as it looked at its companion disapprovingly.

"P-Ppu (3)...."

"Hisswu, szze Sef (4). Sef chii kii (5)."

"Keh (6). Szze (7)! Kii chim (8)."

"Shh! Siiiii (9)?"

The Rath'een warriors suddenly stopped as they heard a distinct shuffling behind them. Their hands reached for their weapons as they slowly pulled out their knives. Immediately, they spun around and screeched an ear-piercing warcry. Their knives shot forth towards the source of the sound. But their enemy, John, was prepared. He had already thrust his sword towards the closest Rath'een. Due to the differences in weapon length, the young Shadow Walker was able to land a Piercing Strike first and critically wound the Rath'een warrior. The level 3 Rath'een clutched its bloody injury and collapsed dead. John let go of his sword and swung his knife upwards, clashing into the incoming knife and parrying it away. The Rath'een, upon seeing its attack fail, threw its knife at John and charged. It latched itself on John's shoulders and aimed at his neck with a fierce Bite. However, John had expected this move the moment it climbed on top of him. He raised his arm up and blocked the bite with his armguard. As the rat bastard held on with its teeth, the young warrior grabbed the Rath'een by its clothes and flung it over his shoulder. The Rath'een warrior crashed into the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood and spittle. The heavy toss had managed to damage some of its internal organs. With its vitality diminished, the Rath'een struggled to its feet. However, John tripped it with a leg sweep and straddled on top of the Rath'een. He cracked his knuckles a few times as he grinned menacingly at the rat beastman. With fists raised, the young Shadow Walker began pummeling.

Tens of punches later, John grabbed the half-conscious Rath'een by the neck and placed it under a chokehold. As the Rath'een warrior struggled to breathe, John tightened his grip and twisted sharply. A resounding crack echoed within the tunnel. With a sharp turn, John had broken the Rath'een's neck. The Rath'een warrior flailed for a couple of seconds before going limp. Only after John had made sure that the enemy in his arms was truly dead did he release his hold. The young warrior retrieved his weapons and looted the corpses. Once he pocketed a pouch of money, he headed back to where he came from. It was time to blow up the tunnels. He cannot waste any more time as time was of the essence. John exited out of the middle tunnel and began installing the explosives at the entrances of the three tunnels. Minutes later, he stood at the opposite end of the large cavern, a yarn connected to the explosives at his feet. He walked up to a lit torch and borrowed some fire. John approached the yarn on the floor and bent down to light it up. Suddenly, a loud earth-shaking roar of anger erupted from within the tunnels. John looked up in surprise as he saw a huge Rath'een barrel out of the middle tunnel.

The man-sized Rath'een warrior glared at John with its angry red eyes and bellowed in awkward human tongue, "Despicable human! Die!"


1) Escort Boss, why

2) We low ones. No complain

3) B-But

4) Slow, anger boss

5) Boss kill we

6) Kuh

7) Anger

8) We dirt

9) What was that/What/Hmmm
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Re: Shadow Walker: a fanfic

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Sorry for the late update, I was busy with my other novels and job training.
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Re: Shadow Walker: a fanfic

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I thought Rath'een spoke Common.
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Re: Shadow Walker: a fanfic

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Chapter 15 - Enraged Rath'een Berserker

John glared at the enraged Rath'een before him. This new enemy looked different from all the other Rath'een warriors he had encountered thus far. The Rath'een was at least five feet tall with a burly and powerful built. On its body are blue tribal tattoos that gave a certain shamanistic aura about it. John couldn't help but feel uncomfortable at the sight of the tattoos as if the markings were making the Rath'een seem more dangerous than it already was. What was noticeable about this Rath'een that differed from the other Rath'een warriors was that this Rath'een had long sharp protruding fangs and blood red eyes. It was as if this Rath'een had gone berserk.

The Rath'een glared at the young Shadow Walker and snorted, "Tsil-es zuhnk (1)! For killing my brethren, you will die!"

The enraged Rath'een rushed towards John. It raised its two-handed bloodied stone axe and beheaded the young warrior...or so it thought. John dodged the horizontal sweep by a hairbreadth and tumbled back in order to put some distance between them. As he got up, he threw a barbed net at the level 5 Rath'een, ensnaring it in its place. However, the berserker forcefully tore the net off of it despite the stinging pain from the poisoned barbs. It shook its head fiercely as foam frothed from its mouth. It seemed as if the paralyzing poison had angered it further. The Enraged Rath'een Berserker bellowed some curses in Ratspeak and barreled its way towards the crouched Shadow Walker.

Seeing the charging monster, John reached into his bag and pulled out a handful of caltrops. He had prepared a small container of these hidden weapons beforehand as experience showed him that most of his enemies loved charging towards him. The young warrior tossed the caltrops in front of him and stepped back with his weapons ready. The berserker dashed through the spikes and collapsed. Severe biting pain pierced through its feet, weakening its legs and causing it to lose its balance. As the Rath'een Berserker collapsed, John lunged with his sword like a spear and dealt a piercing 72 damage to it.

However, when he checked the monster's health status, he saw that his most powerful strike could only bring down a small percentage. When John pulled out his sword, he could see that the wound was shallow as a small trickle of blood flowed from the opening. This new type of enemy was really tough. The Enraged Rath'een Berserker roared a deep warcry and swung its axe at John. Luckily, the nimble Shadow Walker rolled to the side and dodged the attack. As he stood up, he suddenly winced in slight discomfort. He reached behind his back and felt a wetness. He was cut...even though he thought he had avoided the attack, he was still cut. Too terrifying!

John turned around to face the Rath'een Berserker. With agility that only Shadow Walkers can have, he flung his dagger at the large monster. The enraged beast crouched immediately, barely dodging the knife. It smirked upon seeing John's failed attack, however, its face fell soon after. John did not depend on his knife to hit. After all, it was only a feint. The real attack came after. While the ratbeast dodged the first attack, John had already appeared in front of it with his leg raised. With a powerful low kick, John blew away the Rath'een's jaw. As its head jolted back, the young Shadow Walker brought down his leg to finish with a swift heel kick.

The Enraged Rath'een Berserker screamed in pain as its dislocated jaw dangled about, spittle and blood flew out of its mouth. It shakily grabbed its jaw and with a fierce jerk, snapped it back in place.

The berserker spat out a glob of blood, "Bastard! Once I get my paws on you...."

"Haha! That's IF you get your hands on me." John interrupted with cold mirth.


The Enraged Rath'een Berserker rushed towards John once more and swung its bloodied axe. As John elegantly hopped back, the monster suddenly let go of its axe. The large stone axe flew at the young Shadow Walker and smashed into his chest. Blood spurted out of his mouth as John tumbled backwards.

The large monster sneered, "Ha! Two can play that game. Just because you can throw your weapon, doesn't mean I couldn't."

Without another word, the Rath'een pounced at John with its claws out. John struggled to his feet as he pushed the heavy axe off of him, but his legs won't budge. Instinctively, he adjusted his sword so that it pointed down and placed its flat side on his arm to serve as a narrow but sturdy shield. He raised his arm up and met the Rath'een's maul. The fierce attack blew back John, causing him to tumble into an earthen wall. John's arm numbed but luckily, with the protection of the sword, it was not broken.

The Enraged Rath'een Berserker sneered as he retrieved his stone axe. He slowly lumbered towards the collapsed Shadow Walker. "Any last words before you die?"

John haplessly looked at the monster glaring down at him. Suddenly, he glanced behind the Rath'een. His face lit up with surprise which quickly changed to joy. The Rath'een Berserker saw John's change in expressions and paused. It couldn't help but think that there was someone behind it. Could it be backup? It spun around quickly and lashed out a fierce axe attack...and missed! Or rather, there was no one behind it in the first place!

"You tricked me!" The Enraged Rath'een Berserker roared as it faced John...only to find him disappeared.

It frantically glanced about, trying to locate the missing human. Unfortunately for it, its senses were clouded due to its enraged status so it could not track John down by smell.

"Where are you! Come out, you cowardly zuhnk!"

"Right here!" John appeared behind the rat-like monster and kicked it between its legs.

As the Rath'een clutched its jewels and fell on its knees, the young man wrapped one of his barbed nets around the monster's neck. John planted one foot on the Rath'een Berserker's back and pulled the net back with all of his might. The Rath'een monster struggled to break free. It flung its axe back, nearly decapitating John. However, John dodged the stray axe throw. Who would have known, however, that when John was dodging the axe, he accidentally loosened his grip on the net. This allowed his enemy to reach back and smacked heavily at John's arm. John grunted after losing 58 health points but he did not let go. Instead, he pulled back even more fiercely. The poisonous barbs dug into the Rath'een's skin, puncturing it and spreading the poison throughout the body.

As the poison began to weaken the Enraged Rath'een Berserker's power, the monstrous beast rammed back. The two warriors crashed onto the ground, one on top of the other. John coughed heavily as the large Rath'een Berserker landed on top of him; his fractured ribs shattered into pieces.

"G-Get off!" John kicked the Rath'een Berserker off of him and proceeded to stab it with his sword.

Despite the pain in his sides, John was still able to deal a critical hit on the enemy. The Enraged Rath'een Berserker reared back and pulled the sword out from its chest. It seemed that John had missed the heart by a centimeter. The monster grunted in discomfort and threw the sword to the side. It lunged at John but the young man quickly rolled to the side. Despite the pain, he struggled to his feet and stepped back a couple of times. From the corner of his eye, he could see the stone axe lying by some loose stones.

John scrambled at the stone axe and tried to lift up the axe. However, he did not expect it to be so heavy. Instead, he scooped up a couple of the nearby stones. With a painful crouch, he positioned himself towards the Rath'een Berserker. Judging by its bulging veins and foaming mouth, the monster had long reached the limit of its rage meter. Anything could offset it. John checked the five stones in his hand and chucked one at the beast. The stone smashed into its body, but it didn't seem to affect the monster. So, John hurled another. This time, he aimed at the Rath'een Berserker's eyes.


A direct hit. The Enraged Rath'een Berserker roared in fury and blindly charged towards John. The young Shadow Walker threw the remaining stones in his hand, egging the monster onwards. Just as it reached within range, John pulled out a handful of caltrops and scattered them before the monster. However, the raging beast did not slow down one bit.

John quickly thought up a solution. He reached into his bag and pulled out the last barbed net he had prepared. With an expert toss, he flung the net at the Rath'een Berserker's legs like a bola trap. Success! The net entangled the monster's legs, causing it to stumble. As the Enraged Rath'een Berserker fell, John heaved the stone axe up. The rat-like monster smashed into the sharp axe, its head split wide open.

Even with such a wound, the Enraged Rath'een Berserker was still moving. With its strong vitality, it struggled fervently. But, in the end, its vitality flowed along with its blood and the Enraged Rath'een Berserker was no more.

After killing the monster, John collapsed onto the floor. He willed his mind awake as he grabbed a healing potion and drank its contents. These healing potions live up to their reputation as John's wounds began to heal. Even the severe wounds like his broken ribs healed within the time it takes to chug a glass of cold ale. Once his wounds closed up and his bones fixed back in place, John retrieved his weapons and began looting the corpse.

"Nice! 918 silver coins...eh? What's this?" As John pocketed the silver coins, a glimmer shone at the corner of his eye.

There, in the gaping Rath'een's head, was a small marble nestled between some brain tissue. John reached in and plucked the marble out, wiping away the blood and gore. Upon closer inspection, the red marble glistened with some kind of aura. What could this be? He couldn't recall reading anything about this nor has he ever heard anyone mention it before. Maybe Daedalus knows. He'll ask the old man once he returns. With a shrug, he placed the marble in his pouch along with his silver coins. Now that John had finished looting the corpse, he stood up and checked the explosives one last time. Then, he lit the yarn and rushed out of the cavern.


Three consecutive explosions could be heard behind John as he dashed through the tunnels. It seemed like the explosives were successfully ignited. John stopped midway and placed the last set of explosives. He stretched out the yarn and ignited it at a safe distance. Then, he hurried out the exit. Upon reaching the exit, a heavy explosion shook the tunnels. John stumbled out just in time as piles upon piles of rubble collapsed, blocking the entrance forever.

John barely escaped from the tunnels before Majerio's explosives were set alight - the ensuing explosions signaling to all in Glenfort that the mission into the Rath'een tunnels had been a resounding success. With the tunnels now blocked off, the invasion finally seemed to be over. Yet John knew better than to celebrate - these Rath'een didn't seem the type to give up that easily.

John dusted himself and, with one last glance at the ruined tunnels, left for the village. Upon arriving at the village's entrance, he met Daedalus along with a few veteran adventurers. Daedalus glanced at John with a nod of satisfaction.

"It seemed like you completed your mission without any problems."

John giggled softly and muttered that it wasn't that easy. "There were some complications, but everything worked out in my favor."

"Good! Those Rath'een bastards won't be coming back into Glenfort anytime soon. Excellent work, John! Here's your reward." Daedalus tossed over a small pouch that contained five gold coins and 600 pieces of silver. "Now, before your training continues, your old friend and mentor at the inn asked me to send you over. Now, don't be fooled by her innkeeper persona. She was and is still actually an experienced Justicar of the highest order. You would be wise to listen to her words."

"Alright. Ah, yes. I do have a question though." John replied as he proceeded to describe the events that took place in the cavern.

"So, you met an Enraged Rath'een Berserker, eh? Now, Rath'een Berserkers in general are tough. I can't imagine what an Enraged Rath'een Berserker would be like. For you to actually defeat one, is a great feat indeed. You mentioned that you found something ball-shaped in the Rath'een's brain?"

"Yea. What is this?" John pulled out the reddish marble and handed it over.

Daedalus gingerly received the object and peered at it studiously. "As I thought...this is an energy core."

"Energy core?"

"Yea. Energy cores are the source of energy within a powerful beast, in this case, the Enraged Rath'een Berserker. They're similar to magic cores except energy cores generate profound energy and strength while magic cores generate magic."

"What are its uses?"

"Hmmm, I don't know. You may want to ask Allegra or Majerio about that. Maybe they know."

"Oh, okay. Thanks!"

"No problem."


"Ah! I do have a task for you, if your interested."

"Oh? What is it?"

"Nothing too difficult. We know that our enemies do not come in waves - they are a flood threatening to drown all that we know. To stand strong before them, we must be tireless! Sigils from Majerio's Shop will increase your energy and stamina, letting you fight longer."

"Sigils? The ones that cost Valor instead of silver?"

"It seems you already know about Valor." Daedalus laughed, "That's good. Then, I don't need to explain it to you."

"I know I can earn Valor through fighting raids. What else can I do to earn Valor?" John asked as he glanced at the adventurers standing after Daedalus.

"Hmm, given your current capabilities, apart from raids, you can also earn Valor by fighting with guilds."

"I see. That makes sense."

"Yea, well, make sure you get one and only one. They don't stack effects so getting more than one of the same kind is both useless and a waste of Valor."

"Okay, no problem. I won't make that mistake."

"Fantastic! Anyways, I got to head back to the frontlines after I restock on necessities. You head over to the inn as soon as possible, okay?"


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Re: [FANFIC]Book of Heroes - Rise of the Shadow Walker

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Chapter 16 - Bandit Quests

Before anything, John decided to head home first and take a well-deserved bath. After killing monsters in a dark and smelly tunnel for a good portion of the day, the young Shadow Walker was covered with blood, gore, and grime. Upon thinking about the warmth of the bath, John couldn't help but skip along the path. Minutes later, he arrived home. With a kick and a flip, he undressed and scurried to his bathtub. John reached over to the side and pulled a lever. Water began to flow out of a metal container and into the bathtub. As the fireplace beneath the tub began to lit up, John took some time to check himself in the mirror.

His body was well-proportioned with honed muscles and tanned skin. Battle scars littered throughout his body, but he did not mind. After all, scars gained in battles could be considered as medals of honor in Glenfort. No one would feel embarrassed about their medals. Even so, John couldn't help but glance at the newly formed scar on his forehead. He received it when he was blown away by the Enraged Rath'een Berserker's axe throw. His forehead accidentally scraped against the rocky wall, causing a laceration. Though the healing potion healed the wound, it was not powerful enough to erase the scar.

Now, John didn't mind displaying his other scars...but the one on his forehead, he just couldn't help but sigh. Who would like someone with a scar on his or her face? Before all of this had started, his unblemished face could swoon a number of village girls. But now? Now, he would be lucky if he could still be able to flirt with one.

The young Shadow Walker shook his head to clear his mind and felt the air around him warm up. He turned towards the bathtub and saw that the water had reached to a boil. Quickly, he put out the fire and waited for the water to cool down a bit. He swished his hand along the water and confirmed that the water was suitable for bathing. Slowly, he eased himself in and with a blissful release, he enveloped himself in the hot water, washing away his fatigue and pains.


After John finished bathing and grabbed a bite to eat, he made his way to the Mucky Duck Inn where Miss Colette was waiting for him. As he approached the inn, though it was late evening, he could still hear the raucous sounds of customers merrily enjoying their late dinners and upbeat music playing in the background. Suddenly, the wooden door of the old inn cracked open allowing just enough room for John to walk through.


The sound of the rusty hinges echoed throughout the inn causing a number of diners to turn and look. When they saw a familiar face, some turned back to their food while others hollered a greeting.

"Hey, John, how're you doing? Is adventuring going well for you?" A gray-beard old man tipped his hat and roared cheerfully.

"Adventuring is fine." John smiled as he gave a slight bow in respect towards the elder. "And hello to you too, Mister Jacob. How's your music business?"

The old man that greeted John was Jacob Collins or Mister Jacob as everyone called him due to his profession. This elder had traveled the continent as a bard, playing and learning heroic songs. After spending nearly twenty years wandering about, he had finally settled down in Glenfort Village, making a business of teaching music to a couple of children. Nowadays, besides teaching, he would spend most of his time playing music to liven up the inn in exchange for hearty meals.

"It's good...it's good. When will you come back and cook for us again? We miss your cooking." Mister Jacob questioned as he glanced about for support.

"Here, here! I agree. Come cook for us instead of adventuring. It's too dangerous out there!" Another person chimed in agreement.

"Maybe another time. When some things settled down, I'll make sure to come and cook for you guys." John laughed as he walked towards the counter.

"Really?" Mister Jacob asked, hope filled his eyes. "Then, I'll wait for that day."

John approached the counter and greeted his previous employer. Innkeeper Colette gave him a toothy grin and remarked. "You're back. I heard your task was successful."


"That's good. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks. Daedalus said you wanted to see me?"

"Ah, yes. I got a task for you."

"What is it?"

The innkeeper twirled her hair for a bit before asking, "Well, first off. How's your training coming along?"

"Um...good? Why are you asking me that?"

"There's a reason. During your training, did Daedalus ever tell you anything about feats of heroism?"

"Feats of heroism? No...."

"That forgetful old man...." Colette muttered under her breath. "Well, that's the reason why I asked you to come here. You see, feats are considered special goals that only adventurers like you can complete."

"Special goals that only adventurers can complete?" John repeated quietly to himself in disbelief.

"Yes. Complete a feat and you can earn Hero Tokens which you can use for training to improve your combat prowess."

"Really? So, does that mean you have a feat for me?"

"Haha, you're quick on the uptake. It's true, I do have a feat for you. I want you to complete the 'Bandit Killer' feat for me as you're out and about running errands for Daedalus. This task is very simple and shouldn't be a problem for someone of your prowess."

"Is that so? Okay, I'll do it."

"Great!" Colette flashed a bright smile once more. "Oh, I see you have equipped yourself with Tier Two armor. But your weapons are still Tier One."

"Yea, I didn't have enough money to buy Tier Two weapons at the time. But, now I do."

"That's good. You should buy them before you take on the feat. Also, I advise you to buy the cape as well."

"Why the cape? Won't it affect my movements if I wore one?"

"It's logical to think that...but the Tier Two cape is no ordinary cape. It can magically boost the user's defense by 37 points. Not to mention, the cape is woven with a special type of cloth that can be used to block certain projectiles."


"Yes! Don't worry about the maneuverability. You can just ask Daedalus for help. He'll teach you how to fight with a cape."

"That's true. I'll take your word for it."

"Naturally. I'm always right."



"Hey, Daedalus! You in?" John called out as he pushed open the doors to the Training Hall.

A voice responded from behind the building, "Over here!"

John circled around the Training Hall and found his old master polishing a set of armor. When Daedalus heard John approach, he set the armor aside and looked up.

"You're here. Is there something you need? More training, perhaps?"

"Yes. I thought about buying a cape for extra defense but I found that wearing a cape could hinder my movements. I heard from Miss Colette that you may have a solution for my problem."

"With a cape, eh? Hmm...indeed I do."

"That's great! Will you teach me?"

"Sure. But, first, you got to buy yourself a cape. Once you do that, then we can talk."

"Alright." John nodded as he rubbed the scar on his forehead. "By the way, I learned about feats from Miss Colette."

"Did you now? That's good. I was going to if she hadn't told you about it. And? Did she give you a feat to do?"

"Yeah. She gave me the 'Bandit Killer' feat."

"Oh? 'Bandit Killer'? Hmmm," The old trainer rubbed his beard as he thought about something, "speaking of bandits, I got a few tasks for you as well."

"Please tell."

"So, I've recently gotten word from the local baron, Lord Vander, that the bandits outside of town are stepping up their attacks on his farmers. I wager if his taxes weren't so outrageous, the bandit problem here in Glenfort wouldn't exist. Regardless, we cannot abide by lawlessness in our lands, and Lord Vander will not accept insubordination. I heard those bandits are all superstitious and carry around lucky coins. If you can bring five of those bandit coins back as proof, I believe Lord Vander will be satisfied and convinced that the problem has been dealt with."

"I heard about this! When I was in the Fallow Fields previously, I overheard some bandits discussing about attacking our village."

"What?! And you didn't think about reporting this to me?"

"Ehm...I-I forgot." John bowed in embarrassment.

As he looked up again, John received a sudden knock to the head. The young man rubbed his head in pain while Daedalus sighed in disappointment.

"Can't be helped. What's passed is passed. All th-...." Before Daedalus could finish his sentence, he halted. His face paled as he thought of something.

John peered at the old trainer curiously. "Is something wrong?"

"Now that I think about it...recently, we've had some issues with locals in the village getting attacked by a group of people dressed up like castle guards. At first, I suspect it to be Lord Vander's doing. But now that I thought about it some more, that may not be the case. Lord Vander may not be the kindest baron in the land, but I doubt he'd stoop that low."

"So, you think it's the bandits?"

"Yea. John, do me a favor. While you're in the village, keep an eye out for them. From past reports, they usually appear near local businesses."

"Will do."

"And remember, if you overhear anything, please make sure to report it to me as soon as possible. Okay?"

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