TVal Event Patch SqRt of Pi REQUEST

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TVal Event Patch SqRt of Pi REQUEST

Postby JasmynthTheEldest » Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:03 pm

1) The manifold issues with the re-tooled event;
2) The community has essentially lost a weekend of the event to these issues;
3) The majority of the issues are recycled ones from previous updates and fixes;
4) The lack of any communication prior to the decision to delay the event;
5) The fact that Venan now plans to give us patch notes (recognition that #4 was a problem);
6) Taken together #3-5 mean that #2 was completely avoidable
7) The delay of the event makes this event only thematically and not temporally related to February 14th;
1) The event should be extended to include another weekend;
2) Given #6 makes any concern about increasing the total number of days the event runs of no consequence (the "you broke it, you have to pay to fix it" argument);
3) Venan should ensure previews of planned events are posted well in advance of said events (time frame measured in weeks, not days);
4) Venan should ensure full details on planned events are posted in a timely manner before event start (measured in days, not hours);
5) The community really needs to see info on any planned "Lucky" tweaks by the time this TVal event ends (the "let's not do this again" argument).

That said, please, player community, let's try to be polite about our frustrations and disappointments. I'm sure Venan recognizes the depth and breadth of the frustration, disappointment, and dissatisfaction, even without our insulting them or each other.

Thank you.
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