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Questline Fellmarsh

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:39 am
by Sir_Thy
Questline Fellmarsh
The Dark Path
- find the path through Fellmarsh
Inherent Knowledge
- find maps and scouting journals
To Fellmarsh
- travel to Fellmarsh
A Stroll In the Swamp
- Kill Rath'een, bogworms, bats in Ferndell Swamp
Retracing Steps
- find scouting Markers
The Resistance
- investigate the safe house
Arcane Guardians
- collect pages of Ember's scouting in Ironhaven Tower
- slay Gatekeepers in Ironhaven Tower
Going Up (8e)
- find way to the top of Ironhaven Tower (Fortitude Gem 4)
Honorable Mention
- search for Lost Dragon Pendants
Resting Place
- collect scraps in Ironhaven Tower
The Silent Partner
- collect plague wolf pelts
Follow the Signs (8e)
- Follow the glues of Titus
Just a Terrible Day
- slay swamp Vipers and Rath'een Goliaths
The Bounty
- slay Rath'een Masters
Paid in Blood (9e)
- Join Kray to slay Rath'een General
- Bring news to Deadalus camp
- find Prison Keys
Devining Truth
- collect Rath'een souls and spirits
Here Stands a Hero
- earn 200 Hero Score (e.g. in Dunia's Meadow
Echoes of War
- steal weapons in The Barrens
Emperor's Decree
- collect intact pages at Ironhaven Tower
Unlocking the Past
- slay Rath'een, Leeches, Vipers
Holding the Line (8e)
- Check the front line, hold off first wave Emperor's offensive (Intelligence Gem 4)
The War Chiefs (4e each)
- slay three war chiefs
Cracking the Code
- collect different coded messages
- collect Flint Shards and Bronze Spearheads
Spreading Lies (8e)
- assist vs General Mal'zann's forces
Hearts of the Magi
- collect Magi's hearts
Thieving Rats (5e)
- try to recover lost armor
Old Medicine
- find white Petals and Healing Roots
Thrill of the Hunt (5e each trail)
- defeat fleeing Rath'een
Finding the Mark
- find guard postings
A Day at the Market
- slay different Rath'eens
Lost and Found
- find war maps and unit charts
Surprise Attack (8e)
- finish the fight vs Darshak
- Strength Gem 4
The Way In
- collect key fragments
Hero's work
- earn 350 Hero score - will be finished by questing
Cursed Ore
- collect Cursed core
Eye for an Eye (10e)
- defeat the remaining Rath'een
General Discord
- sly Rath'een Generals
- bring sword back to Fellmarsh
The Mapmaker (1e + 3x 5e)
- locate Mapmaker Jorr
Ending the Course
- harvest corrupted and dark souls
Scourge of the Realm
- slay Rath'een Scourges
The Foreman (8e)
- sly Emperor's Trask Foreman
Emergency Supply
- ...
- collect enchanted Oil Flasks
Turning the Tide (8e)
- Repel Emperor's Trask surprise offensive
The General (8e)
- sly General Mal'zann
War Preperation
- sly different Rath'een
- Raid WoF appears
Emperor Trask (10e)
- end Emperor's Trask madness
- Finished the Hellmarsh questline
The Victors
- earn 400 Hero Score
Join the raid War of Fellmarsh - WoF
1600 hits (440+216+216+488+288) p4 onslaught