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ElderFury3+ T11 2h Sword vs T13 1h Pan

PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:30 am
by Bj_Knows
Elder Fury 3 & T11 2h Sword vs T13 1h Pan

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With Elder Fury rank 3, a Tier 11 2h Sword does +7% more Damage Per Second and +22.5% Damage Per Attack than the Tier 13 Old Frying Pan.

As a bonus Elder Fury rank 3 gives you Knockback resist +25% & Block 12% and 2h Sword has x4 gem slot multiplier & saves you buying 4 gems for off hand.

I would not buy a Flame Warden the Tier 13 Pan. Do Not buy the Tier 13 1h Pan if you already have Elder Fury rank 3+ Tier 11 2h Sword.

This does explain why my Inquisitor & Frost Knight are slow vs WereChef mobs, but my Flame Warden is speedy.

P.S. Riposte rank 3+ Dodge 30%+ 2h Sword is AWESPOON! I cannot wait for Smoke Bomb rank 3, Fire Mastery rank 3 & Ignite rank 3