Max tier seasonal gear - event list

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Re: Max tier seasonal gear - event list

Postby Derp_looks_like_a_Lady » Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:09 pm

TheAllMighty wrote:
Derrin_Watson wrote:
Illy_the_Red wrote:It seems to come down to whenever Venan has finished whatever new things they're adding or new changes. WereChef has ranged from mid July to late August in previous years. I'm not 100% convinced it will even happen this year, given the utter silence.

In 2016 it began August 18. It is not unreasonable to hope that it might begin August 17 this year. Or even August 26. But it has not been skipped and there is no objective reason to think it will be skipped.

I share the hope that Venan will communicate better. That's right up there with my hopes for world peace and a multi-million dollar sweepstakes win. Of the three, I rate the odds of Venan communicating better as only marginally higher. Since we unfortunately have to take an uncommunicative Venan as a given, lack of communication about the event should neither be a surprise or evidence of skipping the event. It is a disappointment, yes; but not much more of a disappointment than the prize patrol skipping my home yet another year.

+1 :-)

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