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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Maddфx » Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:02 am

1: New abilities: would like to see a better knock back move for war mages for one. Shadow walker and justicar knock backs are over 1.0 second. Mages ice lance is only 0.32 seconds. It's not very fair to mages that other classes have a bigger knock back. A spirit attack that does damage over time would also be nice in pvp and OS for justicars since melee is being made to be useless and bleed is no longer relevant. Mages also need a move to reduce cool down timers. Smoke bomb does it for shadow walkers while knocking opponent back which can allow for them to really get some hits in if timed right. Justicars have heroic will which lowers cool down by a great deal. Only fair that mages get one too for pvp and OS. It could even be made to be a plus side of the new knockback like smoke bomb. I think that all of this would also help with balance. I agree with Dimo and B_rad on their ideas for the classes too.

2: The level cap being increased to 40 would be nice. Would also like to see an increase in max energy. Could put in new sigils to increase e by using captain, champion and guardian valor like you did with squire, solider, and knight valor. The new raids require a lot of e just to get to OS phase so would be nice if a lot of people didn't have to burn gs away just to get to the OS they want. I also think more guild perks could be put in. Guilds can get to level 40 but stop getting perks very fast. Guild challenges make things more fun and blue bag drops are always nice to increase loyalty fast.

3: Increase the member limit in guilds please. 150 is fine it doesn't have to be insane like 200 or anything that high. But would allow for more people to be in a guild with less rotation and less kicking due to a day inactive. Some people can't login everyday and it's sad to login and see you have been kicked from your guild and that they are full. Not fair to ask the guild to kick a member just to let you back in. The top guilds need more members allowed in guild at once. Some people like to have all 5 toons in one guild which doesn't allow for there to be very many members in the guild. I know several would benefit greatly from this. Plus it would help decrease the number of inactive guilds that are used for housing toons since they could then join the guild they want to be in. Maybe increase guild level limit too so the top end game guilds have something to aim for. Only having the challenge of the new raids to be completed so many times is a bit taxing and boring when you don't see much for it. Maybe up it to 50 that way guild bonus weekend actually benefits end game guilds at level 40.

4: New events: A double silver weekend would be great. A double everything weekend maybe 4 times a year like at the start of a new season would be awesome. New weekly quest would be great too. Some are getting burnt out on the current ones. Maybe one like you had before with encounters in certain raids. Instead of 500 raid encounters make it more specific like need 100 encounters in gobs through shadow returns with a good payout for doing the quest. Better rewards for the weekly quest. Give out the commerce elixirs more often. Maybe during above idea for the raid encounters. The 1080 rpp event was fun but stressful due to people stopping once they hit that rpp. So maybe do that again but with a higher rpp for the bigger raids like 4,000 rpp and make the rewards worth it and useful to all gamers even end gamers.

5: Maybe not a guild vs guild pvp as that could tax the servers too much but maybe a guild leaderboards for pvp like the one you have already for members inside a guild to see where they rank within their guild. Make it to where the higher ranked the members are the higher up the guild is. I think it would make pvp more fun and also would help again with the problem of dead guilds as people would want to be in a winning guild more than in one by themselves at the bottom rank. Make each rank worth so many points so that it is more rewarding. Or even give points to the guilds for each match the members do. It doesn't have to be actual guilds fighting each other in pvp though a pvp tournament would be awesome between the guilds it would probably put too much pressure on the servers and cause crashing to happen during the matches and make it stressful.

6: more guild vs guild challenges. Such as the speed raids. Starting out with even gobs for the smaller guilds only. It wouldn't be fair for the big end game guilds to do small raids like gobs and take trophy away from the squire raiding guilds. But some new backgrounds set to each raid would be awesome. Like the eldritch hunter background for the guild that completes the Shadow Returns the fastest. Maybe give individual member rewards when their guild finishes top in the valor leaderboards instead of just the guild. It will make member have more incentive to help the guild reach top ranks. Along with as stated before increase guild max level and giving out guild exp for finishing the week out in the top valor leaderboard spots. Along with as stayed before increasing member count to 150 to allow people to join the guild they want instead of limiting them a lower guild or no guild at all.

7: When increasing the level cap please increase max on hero tokens or add more stats to max out. Like more specific ones to each class or even specific resist such as the new gems. There are gems for more stats now than their are for hero tokens to be spent on. Stats such as fire resist or nature resist. Definitely something for melee players to spend their on top. I know several people sitting on around one million hero tokens if not more and nothing to do with them. I know they would like a use for them as the number is driving them crazy. Lol.

8: A new class wouldn't be too bad either and maybe an increase in toon limit on account. Some have more than one account and having to switch between them takes time that could be better spent hitting in the raids. And would also allow for people who have other accounts with toons in other guilds to get notifications for the raids on said account. An increase from anywhere between 8-10 toons per account. Not sure if that is doable or not. I can't think of too many things that would stop that from being able to be done. But I know switching accounts mid raid can cause lag and slow down a raid and be the difference between gold raids being silver or even causing bronze ones to fail.

9: As for new raids I agree with Dimo on some new mob OS that is even for all classes. Also lower might requirement for pm and them the new OS raids a bit. The might jump from CV to PM is insane and takes forever. Especially with new raids out and not many CV raids being ran makes it hard for toons under pm might to get there without grinding themselves towards a burnout. It would make the game more enjoyable. I'm sure I will think of some more detailed ideas for raids later but right now I'm drawling a blank.

10: As for seasonal events some more would be nice plus increase payout of current ones so that lower toons can get the gear too. Along with new gear on current event new teir and old ones just for looks. The 12 e for one candy heart made it hard for new players with low e to achieve getting much of the gear. I realize a level 20 doesn't benefit from t19 gear but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have it on hand and ready for when they can use it. Plus it makes them look cool. Lol. Also more gold shield sales as Dimo mentioned like at beginning of events so players can stock up and prepare to burn during event. It would boost sales a good bit as more people would buy them and some more buy in more bulk amounts. Also maybe increase amount you get for the price you pay even off sales times. $2 for 20 gs isn't really worth it but some can't afford more than that. Maybe even increase rate of gold shields dropped in raids. Also more sales on everything during events. Like elixirs and sigils. More events that are raid based or make old ones raid based as done with holiday goblin last year. Events kill guilds and their raids. Which causes for some slow come back into the raid schedules and getting back into the pace of raiding after barely doing any for weeks.

I'm sorry this is so long I just have several ideas and have been waiting for a chance to post them. I'm aware several of my ideas will probably get negative feedback but I'm hoping people understand where I am coming from with them. Some may need tweaked a bit to be better for everyone but I am stating what all I have noticed in game and the complaints I've seen others have. I may post more ideas later as I see what others have to say along with new raid ideas once I figure some out and have more planned for them so as to give more detail and description. Bring back Forgotten Sentinals like you did The Shadow Comes and have it scaled for higher tier and leveled players. With some mob OS instead of the boss OS the other new ones have so all classes can do it. Tweak it a little bit and make it something everyone can enjoy.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Marvellem » Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:15 am

Raids are good,useless guardian valor not good.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby jamari » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:52 am

My mind about PvP

I don't like PvP that much, cause of these crits. Sure, I am playing a Mage in PvP, so crit is my best friend, but it is not real fun to win with a high crit. PvP is more luck than it should be with these crits. Reduce the crit damage and the fights will take longer. Maybe the fights are than more tatical. (or increase the heath)

PvP based to much on luck. On a single 'hit'. For examle SW vs Mage. I normally win if the caltrops miss me at the beginning. Some SW say that the caltrops are to important, too. Maybe there is a better balance needed.

My minds about raids

The way to CV is to short and the way to PM is to long. That's the short version.
I don't know how many player join the game each week, but it feels like, that it is not that much. So the new player see, that small raids (soilder valor, knight valor) are not running so good. On the other side, they grow so quickly, that are at VG in a very short time (Use a double weekend). Then the lower raids are unintressting. Guilds, who are raiding these raids, have problems to hold their members.
When I started in May 2014, the way to Helion was much longer. So our guild could build up. Maybe it is a good idea to reduce the number of raids and make the might steps greater.
Many player I know, left because they get bored doing CV to reach PM. And the new raids will make it more difficult. Make CV smaller (Hits like HM?) and put a raid between CV and PM.

I like the new raid, the last phase is difficult. So I can try getting better with Gems, other strategies. That's great.


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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby UpAllNightToGetDerpy » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:15 am

New attacks for Shadow Walkers:

Neurotoxin Darts: same as Neurotoxin Stan but for multiple enemies.

Bolo-slings: same as Garrote but for multiple enemies.

I think adding the two smaller AoE attacks would make SW more viable against mobs in PvE.

Even some form of throwing stars would be good.

To make SW more like ninjas, you could add an attack that creates a duplicate fake shadow warrior which would take the next attack instead of the SW.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Nesshindesu » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:52 am

I'd like to see some more ways to make cosmetic changes to your character. Adding dyes or dye packs that could be rare drops by raid bosses or by a world boss which I'll get into in a min. There could also be lockboxes with random dyes that cost 1 gs per chance.

A world boss that spawns 1/day month a few times that day would be available for the entire community to defeat. Instead of having a counter for the numbers of times he's killed, the boss would have a large health pool, like 5 million hp or more depending on what's reasonable. The community would have to defeat the boss with a time limit of an hour before it enrages and wipes out glenfort. You pay 10e per run with a 10 second timer and do as much damage as possible. You can enter as often as you like during the spawn time at the cost of 10e per run. Rewards are based on the percentage of damage you did similar to rpp in onslaught raids today.
Rewards would be silver, cosmetic items like backgrounds and dyes as well as gs and new prestige weapon skins.
Should glenfort be destroyed then things like merchants and workshops etc are not accessible for a short period of time afterwards (until an hour before the next spawn for example).
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Rezel » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:57 am

Design a raid
A new tier of valor with all that it entails t8 gems, t21 gear and new dungeons. A new type of enemy dragon people or the more traditional orcs and trolls.
I read in the forum somewhere that for every kill we do on a boss that represents a wound, so 13 onslaught kills is really the boss gets wounded 13 times. With that in mind will you not resetting the attack timer, on the new OS raid, every time we successfully wound the boss with DoT or when a shadow walker wounds him with only his main weapon and still has his off hand attack to come.
Loved the t19 ring and amulet quests, new t22 ring and and amulet quests.
The two outstanding raids (rewards not withstanding) in the game are Karnak and pm I would like something along the lines of them and less like cv and mist.
New tombs of training. All three classes have a stun ability but no tomb for this, there's a gem for health but no tomb for that either, new tombs that give a bonus for using potions, elixirs and runes.

For new abilities
Blend into the background-increasing their dodge.
Duel strike-attack with both weapon and unblockable
Dissolve-quick poison based attack

Blind-decreases their targets accuracy.
Dispel-breaks their targets attack.

Head butt-quick attack with low damage, tiny chance for stun.
Shield bash-a quick attack with low damage

New event
A guild favour linked to each of the seasonal events.

Balance change
Pve and pvp are very different and seemingly impossible to balance in both aspects of the game. Don't try, give us separate skill trees with some abilities not available on both.

Other stuff you didn't ask for
If you do more events please reduce the length of them.
Can we have two toon slots per toon type please.
Background are an unimportant part of the game but a fun sideshow, I like collecting them please give us more. Event rewards, feats achieved.
More guild favors. Doesn't matter if the rewards are isn't worth having or if gm's get to choose a stat they boast for the guild like +1% silver. We like having blue bags to collect.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby _Raiden » Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:28 am

Balancing of class
I would think that way back pre pvp the classes were quite balance.
Suggestion is that u need to create 2 set of skills one for pvp the other for pve. From what i am seeing the only reason y raid is unbalance is because you tired balancing pvp and hope the skills balance for pve, that will never work.

Leveling of toons
At max level we dont really benefit from killing of monsters, ess and other rewards aside.
1) once u hit max level you can still gain xp in turn this excess xp can be exchange for stuff eg , sliver , mats , ess .

2) currently every level gain gives you skill points. If you are worried about having to many skills point given to us , maybe u can consider every 5-10 levles after level 35 u get a skill point.

That way beside farming for ess we have other things to look forward too.


I suggest a global raid as a event how it will work is this.
1) A speical raid appears for a week.
2) unlimited waves
3) tier the rewards base on rrp input (ranking) in the raid. ( this is a paid game so before non paying players complain about what i suggest. I do know of cos spenders will usually take the top spot. Cant complain thats the way all games work )
4) rewards can be from GS , silver , mats , gears , elixir etc......
5) beside ranking rewards also have different kind of rewards system eg get "x" amount of rrp will get u a reward so each tier you achieve you get a different reward.

6) than also can consider guild reward total rrp for the raid by guild all get a certain reward.


Clearly the guild system is broken to many people creating guilds with only 3-5 member rander it pointless.
1)Do a clean up and increase the guild space.

2)Participants for raids can still be restricted even if you have 200 members.

3) this other suggestion may create a storm but if guild space is increase i would openly say do away with merc in raids ( that way more will be encourage to join together to raid )

4) if the above cannot be done than i would suggest to do away with the raid points penalty when guild open raids for merc. That way more guild would be willing to share the raid with others.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby BaneFirerises » Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:11 am

Llyan wrote:I've had a couple ideas for pvp in my head for awhile, both have received positive feedback from players I've discussed them with. One is skill based for balancing, and one is just simply a reward.

1. A nice wrinkle for eliminating skill op complaints in pvp, and to allow more customization, would be to let each class pick one skill from one of the other two classes' skill trees. You could have a justy with caltrops, a mage with jugg, or a sw with heroic will for example. If you think a skill is op, you can just use it yourself. I realize there might be some combination that actually would be op, and could throw balance way out of whack. I haven't thought that far ahead.

I had the same idea but I would take it further and say combine all the skills from each class. Keep the skills in their respective tier and let players chose what they want. Can't complain about OP skills and would allow a wider range of builds.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Sir_TâpsØlòt » Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:28 am

Eliminate PvP gear all together or boost its bonus in a PvP match. Currently I get destroyed by good players in any given match regardless of them wearing full PvP gear or full PvE gear. I often kick myself in the arse for maxing my enchants on my PvP set while letting my PvE collect dust. I can notice a clear damage disadvantage in PvE OS due to the -20% to monsters and full Init. enchants but the +Damage bonus in PvP rarely wins the match for me. PvP matches are more determined by battle rolls than damage output in most cases. Perhaps there could be different types of PvP gear with different attributes so players can customize their toons better? Perhaps some +crit, +damage, +haste, etc in PvP only when you use that gear? At the moment the the cons seem to outweigh the pros for choosing the PvP route.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Sir_Thy » Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:29 am

New raid idea:
Remember the Bosses Raid
Might req 24.600
Location: behind the VileGate
or at The Sanctuary, Ground Zero

P1: Different Monsters and bosses (2e)
Plaguerider, Lockbolt, Corrupted Guardian, Helion, Kraken, different Goblins
Dropping: silver and essences

P2: Different bosses (2e)
IceDragon, FireDragon, Emperor, GoblinKing, Lord of Blades in unsteady order
Dropping: fluxx, essences, silver,

P3: Different bosses OS (10e)
VilePaw, Sedalb, Caliban, Karnak, Keeper in unsteady order
Dropping: fluxx, pure ess, shadows, t7 gem shards red/blue/yellow

Being bored to hit the same boss in each raid!
Meet them all in 'Remember the Bosses' Raid. Fun raid and heros need to remember which strategy was necessary vs the different bosses.

Valor after finishing: guardians valor

New dungeons:
Four new Tier7 and new ring dungeons:
Serrated Scar: t7 red gem shards and amber orbs
Ethereal Expanse: t7 blue gem shards and emerald orbs
Mistwalker Woodlands: t7 yellow gem shards and indigo orbs
The Sanctuary: t7 gemshards red/blue/yellow and some of all orbs

All heros are lefthanded and wear their ring at left hand. Why can't they craft a new ring for the right hand, farming shards and fluxx or shards and new created stuff as amber, emerald and indigo orbs from the new dungeons.

Portal behind the VileGate to return easily to Glenfort Village

What shall heros do with unused hero tokens?
Use them for new train abilities and level up to Level40.

Guilds are penalized when they don't raid.
So why can't we create guilds which who just raid but won't be penelized during single player events and guilds which just have pvp-players and don't care about penalties?
Max. members could be raised to 150 per guild

Greetz Thy
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