Community Design Challenge!

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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby BooBunny » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:35 pm

Easter event would be nice. Where you get rewards as eggs which can be exchanged to silver or to purchase items ( items can be Easter basket animated .. Bunny ears ..or hen feathers ..bunny fluff skirt or pants and whiskers). Each 50 eggs can be exchanged with gs And/or mystery materials in lock boxes for that event.

Weekly event rotating >> half time on crafting materials for a full weekend.

Another weekly event>> exchange extra material we have in black market for other materials we lack or we need.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Llyan » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:28 pm

I've had a couple ideas for pvp in my head for awhile, both have received positive feedback from players I've discussed them with. One is skill based for balancing, and one is just simply a reward.

1. A nice wrinkle for eliminating skill op complaints in pvp, and to allow more customization, would be to let each class pick one skill from one of the other two classes' skill trees. You could have a justy with caltrops, a mage with jugg, or a sw with heroic will for example. If you think a skill is op, you can just use it yourself. I realize there might be some combination that actually would be op, and could throw balance way out of whack. I haven't thought that far ahead.

2. In an effort to revitalize the master league in pvp, I suggest some amount of the top players receive an award of extra Energy, 10 E was the number in my head. Either top 10, 25, 50, or maybe all of master league would receive the reward. The extra E is not permanent, and you have to maintain your position to keep it. I know some high might toons that refuse to pvp won't like this idea, but we need all the large toons fighting as master league is only half full. What better way to entice pve only toons to join pvp than to offer pve rewards.

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to compliment, criticize, or ridicule. :)
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby DiMoSauR » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:37 pm

So here we go...

1st.. abilitys to make JC competitive in OS: first lower the crazy resists in new raids of mele Then as a WM has a fire hit that doubles the damage when burns use the same for bleed..double crit damage when bleed,this way more peeps will play higher crit rate
2nd..make Hw the way it used to be in beta and so so with Stagger,do not make a JC 2 way toon....WM and SW are not,example non the wm or sw gain from playing 1hand
3rd..if u still want to focus on spirit,reduce the smite hit to same as incinerate at 170% but again as mentioned with melee when wrath is applied deals double crit damage raid should be like CoC ,mob OS where each class has its advantages,
5th..reduce spirit attacks CD specially the heavenly wave,A JC in OS as it is in pure spirit mode if NOT played right at all times u loose 1 hit
6th...remove Jug as an ability and replace it with any kind of buff of the above and ,this way PVP can be equal
7th...lower Backswing BUT also remove the either the speed buff or the way Dodge and Riposte this moment it is at 10000% ,I vn prove you with many replays ,I used to play 50 matches a day
8th..double mats or double gs drop sounds very interesting indeed,most peeps can't afford to buy gs all the time,
9th..if there was a 5th slot on gems OR 3rd slot in enchants to give us a use for all that Essence for max toons,or raise the levels
10th..a good use for Hero Tokens,example If new enchants to be introduced HT will be needed to be crafted as well the usual mats
11th.. Silver gravers should be available to buy with gs and not not only silver,for most peeps farming all that silver is very hard indeed
12..a new PVP for guilds.3×3 or 5×5 (obviously this would be to much but also if the issues have been resolved above)and if not then give a JC an ability to apply slow and dodge reduce by removing Jug completely,and fix the way DODGE is working,toons with 30% dodging every single melee attack,it is supposed to be 1 in every 3 not every single 1
13.. and Give Brad his Voice back as long as he promises to que at all times and not CAMP!

I THINK these are issues that can solve the most of the whining specially from ME and would make this game once again enjoyable specially if new OS raids were to be as mentioned above

Ty for your time
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby DiMoSauR » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:44 pm

And something and MOST important I forgot to mention...
New SIGILS for PVP and PVE ...with new raids demanding so much burning I don't think that would harm your profits in any way. And same with pvp

Also more Sales in Gs as most games introducE, once a year is a bit.....tryong to think the right word* 4 times a year would be ideal with introduction to new seasons,winter,spring,summer,autumn
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby В_ЯдD » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:02 pm

DiMoSauR wrote:
13.. and Give Brad his Voice back as long as he promises to que at all times and not CAMP!

Lol Appreciate the support. I just get my 10 matches each week D. Then I just collect my medals. 8-)
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Rose_Petal » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:26 pm

Tier 20 plzzzzzzz
I think SW need an attack that does damage and knockback.
Justi and SW need an attach that does more damage when your opponent is stunned like when a WM stuns their opponent and uses Shattering Force.
Increase the level cap to 40 plzzzzz.
For raids and new raids *wink, wink*, I think that having an rpp limit choice would be nice.
For a new event, I would like to see a Thanksgiving event. It would be a dungeon, like Tragick and Were-Chef. Some items could be a Pilgrim hat, Indian clothing, or Turkey feet.
For a new raid, I would like to see a raid that is all different enemies in the first two phases and different bosses in the third phase. The game will determine which bosses and enemies you face by determining how far you are in the game.
-Rose <33
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby UpAllNightToGetDerpy » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:35 pm

For more energy and resolve... Make it a guild challenge. You could have it so that guild members need to collect blue bags then craft X number of things in odmrder to gain a favor that increases max energy by 10. A second I challenge could increase resolve by 3.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby UpAllNightToGetDerpy » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:57 pm

Guild vs. Guild in live PvP style fights would be most likely taxing on the server, with plenty of lag to go around....

How about a GvG raid fight? Each guild would fight pve mobs of representative guildies from the other side then fight the GM as a boss. The mobs would be made up of level X justicars, war mages and shadow walkers to match the makeup of the enemy guild. (limit 100 currently in guild toons... Sorry, top guilds - no "hidden" guildies waiting outside the gates allowed)

It could be done in onslaught format with a 1 hour raid time limit. The guild with the highest number of boss gm kills per toon ratio wins. Or something like that, to account for differences in guild sizes and levels of toons and energy max amounts.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Direwolf14 » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:29 am

I think guild competition event via some form of pvp add a new dimension to the game. It gives guild another reason to rally together. This would be done as an event, where guilds can sign up. Then you provide a competition schedule with multiple rounds using some kind of format. Prizes can be awarded based on results.
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Re: Community Design Challenge!

Postby Sir_TâpsØlòt » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:48 am

Give Shadow Walkers sniper rifles
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