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Tips, 2015 HoliGob Combat 2.2

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:18 pm
by Bj_Knows
2015 HoliGob Combat 2.2 is the link to this topic.

Please mention anything I forgot.

The 2015 HoliGob is the same as the 2013 HoliGob.

Additional tips are underlined in bold

Tips, 2013 HoliGob Combat 2.0

HoliGob is always the Level of the character fighting him.

Due to the Bah Buff, the HoliGob is immune to Debuffs and Knockback. Usually you have 9 combat seconds to do as much damage as you can in an attempt to kill him. High Damage Attacks like Brutal Strike, Smite, Toxic Blade, Piercing Strike, Incinerate, Frozen Shard are preferred. Group attacks are too slow (Cleave, Poison Cloud, Flaming Pyre) but can be used to fill out a rotation.

2013 Slow Group attack Heavenly Wave, Cleave, Poison Cloud and Acid Spray have been significantly buffed since 2013 in either speed, or damage, or both. While 2013 fast but weak group attacks like Magma Jet 3 (fast with damage buffed since 2013 & add Fire Mastery 3 for greater affect) and Shatter Force (very fast group attack against regular Mobs) are often useful vs Mobs, or even the HoliGob himself, when hunting. Flaming Pyre is still very slow while Ice Storm is not much better

Fast attacks take too many button presses wasting your 15 minute window to kill as many HoliGobs as possible (Radiant Light, Reflexive Strike, Fiery Lash). Elixirs and Crafted Potions can increase your Haste, Crits and Power. Elixirs are preferred, since they do not require a button press to activate.

Fiery Lash has been buffed since 2013 & add Fiery Master 3 for greater affect. Fiery Blast 3 is useful if you can get a Burn Stack 1 (Minor Fire Rune, Ignite or Fiery Lash while he is waiting or stunned)

Rune Selection
>>Spirit Runes work as normal.
>>Fire Runes work as normal.
>>Frost Runes decrease his Dodge, but do not slow his Humbug Timer (see below).
>>Blight Runes do not affect “Steal the Holidays” since it is a Humbug Timer not an attack.
>>Break Runes have no effect on his Humbug Timer.
>>Purge Runes have not effect on his Humbug Timer.

Humbug Timer
The majority of HoliGob’s have a 9 combat second timer (this means combat is instantly finished when the timer runs out, but the timers can vary unlike Onslaught timers). This timer most often appears as 4 Humbug Buffs on his Monster Card. The end of the timer is the 1 combat second “Steal the Holiday”. Since they are actually a timer, “Humbug” and “Steal the Holiday” cannot be Slowed, Interrupted, Purged, Cleansed or otherwise changed (this is a variation of the old Impending Doom Raid Timer that has been removed from BoH since 2013).

Uncommon HoliGobs can have a 7 combat second Humbug Timers (3 Humbug Buffs), very rare HoliGobs would have 5 combat second Humbug Timers (2 Humbug Buffs).

You can buy Red Holiday Ornaments for 5 Gold Shields, spending 5 Gold Shields to Revive while fighting HoliGob is usually a poor investment.

If you are running an Elixir of Luck from the Weekly Quest Rewards, reviving once, for a change at Bonus Loot may be worthwhile. Bonus Loot will not double red ornaments, but Abe's prices are already very very low for a seasonal event

Waiting and Bah Buff
2015 HoliGob has a low Status Resist and zero Knockback Resist while “Waiting”, this is your best chance for a Stun, Debuff or Knockback Attack. "Bah" is 100% Status Resist and 100% Knockback Resist per the “Bah” Buff text (Thanks Phlip)

Shadow Walkers can Ensnare, Sticky Grenade, Defend, Caltrop, Poison Cloud, Rune. Skip Defend if your Haste is too low to cast Caltrop & Poison Cloud in less than 1.0 combat seconds. If HoliGob's "Waiting" is too short for Ensnare, just use a Rune. He can still resist any of these, but he *will* resist them once "Bah" is cast.

Shadow Walker Sticky Grenade 3 ignores Status Resist. If you can kill him before Sticky Grenade detonates, skip it. If not, Sticky Grenade 3 might be a good investment, especially if you have Critical Eye 3

Hybrid War Mages can Icy Grasp, Incinerate, Rune. If Incinerate+ Ignite does not start Burn, use a Fire Rune. If Ignite starts a Burn, use a Frost or Spirit Rune. Depending on your Magic Rating, you may want to use a Minor Fire Rune to increase the Burn Stack to 2.

Icy Grasp, Magma Jet 3, Rune is often a good choice in 2015

Elixir of Speed and Minor Haste 5% Potions are a great way to speed up your Stun. Elixir of Speed lasts at least 24 hours. Minor Haste 5% Potion uses 1/3 the Materials of Haste 10% Potion for 50% of the affect.

Mobs & Runes
Advanced Tip: If you can 1 Shot Mobs during a HoliGob, try Minor Runes. If you can 1 Shot Mobs with Minor Runes you can spend more Energy during the 15 minute window. Ex: Shadow Walker BarbSpice can 1 Shot Mobs with Minor Blight Runes in the Cursed Quarry (Diamond Mine Zone).

Highlights from 2012 HoliGob

Bj_Knows wrote:If you do not like getting squire valor from alchemist lockbox, you will not like HoliGob. He is gambling using BoH Energy (or Gold Shields to buy energy).

2015 HoliGob appears in raids, letting you get Guild Loyalty and cool drops. For example VG Raid drops Essence, Flux and Vile Haunches if you have the Bacon Recipe. Zuur drops mountain lichen, Vallus drops polar melt, WoFfle drops fell leaves, Vile Realm based raids have an increased chance of GS drops, etc.
. . .
Tip: If you do not want to waste Gold Shields, set a clock to Server Time. 15 minutes after HoliGob starts, it will end. This is handy because it is easy to miss the Escape message in the tiny preview window at the bottom of Combat. (Edit: the new Server Time clock on your Hero Bar works for letting you know how many minutes are left).

If HoliGob is going to escape soon buy 3 Energy for 1 Gold Shield instead of wasting a 24 Energy Potion
. . .
Note: Venan's Dave said "If you get the jump on him sometimes you can debuff him before he Bahs, but that is your only chance."

Re: Tips, 2015 HoliGob Combat 2.2

PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 5:44 am
by WoHrld_at_WoHr
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