Alchemist's Lockboxes

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Re: Alchemist's Lockboxes

Postby TCG_Garrison64 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:22 am

I've received both the 100 Knight valor and the 200 Soldier valor so I know they do exist. It was after the fix as well so they are both still there. As far as I know there is no 100 gs just 10 which I've also received. I don't need silver any more so I spend everything I make on Alchemist boxes.
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Re: Alchemist's Lockboxes

Postby Hotasfire0Coolasice » Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:36 am

Regarding these, I have gotten 2 nothings today, the first time I disregarded it as 5K isn't so bad, but when the second one happened I was worried this would be a common thing. Can you guys check the lockbox event log or something? Maybe it just didn't SAY what reward I got. I'm not mourning over 10,000 but it might become more than that...
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Re: Alchemist's Lockboxes

Postby Pur3Aw3zom3n3zz » Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:55 pm

I have been keeping track of what I've been getting from alchemist lockboxes for a little while. out of the 556 I've gotten since I started to keep track, I've gotten the 1xSlvr 106x, (never seen or heard of a 10xSlvr), 1xHT 68x, (I've seen 10xHT, but not since I started keeping track), 1xSqV 111x, 10xSqV 16x, 1xSoV 102x, 10xSoV 4x, 1xKV 49x, 10xKV 1x, and 1xGS 99x, (I've seen 10xGS, but not since i started keeping track).
To calculate this in to something useful, on average I got 1HT/4010.3Slvr, 1SqV/251.57Slvr, 1SoV/960.21Slvr, 1KV/4622.0, and 1GS/27545Slvr. If you were to convert all the SqV you got to SoV, then the new SoV rate would be 1SoV/806.33, and if you were to convert all that to KV, then the new KV rate would be 1KV/3592.4, (I factored in the Slvr gotten from the lockboxes).
Another useful convertion would be, every 100,000Slvr you would get an average of 24.936HT, 397.50SqV, 104.14 SoV, 21.636KV, and 3.6304 GS. With converting the SqV to SoV, that would make the new SoV per 100,000Slvr 124.02, or you could make the KV per 100,000Slvr 27.837, (I factored in the Slvr gotten from the lockboxes).
I'll post updated numbers for the 1 currency/amount Slvr, and the every 100,000Slvr you would get an average of amount currency, when I have a larger sample space.
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Re: Alchemist's Lockboxes

Postby Vexis_Larseker » Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:10 pm

Here is the data collected from 2281 alchemist lockboxes, including percentages.  Thanks to my guildmates Zeus87, FLOSFR, and Shmyak for providing data to me to aggregate with my own data.  

500 silver - 378  (16.57%)         
40 Squire Valor - 451  (19.77%) 
400 Squire Valor - 97  (4.25%)
20 Soldier Valor - 358  (15.69%) 
200 Soldier Valor - 7  (0.31%)     
10 Knight Valor - 197  (8.64%) 
100 Knight Valor - 5  (0.22%)         
1 Gold Shield - 413  (18.11%)              
10 Gold Shields - 4  (0.18%)
10 Hero Tokens - 366  (16.05%) 
100 Hero Tokens - 5  (0.22%)
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