GS's On a Budget

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GS's On a Budget

Postby Variance » Fri Jan 10, 2014 5:04 pm

I know a ton of us love this game but can't afford to spend 250gs (almost $20 real money) on a recipe but still wish to support the game. Believe it or not there are quite a few ways to get "Gold Shields" for cheaper (legally) while still supporting Venan. Here are the non-NativeX tips and below these are some unconventional NativeX tips worth a quick read.

1. About twice a year Venan does a 20% off sale, which if you buy a wagon equates to almost 200 more GS. They always do one around Xmas time and the other is usually around 6 months later but isn't always a guarantee.

2. ITunes gift cards go on sale EVERY Black Friday (at least for the last 4-5 years). The discount is store dependent but 20% is usually the average. If you don't have android, just borrow a friends, make account, and buy your GS -- this also applies to the next offer.

3. If you can't wait that long, Google Play $60 3-packs are always on sale at the big name membership warehouses (Costco sells their $60 pack for $54 - a 10% savings).


NativeX is another amazing way to get free GS and earn money for Venan. Here are a few tips for using this service:

1. Offers on iDevices are ALWAYS worth more than their android counterpart - don't ask me why but the average is 6-10 shields per offer - use apple to do these offers.

2a. Don't forget to do them on your android too, they may be worth less but since nativeX links to your machine and there are different apps for each platform, you can do the install and run offers on both machines.

2b. On a separate note, I travel to the UK (and Kapan) a fair amount and noticed I got different offers (lots of online gambling for real money as it's legal there) so if your one of the select few who travel a lot, make sure to check offers in foreign lands as well.

3. Don't take the first offer you see, the install and run apps seem to have a max and a min payout. Depending on the tragic they recieve they can be worth less or more than usuall. Best times to check are late night and early morning. Late Wednesday and early Saturday are good bets -- remember you can only do them once so watch the ads a few days to see if they change in payout.

4. New offers are added every week and like above sometimes an offer worth only 1gs is now worth 7, check back often.

5. If you do the pay ads be sure to write down the cancellation date. Also, be ready to hold your ground and say no 20 or so times if your canceling multivitamins or credit scores. Make sure you get a cancellation number. If your an idevice user the subscription offers are actually not bad, if you don't like the magazine you can log into your manage iTunes account and cancel from there.

6. Some offers take a while to show up or never do, but here is the great part, NativeX has awesome customer support. Yes, it's all email based and it will take about 3-4 days to get missing GS but they always have come through for me. On the smaller stuff that you just download and install (pending) state they will give GS no problems. On the bigger items all you have to do is send them a small item of proof that is usually easy to get (at least in my experience).

7. There is another guide on this forum of a gentleman who did a bunch of offers and what his experience was with them, they are fairly accurate so I won't repeat that info, however he does say 1 is a scam and I did not have any issues with them, also know a quick email to NativeX will solve any conflict and most likely in your favor.


*** Warnings: If you choose an offer and it redirects you to anything except the EXACT offer you chose, skip it, because you won't get points (some of the credit card ones do this, saying this offer is no longer available but we have selected several other great offer for you -- don't fall for it unless it's something you need).

The larger offers take longer to post to your account so give them a day or two, don't just do it cause you see something in the black market that you need that day.

Factor out the cost to GS ratio, in some cases, unless you need the service, it's cheaper and much less haste to just but from venen.

If you have issues with NativeX click their "Need Help?" Button at the bottom of the NativeX offer screen and send them a quick email --- like I've said before they have solved all my issues w/o issue.

Good Luck, Variance
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