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War Mage HoliGob Build

PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:04 pm
by Bj_Knows
War Mage HoliGob Build


War Mage Ability Chart
inc fp fs if ig
is fl sm fb il
fm im mj sf isa
sc tv ef ign as

Initial HoliGob Setup
Icy Grasp 2- 3 (if “Waiting” long enough),
Ignite rank p3+ Fiery Lash rank 1- 3,
Minor Fire Rune (1- 3 Burn Stacks at this point).

HoliGob Repeating Attacks
Fire Blast rank 3 (double damage, if Burn Stack)
Incinerate rank 3,
Fiery Lash rank 1- 3,

War Mage Ability List
3- Incinerate
3- Flaming Pyre
0- Frozen Shard
0- Inner Focus
2- Icy Grasp

1- Ice Storm
1- Fiery Lash
0- Staff Mastery
3- Fire Blast
0- Ice Lance

3- Fire Mastery
0- Ice Master
3- Magma Jet
0- Shattering Force
0- Ice Spike Armor

1- Snap Cast
2- Time Void
0- Elemental Fracture
3- Ignite
1- Arcane Shield

With Humbug Timer (Note 1) immune to Spike Ice Armor (Impending Doom Timers do not count as attacks), Chill (Timers cannot be slowed), and Stun from Ice Mastery (Timers cannot be stopped), a Pure Ice War Mage is at a disadvantage compared to Fire and F&I War Mages. If you can initially Stun HoliGob with Icy Grasp, this Post’s rotation is very strong.

Based on my characters, War Mages have a huge advantage. Their fast Icy Grasp rank 2- 3 is able to Stun most HoliGobs without Elixir, Potions or Food. While Ignite rank p3+ Fiery Lash rank 1- 3 + Minor Fire Rune can add 1- 3 Burn Stacks if Icy Grasp Stuns HoliGob.

Note 1)
Bj_Knows wrote:The majority of HoliGob’s have a 9 combat second Impending Doom Timer. Unlike a normal Impending Doom Timer, it usually appears as 4 Humbug Buffs on his Monster Card. The end of the timer is the 1 combat second “Steal the Holiday”. Since the Humbug Timer is a variation of the Impending Doom Timer, “Humbug” and “Steal the Holiday” cannot be Slowed, Interrupted, Purged, Cleansed or otherwise changed.