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Prediction- Essence and BoH 2.0 or Stockpiling- ARCHIVED

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:12 am
by Bj_Knows
Prediction- Refined Essence and BoH 2.0 or Stockpiling Refined Essence

Archived for Research (Archive80t)

Archived for Research (80Archive)

Hopefully, the same drop rates for Essence(Common)/ Refined Essence (Uncommon) in Glenfort will apply to Refined Essence(Common)/ Purified Essence (Uncommon) in the Vile Realm. So saving too much Essence/ Refined Essence may be counter productive, especially if BoH 2.0 does not come out for a month. During that time you could be enjoying more powerful Enchants.

But you can only Craft 99 Refined Essence per Workbench at a time, so stockpiling some Refined Essence may be helpful when v2.0 arrives, especially if one of the Quests requires X Refined Essence or X Purified Essence.

My most used Enchants are a PvE Luck Set (4/5/4) which will require 450 Refined Essence to convert to Transfer Plates. The Luck Set will also help me Farm Essence in the Vile Realm once moved to Tier 16 Gear. My second most used Enchants are a PvE/ PvP Status Resist Set (5/5/6) which will require 250 Refined Essence. Normally I would need 1,000 Refined Essence, but I save 750 Refined Essence due to the Were Chef Transfer Plate Loot Drop. 500 from the pre-converted Transfer Plate and 250 from Disenchanting an existing Enchant Rank 6. For a total of 700 Refined Essence needed to move both my Luck and Status Resist sets.

Currently I am Crafting 700 Refined Essence, 99 at a time. If the new BoH Quests require 50 Purified Essence (similar to Essence of Vile Gate 3 requiring 50 Refined Essence), I will have 500 Refined Essence to start Crafting into Purified Essence. If not, I will have enough Refined Essence to convert my Luck Set and Status Resist Set to Transfer Plates.