Energy Regen Enchant- Worth 375 gs?

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Energy Regen Enchant- Worth 375 gs?

Postby Bj_Knows » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:06 pm

Energy Regen Enchant- Worth 375 gs?

Q: Is "Recipe - Magic: Energy Regen" worth 375 Gold Shields from the Black Market?

Quick Answer:
Fizz_Eric wrote:It takes ~2.4 seconds off the timer for each level of the enchant.
At all 18 levels, your regen is 4 min, 16.8 seconds per 2 energy.

Some love it, some hate it. All in all, I prefer other enchants, but if you have a spare set and spare gs, can't hurt to grab it. General rule of thumb is unless you play very often, and maximize your energy used in a day, returns won't be terribly noticeable.

Really Detailed Answer:
japster wrote:The energy regen enchant seems, to me at least, to be well-suited to hardcore gamers who already buy lots of elixirs, burn loads of gs, and are constantly maximizing their hero score and farming through literally non-stop gaming for 16hours or more daily. The practical benefit of the energy regen enchant is not actually for farming materials more efficiently, nor is it for getting bonus valor. It is just a tool for such power gamers to save GS over the long run (which pays out real quickly for them due to their intense game play) as they rack up hero score.

If you do not fall into that playstyle, I think the luck enchant, would be for all purposes and intent related to farming, be by far superior and more cost efficient.
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