Sabotage Mercs, Low RPP Mercs & Booting

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Sabotage Mercs, Low RPP Mercs & Booting

Postby Bj_Knows » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:54 am

Sabotage Mercs, Low RPP Mercs and Booting Characters from Raids.

A search of the Forums will find several imaginative suggestions for how Venan can deal with the problem of Sabotage Mercs (deliberate Raid sabotage), low RPP Mercs, Lost Connection Mercs, Dead Battery Mercs, Real Life Crisis Mercs, Fell Asleep Mercs, Underpowered Mercs, Wrong Raid Mercs, Low Energy Bar Mercs, and Absent-minded Mercs.

Venan is aware of the problem of Sabotage Mercs and the Raid Cap:
Little_Mike wrote:There are also some common complaints such as the skunk merc issue. We will implement something in the next client update (v1.6.1) to mitigate this issue. We recommend only opening up merc slots when absolutely necessary since mercs generally have a lower efficiency. You can also password protect your raid so only people you want can join your raid.

I could see Venan implementing an adjustable Raid Cap, where the Raid Cap is increased when X happened. Venan has already raised the Raid Cap from 20, 30 & 40 in v1.6.0 to 100 (all Raids) in V1.6.1 to help mitigate the impact of Sabotage Mercs in a Raid.

I do not see Venan ever implementing a "Boot Character" option in Raids. If Venan did implement a "Boot Character" option, you could have an infinite number of characters in a Raid. Just use up all your Energy Bar, boot the character, bring in another fully charged character, repeat. It already appears that several large Guilds have more than 100 characters. Inactive characters are booted, then come back to the Guild with no loss of Loyalty since they are rejoining the same Guild (Stealth Members). Stealth Members can allow a Guild to have 100+ members Raiding at the same time, especially in the case of alternative characters.

Also, one of the reasons for Venan implementing a Find Raid system was booting the wrong character in v1.3+.

Since the Raid RPP leaderboard only shows a character's name, similar looking characters have been booted in the past. This left the Low RPP character in the Raid while another character that had spent Gold Shields is denied their Raid Reward.

Bbbb once had the wrong character booted when two characters were on the same account and same Guild.

You can kick a character from a Guild in v1.6, but they still can finish the Raid they are in, and they still get Raid Rewards based on the RPP they earned in the Raid.
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