Pure Gold or v1.6/1.5 Rewards or Energy per Gear/Gem

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Pure Gold or v1.6/1.5 Rewards or Energy per Gear/Gem

Postby Bj_Knows » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:24 am

Pure Gold or comparing v1.6 Raid Rewards to v1.5 Raid Rewards or Energy per Gear/ Gem

Finishing any Regular Raids is based on energy (2 energy per Combat Encounter) and time. Even if you can finish a Combat Encounter in 20 seconds, you are limited by energy regeneration and number of participants (Note 4)

Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Finishes are all about Gear/ Gems and how much energy it takes to earn each Gem and each piece of Gear.

Spending 20 energy in a v1.4 Raid earned the same Gear/ Gems as Spending 20 energy in v1.5 Raids and getting a Bronze Finish (Note 5)

So 20 energy in a v1.4 Raids had the same purchasing power as Bronze Finish in v1.5 with 20% less time, giving the Raid participants 20% less time to regenerate energy. v1.5 Silver and Gold Finishes gave +33% purchasing power (Silver) and +66% purchasing power (Gold) for Guilds that finished Raids faster (Note 1), either by having more participants in the Raid, or by spending Gold Shields on energy. In v1.5 Raids were significantly more profitable (Note 3) than v1.4 Raids for participants, especially for Top 3 finishers.

Instead of "Gold/ Silver/ Bronze", I wish v1.5 had used "HardcOre/ Hard/ Normal" for finishes. Without following a Walkthrough, most players expect trouble with “HardcOre”.

In v1.4.0 Venan added Onslaught Raids which resulted in an average of +20% Rewards for War Mages and +38% Rewards for Shadow Walkers vs the Justicar class (Note 2). In v1.6.1 Venan is still tweaking Onslaught Raids and Classes to create a more even Onslaught Raid. But it is unlikely that Onslaught will ever be as profitable for Shadow Walkers as v1.4.0

In v1.6.0 Venan added the "Find Raid" button and Mercenaries. Venan admitted that v1.6.0 was not as profitable as v1.5 (Note 6). But Venan also was ready to admit that v1.6.0 was impossible for low and mid-tier Guilds to earn *any* Gear/ Gems going from very profitable in v1.5 to bankrupt in v1.6.0 (Note 7).

Personally I think raising Guild limit to 100 members, setting Guild Loyalty at Zero for all characters, and new Guild Challenges for Prestige messed up Mercenaries more in v1.6.0 than "Find Raid" and Raid Caps (but those two also contributed). Similar to the memorable transition from 1.2 to 1.3 was rougher than necessary due to 30 locked Gem Slots for all characters, Quest Item Rewards only for new characters, and Hero Tokens from Feats.

It is unlikely Raid Rewards will ever be as profitable for characters as v1.5, but Venan will keep tweaking "Find Raid" button, and Mercenaries, until Raids are a fun and integral part of the BoH player experience.

Note 1)

Note 2)

Note 3)
Technically not profit but Return On Investment.

Note 4)
If you are math inclined:

Bj_DWR wrote:Subject:
Free Raid or Gold Shields to Finish (Math, Strategy, Post 1-4)

Note 5)
Mathematically your RPP averages out, especially as you learn to manage your Healing Potions in v1.5+. The remaining factor is the number of Combat Encounters in a Raid and the Reward Pool. By knowing both you can figure out Energy per Gem. Other Gear can be calculated based off of Energy per Gem (Note A)

Note 6)
Darkhorse wrote:a split of about 25% bronze/ 50% silver/ 25% gold with minimal (less than 5%) failures. That is still what we are moving toward and we will continue to balance as appropriate. Needless to say we are still working on evaluating where each raid is at in proportion to our target. https://www.venan.com/boh_forum/viewtopic.php?p=14987#p14987

Note 7)

Darkhorse wrote:After implementing our changes on Thursday our failure rates are WAY down in most raids. There are still a few that are higher than we would like, and we will continue to tweak those as we have more data. We'll continue to re-evaluate after this weekend. https://www.venan.com/boh_forum/viewtopic.php?p=15065#p15065

Little_Mike wrote:In 1.5, we were not comfortable with the number of raids hitting gold. Gold was meant to be some what of a challenge, and it wasn't in 1.5. We evaluated our data and set the caps, wave numbers, timings, and rewards accordingly. Obviously, we were a little off, especially with the beginning-mid tier raids. Essentially our expected efficiency was overtuned a bit. https://www.venan.com/boh_forum/viewtopic.php?p=14970#p14970

Note A)
Note, this is for a v1.5 Bronze Finish:

Full Tier 11 Items vs. 6.47 Tier 4 Gems vs. 12.94 Tier 3 Gems
Running Cursed Keep 88 times, for 176 hours, will earn all Tier 11 Items for a Shadow Walker (Full T11 Items). Alternatively, burning $258.8 USD in Gold Shields during Cursed Keep will earn Full Tier 11 Items OR 6.47 T4 Gems. Running Attack at Dawn for the same amount of time would earn 12.94 Tier 3 Gems. If you cannot buy In App Purchases for Tier 3 Gems, consider running 1 Attack at Dawn for each Cursed Keep. This will get you the rest of your Tier 3 Gems, and Full Tier 11 Items. (Full Disclosure: Deathwing Raiders used this approach; it allows everyone to eventually hit Vallus (and beyond) for free).
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