Buffs, Loot and Owners or Apr-14 Server Maintenance

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Buffs, Loot and Owners or Apr-14 Server Maintenance

Postby Bj_Knows » Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:09 am

If you use a Cleanse Potion to remove a de-buff, if an enemy version of Radiant Light removes a buff (ex: Gaze of Despair), if a buff expires (ex: 5 seconds are up on player's Vanish rank 3), if a de-buff expires (ex: 5 seconds are up on an enemy ice DOT), then the order of your remaining buffs and de-buffs are randomized. You can no longer protect your most powerful buff by casting it first (ex: Inner Focus rank 3) then a less powerful one second (ex: Arcane Barrier rank 1). This will have a big impact on PvP.

In the past I was very lucky to get 1 magical item (green border, one enchantment) in the 9 battles leading up to Ice Lord Vallus. After defeating Vallus I usually got a rare item (blue border, two enchantments).

Ever since the Server Maintenance on 2012-Apr-14 I have been getting 1-4 magical items (green border, one enchantment) in the Ice Dragon's Lair Dungeon Encounter Zone (DEZ) plus the loot from Vallus. Today, after the fourth battle I got a Level 17, rare item (blue border, two enchantments). It also seems the Dungeon Boss Treasure Chests are dropping more epic items (purple border, three enchantments). My wife just picked up a cool epic item from the Rotting Golem Treasure Chest.

Usually I get 1 large healing potion or a rune after ten or so battles in the Frozen Vale. Recently I have gone as high as 2 large healing potions plus a rune after a single battle.

It appears that every character in the game now has an owner. A requirement of some feature they are adding.
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