Surprise! or Smoke Bomb/ Seismic Slash and Initative

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Surprise! or Smoke Bomb/ Seismic Slash and Initative

Postby Bj_Knows » Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:50 am

High_Auger wrote: the 1 sec before use is a good thing for balance and gameplay imo.

Just hope they introduce it to time void too for the same reason.

Remember: Smoke Bomb and Seismic Slash have a 1 second cool down. If your opponent wins initative, your wait time is subtracted. If you are Surprised (1+ Second wait), you can use Smoke Bomb and Seismic Slash immediately.

Both Smoke Bomb and Seismic Slash are group attacks with knockback (Smoke Bomb does zero damage). Time Void is a Major Break Rune with a casting time. If an opponent has a 3.0 second attack, and you use Time Void, he might switch to a 0.4 second Attack. If you use Smoke Bomb or Seismic Slash, the knockback is added to the remaining attack time.

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Re: Surprise! or Smoke Bomb/ Seismic Slash and Initative

Postby High_Auger » Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:31 pm

You have a very valid point that Smoke Bomb and Seismic Slash have differing functionality than Time Void. It is as you said a major break rune with casting time.

I was ranting more than anyting else and trying to see how to solve the problem, imo, that Time Void can be used to counter negative initiative completely. But as you have shown me adding 1 sec cooldown in the start would mean nothing in that situation. Since the cooldown would simply disappear into the surprise time.

I do however stand by my entirely subjective opinion that the 1 sec cooldown for Seismic Slash and Smoke Bomb is good for a more diversified gameplay. I find myself in short supply of brainpower and time at the moment so I will not ponder the why here.
I know this was not the focus of your post but I couldn't help myself :)
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