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11 Ability Shadow Walker- ARCHIVE

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:46 pm
by Bj_Knows
11 Ability Shadow Walker ("Sharp" Shadow Walker) [Ability Set, Tactic, Strategy]

Archived for Research (80Archive)

Research Note: Builds change as BoH releases versions and your character changes. Definitely at Might Rating 2K, 4K & 8K, you want to revaluate your abilities.

I am currently running a Shadow Walker with equal points in Melee and Magic (+225 Semi-Soft Stat Cap for both)[ see post ( viewtopic.php?p=4239#p4239 )]. With Haste -40% and an Off Hand Weapon.
I like this new Shadow Walker Build against groups, Dungeon Bosses and Raid Bosses. Not enough experience vs. 6 Energy Onslaught Bosses to be sure:

Generic Abilities (16 points).

Vanish Rank 3= +50% Crit & +50% Crit Power. By itself is +55% Damage Per Second. Buff.

Shadow Stalker Rank 3= +50% Dodge. Skip against Magic Enemies such as Helion. Very useful against Melee Enemies such as Zuur. Buff.

Poison Cloud Rank 3= 80% chance of a Tier 2 nature Damage Over Time. With Acid Spray rank 3, a weak combo vs. individual, medium combo vs. Dungeon Boss, strong combo vs. triplet monster group. Magic Attack.

Acid Spray Rank 3= -50% nature resistance. Combo with Toxic Blade rank 3 and Poison Cloud Rank 3. De-Buff & Magic Attack.

Smoke Bomb Rank 3= -0.75 Second Cool downs, +1.5 second enemy knock back. Strong combo with Haste -40%. Buff & De-Buff.

Dark Lunge Rank 1= Haste 10%. Due to Haste -40% Semi-Soft Cap [ see post ( viewtopic.php?p=4238#p4238)], strong combo against Dungeon Boss. Skip if not yet Haste -30% (casting penalty) or monster groups (if Might Rating is 5,000 or higher). Buff.

Abilities for Dungeon Bosses (6 points).

Toxic Blade Rank 3= Strong Combo with Acid Spray rank 3. Magic Attack.

Ensnare Rank =1 Medium Stun. Never have too many stuns. Melee Attack.

Piercing Strike Rank 1= +20% Crit. Melee Attack.

Reflexive Strike Rank 1= With strong v1.3 Melee (175- 230 Bonus Damage) a fast attack. Melee Attack.

Abilities for Monster Groups (3 points)

Caltrop Rank 3= 30% Weapon Damage Per Second. Slow -26% or -20% Enemy Damage Per Second. DOT Attack.
With any Might Rating, a good sequence for Triple Groups is Caltrop rank 3, Smoke Bomb rank 3, Vanish rank 3, Acid Spray rank 3, Poison Cloud rank 3, Shadow Stalker rank 3, Dark Lunge rank 1. Caltrop not only slows the enemy by Haste +26% (79.3% Normal Damage Per Second), but does a physical Damage Over Time that can Critical Hit in v1.4. Smoke Bomb has +1.5 seconds of knock back which also allows Caltrops another DOT. Vanish rank 3 is the Shadow Walker’s defining ability giving +50% Crit and +50% Crit Power (+55% DPS). Even if an enemy has 0% nature resist, Acid Spray rank 3 lowers it. So a 0% nature resist enemy becomes -50% nature resist or takes 50% bonus damage from nature attacks.  Poison Cloud rank 3 has a 80% of a Tier 2 nature DOT.  Skip Shadow Stalker rank 3 if the group is all magic attacks. Skip Dark Lunge rank 1 as an ability if you do not have at least a Haste -30% due to the penalty for initially casting it.
With high Might Rating and lots of consumables (Healing Potions, Minor Spirit Runes [[ ... ost2146899 ]], other Runes) a very fast sequence (both game and real time) for Triple Groups is Vanish rank 3, Rune, Acid Spray rank 3, and Poison Cloud rank 3. You will take more damage than using Caltrop rank 3 (slowing & damaging) and Smoke Bomb rank 3 (even more slowing), but you will get those last few kills before the Raid ends in a failure (or you must leave for lunch).
With any Might Rating, a good Dungeon Boss sequence is Dark Lunge rank 1, Shadow Stalker rank 3, Vanish rank 3, Acid Spray rank 3, Toxic Blade rank 3, Poison Cloud rank 3, Piercing Strike rank 1, Toxic Blade rank 3. Using Ensnare rank 1, Smoke Bomb rank 3 and Reflexive Strike rank 1 as needed.  With a decent Melee Rating, Reflexive Strike can do a lot of damage quickly. If the Dungeon Boss uses a lot to magic attacks, skip Shadow Stalker rank 3.
If the Dungeon Boss is resistant to physical attacks, like Helion, an alternative is Dark Lunge rank 1, Shadow Stalker rank 3, Toxic Blade rank 3, Vanish rank 3, Acid Spray rank 3, Poison Cloud rank 3, Toxic Blade rank 3. This sequence quickly gets the Tier 3 nature DOT of Toxic Blade rank 3 stacked twice and give you a chance at the Tier 2 nature DOT of Poison Cloud. If the Dungeon Boss uses a lot to magic attacks, skip Shadow Stalker rank 3.

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