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Raid, Portal, and Dungeon stats

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:23 am
by NikoNarf_1
Portal stats in second post in this thread.
Top dungeon drops in third post.

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[NOTE] While the number of waves and the valor/token pool for each raid is constant, the total RPP is not constant (due to RPP per wave ranging from +100 to +150). Therefore, rewards in this section are approximate (Note 1).

Approx rewards are silver level with no loyalty bonuses, gold = +25%, bronze = -25%.

Raid (nicknames):
..might, waves, silver duration, guild XP base [approx. valor/hero token payout per 1000 RPP]

--Squire's Valor (SqV) Raids
Gobblin' Goblins (Goblins or GG):
..0m, 93w, 1.5h, 675xp [23 / 7]
The Plaguerider (Skar):
..150m, 232w, 2h, 1200xp [29 / 7]
Lockbolt's Reign (Lockbolt or LB):
..500m, 297w, 3h, 2250xp [36 / 9]
Wrath of the Overseer (Overseer):
..1000m, 386w, 3h, 2700xp [43 / 10]

--Soldier's Valor (SV) Raids
Risen from the Depths (Kraken or K):
..1800m, 774w, 3h, 3600xp [28 / 11]
°Crypt of Corruption (Crypt or CoC):
..2300m, 927w, 2h, 2400xp [18 / 7]
Attack at Dawn (Zuur or Z):
..2950m, 625w, 2h, 3000xp [40 / 14]
Dark Lord Helion (Helion or H):
..3900m, 859w, 3h, 5400xp? [? / ?]

--Knight's Valor (KV) Raids
Cursed Keep (CK):
..5300m, 995w, 2h, 4800xp [36 / 16]
°The Shadow Comes (Shadow or SC):
Vale of the Ice Dragon (Vallus or V):
..7600m, 1323w(1.6), 3h, 9000xp [42 / 19]
Forgotten Sentinels (FS):
°War of Fellmarsh (WoF):
..9150m, 1586w, 3h, 12600xp? [47 / 21]

--Captain's Valor (CapV) Raids
°Karnak's Final Stand (KFS):
..11850m, 1495w, 2h, 12000xp [42 / 32]
Horde of the Goblin King (GK):
..11850m, 1604w, 3h, 14400xp [35 / 28]
Battle of the Vile Gate (VG):
..13600m, 1604w, 3h, 16200xp [42 / 32]

--Champion's Valor (ChV) Raids
Hunted in the Mists (HitM or Mist)
..15350m, 1337w, 3h, 10800xp [35 / 28]
°Legacy of Blades (LoB or Legs):
..16250m, 1808w, 3h, 18000xp [39 / 30]

°indicates a raid with at least one onslaught phase.

Note 1 (Edit-Bj)
Darkhorse wrote:(Your RPP Contribution / Total RPP Contribution for the entire raid) = (Your valor and hero token payout / Total Pool of valor and hero tokens for that raid)

The pool is constant and the mount depends on which raid it is.

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Gius wrote:
LirenaTheSuccubusTwifoxKitsune wrote:can someone mail me the info about the raids in this post as well as the portal info? it would be an immnense help

Drop rates:
Raid info:

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:15 pm
by NikoNarf_1
*All portals are 1 hour
*All portals have 12 waves in each of the first three incursion levels.
*There is a 30 minute cool down between portals.
*Portal order is: Amber (west), Indigo (east), Emerald (north).
*Flux color drop matches portal color 50%, and the off colors drop 25% each.
*Flux drop rates are roughly:
--Incursion Level 1: 2% to 2.5%.
--Incursion Level 2: 4% to 5%.
--Incursion Level 3, non elite: ~10%.
--Incursion Level 3, elite(~10% spawn): 100%
--Incursion Level 4: ?????

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:25 am
by NikoNarf_1
Top dungeon info... Dungeons drop d5+2 shards, unless a full gem drops, except Karnak and Sha'lyn who drop any (sometimes multiple in Karnak) color(s)

[10e] Eddas' Keep (Guardian Dragon): Blue t3.
[10e] Hunter's Folly (Hunter): Red t3.
[10e] Ice Dragon's Lair (Vallus): Yeillow t3
[10e] The Emperor's Court (Trask): Blue t4
[20e] Hall of the Goblin King (Direhorn & Goblin King): Red t4 and recipes (Block, Resilience, Defense, Initiative)
[20e] The Vile Gate (Lord of Blades): Yellow t4, recipes (One & Two Handed Bonus), and either 20-40 essence or any 1 flux (any color)
[20e] Karnak's Temple (Karnak): Any t4 shards and recipes (Damage Bonus)
[20e] Callisto's Keep (Callisto): Red t5, 50-80 essence or 4-6 essence and 1-2 flux
[20e] The Prince of Blades (Prince of Blades): Blue t5, 50-80 essence or 4-6 essence and 1-2 flux
[20e] Disturbed Grave (Drol fo Sedalb): Yellow t5, 50-80 essence or 4-6 essence and 1-2 flux
[20e] Sha'lyn's Lair (Sha'lyn, the Spider Queen): 4+2d4 t5 shards of any single color, 50-80 essence and 0-3 flux.

Available damage bonus recipe from Karnak by class:
+ Shadow Walker - Physical or Nature
+ Justicar - Physical or Spirit
+ War Mage - Fire or Ice

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 5:30 pm
by Tcha
I have some info on Overseer:

Based on Guild XP immediately before and after the raid, Overseer XP reward is 3600.

RPP numbers varied like crazy when totalled them and used the formula (4 hour raids -_-) but I have an *estimate* based on those numbers and on Overseer's confirmed HP and Raid %s:

Phase 1: 164 (~30%)
Phase 2: 217 (~40%)
Phase 3: 164 (~30%)
Total: 545 waves

Again, the numbers above are close approximations, but probably not exact.

- Tcha

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:28 am
by NikoNarf_1
Updated xp total for Shadow Comes. Sentinels info coming soon.

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:55 pm
by NikoNarf_1
Updated info for sentinels.

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:14 pm
by Bbbb
War of Fellmarsh is 1430 waves.

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:31 pm
by NikoNarf_1
Less then Senti? Wow. Did you get the guild xp?

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:46 am
by Bbbb
No, but maybe someone else in KOTOR grabbed it. It is 5 phases, each 20%. The last 4 phases were 286 bosses each - the first was mobs so didn't have the exact number but assume 286 as well.

Re: Raid stats

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:26 pm
by NikoNarf_1
Corrected wave total for lockbolt... 314 not 304.