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Re: Save Majerio from a Takeover!

Postby Little_Mike » Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:20 pm

Majerio would like to make an announcement:

"Thank you for your help, friends! Together, with your gold shields and my business wit, I- I mean, we, have been able to stop the takeover from happening!"

"As my thanks, here are the lucky adventurers that will be receiving a Strength or Intelligence Gem 4 later today!"

The following players are our winners for the Save Majerio from a Takeover Contest. Congratulations! Prizes will be delivered via in-game mail shortly.

Benny_T (Ratzinger)
Junho (Junho)
Clovis (Clovis)
Huntypewpew (Tank)
aptass (aptass)
Kazaf (Tarzan)
H2ofired (Spyra)
Brett (Hauss)
CrzyHopper (CrzyHopper)
natural20 (Pax)
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