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Speed Run Event!

Postby Lord_Venan » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:12 pm

You've killed the Plaguerider. Ended Lockbolt's Reign. Showed the Overseer your Wrath.

But can you do it fast?

Starting at 9pm EDT Friday June 8th, and ending 9am EDT Monday June 11th, we will hold a speed run contest to see who can complete each raid in the fastest time. Your guild level will determine which raid you qualify for:

Level 1: The Plaguerider
Level 2: Lockbolt's Reign
Level 3+: Wrath of the Overseer

We will award the members of each winning guild 10 gold shields and 250 hero tokens. In addition, one guild who completes a raid successfully during the event will also be chosen at random to receive the same award!

Additional details:
  • Each raid may be run multiple times, only the fastest time will be used.
  • Your guild level at the start of the raid needs to match the appropriate raid. For example, if you level up from 1 to 2, then your guild would need to start working on Lockbolt.
  • Raids must be started AND completed within the event timeframe.

Good hunting everyone!
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Postby Lord_Venan » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:19 am

The results are in! Here are the winners of this weekend's Speed Run Event:

The Plaguerider: Europe Just, 25m 48s
Lockbolt's Reign: Shadows in the Night, 42m 29s
Wrath of the Overseer: Celestial Beings, 58m 35s
Random Raid Winner: K Garden Warriors

Prizes will be sent via mail later today. Congratulations everyone!
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