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Re: Halloween in Glenfort!

Postby Xandriarn » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:39 pm

I don't like to use lot of GS/pots on events so I did some quick napkin math based on Sharky's numbers and I'm coming up with a max possible corn acquired number of 8,800 for these events. Basically you have to spend GS in SOME way to get the T15 weapon (costs 11,000 corn to buy).

Starting with 50e and getting regen of 22e before the 1 hour event ends means you have 72e to play with.

Slightly modifying Sharky's chart for a max 72e used gives us:

phase 1, 8 waves, so 16e used to finish phase, reward of 2 corn per wave (cpw) = 16 corn
p2, 8w, 16e used (32e tot), 4 cpw = 32 c (48 corn total)
p3, 8w, 16e used (48e tot), 6 cpw = 48 c (96 corn total)
p4, 8w, 16e used (64e tot), 8 cpw = 64 c (160 corn total)
p5, 4w, 8e used (72e tot), 10 cpw = 40 c (200 corn total)

So the most corn per event you can get is 200 (assuming no bonus loot due to luck enchants, etc)

I counted the number of events at 44. 41 on Sharky's list plus the 3 events before his list started. Now if we assume we hit all of them (that's some dedication there) I end up with:

200 corn per event X 44 events = 8,800 corn

Aw dang. I'm not getting the T15 weapon. Guess I don't have an excuse to skip scheduled raids anymore!
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Re: Halloween in Glenfort!

Postby Gadzekka » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:17 am

Bored with the portal, I know I'm not going to get the t15 weapon as not prepared two spend the shields so nothing to keep me interested.
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