Update 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

A preview of the newest features and previous build notes.

Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Little_Mike » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:11 pm

Just to make this clear if it wasn't apparent, PvP is not going to be in 1.5.
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Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Hotasfire0Coolasice » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:49 pm

Lord_Venan wrote:
TCG_japster wrote:Sounds great! Thanks. A few quick questions.

1. The most important, any estimated date/month for this patch to arrive?

Late Nov/Early Dec.

Now that it is closer to "Late Nov", is there any update on an estimated time? As in is it going to be December for sure, or you might be able to squeeze it in?
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Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Arthoris » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:50 pm

Im guessing within the new year but hopefully soon since the interest of this game is decreasing faster everyday
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Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Fida » Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:55 am

I bet just before Xmas :)
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Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Peter34_merc » Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:01 am

I left my guild long ago, and stopped active play. Then a couple of weeks later, I started coming on once a day, but only to do the daily quest.

Venan really needs to add new content soon.

Also, in private FB-mail about half a year ago, they told me that they had plans to chance to a different content update cycle, where updates would be much more frequent but smaller. Yet they seem not to have implemented this at all. v1.4 was ages and ages ago, and 1.41 and 1.42 didn't add any new content.

I think new content every 6-8 weeks would be optimal. Not a lot every time, but just a little bit, a new quest or two, or a short quest chain, one more daily quest added to the random list, and raising the level cap by perhaps 2. BoH is the kind of game that gets old real fast, so it needs new content frequently.
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Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby PhoenixÆterna » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:53 am

Little_Mike wrote:Just to make this clear if it wasn't apparent, PvP is not going to be in 1.5.

Oh No!!!!! I was really looking forward to this PvP feature! :|
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Re: Patch 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Hai5 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:06 pm

Hi Venan, although PvP isn't my most sought after feature, if this game continue on it's course with HS, KV, HT farming route, even I would start getting less interested in this game. This game needs something far better than farming for equipments with fixed stats that all commoners can get ultimately, hero tokens that come by extremely slow for little tiny boost in hero training and power/prestige which are meaningless presently. This game needs something worth for us to seek after in the end game, something not so easy not so widely spread yet not impossible, something once gotten one would feel great sense of accompishment. I left you to figure it out
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Re: Update 1.5 Design Notes - Part 1

Postby Cacher » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:46 am

yeah, what Hai said 7 months ago.
Although PVP should be enjoyable too.
I was wondering if there are end game content being underway out of curiosity? (I am not talking about karnak ring) lol
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