Thoughts from me, Salad

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Thoughts from me, Salad

Postby Sàlád_ » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:09 am

I labeled it as this so Bbbb would read it mainly. If I labeled it 'PvP thoughts from me he wouldn't look.

Our current PvP system needs work, but I don't wanna touch on that. I would like to propose a new system for PvP.

In PvP everyone gets the same resolve and the same amount of matches in the same about of time as everyone else. Unlike PvE where OS dictates who runs the HS boards or other circumstances *Cough Bot cough cough* I get we have a ranking system atm and besides the camping going on and the +1 -31 aspect it really isn't awful.

I would Like to see a PvP, weekly, board.

Here would be the general concept of it. It would reset each week as the hero score does. It would calculate wins and it would be the same setup as weekly hero score the more wins the higher you are. Matches would not work and here is why. Anyone could go in everyone they have enough R for 4 matches and throw them all, but winning makes people actually PvP.

Back on topic, It would work something like this (I am just using random names for this don't get offended)

1. Salad 33 wins
2. Zal 30 wins
3. BBBB 29 wins
4. Purao 23 wins
5. Saraa 18 wins

And so on and so forth.

This actually makes it somewhat fair for toons just starting PvP because of the no PvPer left behind plan everyone will win 50ish% of their matches. So in theory my level 32 inq could win more in a week than my justi depending on my RNG streaks.

The rewards for top 5 could give Com 3 elixir as well to promote PvP more, maybe medals or even R/E Pots.

This is just a thought to promote PvP as most people quit because of the current system. With this one there is no way to camp so I believe it would appeal to people more.
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Re: Thoughts from me, Salad

Postby _Zal_ » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:22 am

I fully support this as a great idea :!:
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Re: Thoughts from me, Salad

Postby AmyLoo » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:33 am

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Re: Thoughts from me, Salad

Postby Bbbb » Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:57 am

I think I brought this up a couple years ago. I took a partial hiatus for 5 months from BoH back then and was playing Dungeon Boss instead. That game has tons of problems which I won't get into - I rage quit over them trying to secretly undermine the currency system and devaluing it by 90%. Asshole company and I haven't been back.

But one thing they did right was that PVP didn't have these never ending seasons. 3 times a week the PVP leaderboard would reset and each time was a contest with a prize. People would burn lots of GS (well, the equal of that) to win. Maybe 3 times a week is too much, but weekly or even monthly would be a huge improvement.

One thing I should note is that their PVP is different than ours. It wasn't 2 players live. You would set your defense up. You don't actively play defense. The only active is the offense who had to find a way to beat it. The trick was to put up a bait defense that looked easy but had some unusual ability that noobs wouldn't know and you would suck points off of noobs. I'm not suggesting that was superior and would be difficult to implement in the BoH world plus I suspect most PVP users don't want that but it did remove the issue of waiting forever for a match.
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Re: Thoughts from me, Salad

Postby Illy_the_Red » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:44 pm

I think a leaderboard system would be very much better than the current Elo system. That is hugely criticised in the chess community and Venan clearly ignored that when they implemented it.

PvP ideally needs a purely merit-based system like this one that Salad proposes. Pure merit means that you control how and when you PvP, you control how many potential wins you get and you don't decay just because you can't play for a week. You just wouldn't accumulate any wins which is no bad thing, you'll be back. It also wouldn't penalise you for losses, it just means you have to play more to get more wins if you have a lower win percentage.

Ideally to combat the ice ages you have to wait for matches against people in different leagues (where one of you wipes the floor with the their easily), you would stop both players needing to be on. When you match up you fight a bot version of the other toon with all abilities, enchantments, casting times etc it would normally have. Anyone who thinks this would be easy wins clearly hasn't played enough mobile games with these types of PvP systems. They have their own issues but usually it's because of a lack of desire to actually address them.

Even a rating-swap system could work, where the winner replaces the loser in terms of rank on a leaderboard. You advance by fighting people within a certain rank above you. This would mix things up a lot and make people play a lot more because all you have to do to be beat them. But it would probably have the inevitable whinges from players in the top 10 or so being knocked from that spot after just one match.

Either way, the current ranking system and the PvP system itself is virtually useless, counter-productive because it actually drives people away from it rather than tempting them to play.
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Re: Thoughts from me, Salad

Postby Katka » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:45 pm

Salad I think this is an awesome idea. I took a break and have been working back up the ranks. This has been proving more difficult than expected.

I think there should also be a way to implement the master tats. Maybe the top 10 of the month receive the ability to get the master tats or after a certain amount of wins in a month. That would also ensure more people playing and building their characters. Maybe some more clothing items too. There are a lot of people that like to customize their characters. I know I have spent GS on customizing mine.

I really love and support your idea :)
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