Star Man and BlindHorse (Adult Language 18+ Only Please)

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Star Man and BlindHorse (Adult Language 18+ Only Please)

Postby BlindHorse » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:46 pm

Star Man and BlindHorse

I wanted to be a Star Man! I mean doesn’t that sound cool? Star Man! Who wouldn’t want to be a Star Man? Shit, I don’t want to be one, now that I found out how dangerous it is! I mean they put you into these Star Ships and send you out to the stars to explore. Explore? You mean they are sending me somewhere where they got no clue what’s there? No way man! Not me!

I had to flee! I ran, but that was too slow and I was too outta shape. Then I saw this horse. It had blinders on but that’s OK, right? I mean that’s just to keep it from getting scared by seeing all the shit happening on either side of it. So I leapt onto its back and grabbed a chunk of mane and yelled “Go Horsey Go!” What the fuck do I know about horses? I sure as Hell didn’t know this one was blind!

Who in God’s name puts blinders on a blind horse? In what Universe would that make sense? Well, it might have been those magic words I yelled or maybe it was my 100 kilos landing unceremoniously on her back or possibly my yanking on her mane. Something got this nag moving at a speed that was designed to throw me to the ground or possibly just mash my nuts into flat flaccid pain-icles.

I hung on for dear life as blind horsey bounded in random directions until it bounded through a teleportal door that appeared directly in front of her and was gone just as fast. The shock of teleportation calmed blind-horse and she stopped at the top of a ridge overlooking a long deep purple valley. The shock of the teleportation jangled my already bojangled nerves until I was sure that valley was entirely purple. As I sat on BlindHorse (as that was what I had decided to name her) trying to convince myself the valley was not purple, BlindHorse moseyed on across the top of the ridge.

I looked up just in time to see a blue portal door open and I was telling BlindHorse to head for the blue teleportal door. I could hear her thought, “What does ‘blue’ taste like?” I told her, “Blue doesn’t have a taste, it is a color.” “What’s a color?” Came back her immediate thought. I replied, “Just bear right about 10 degrees and you can have another cool portal experience like you had a few minutes ago.”

I could hear a dozen questions forming in her mind but she started turning right and kept on until I told her, “Now go straight girl.” She did and we telethingeed again. She loved it and I was glad to get away from that accursed purple valley. We materialized in a small town, OK a one horse town (since BlindHorse seemed to be the only horse in town LOL). I asked a woman hurrying by what town this was and after giving me an odd look she told me it was Glenfort and then she hurried into the local Inn. Just before she disappeared into the inn she said, “You look able, if you need work, come see me.”

The Legend of Star Man and BlindHorse had begun.
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